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Yamaha MT-07

  1. HurtleGear submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha MT-07LA

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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  2. Nice!

    Had mine for 8 months or so now, still loving it.

    Only Akrapovic carbon + tail tidy thus far.

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  3. Nice!
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  4. Hi Micky

    I have a tail tidy already (thank jeebus) looking at Akro pipes but tossing up between carbon and titanium. What would you recommend?
    Is there a difference between the 2?
    Or is it personal preference?
  5. yes mate that's very nice!

    I don't know why manufacturers don't just do a tail tidy and add it to the price, what with so many these days needing them to get rid of those ridiculous oversized number plate holders that are needed for the huge plates o/s.
  6. G'day

    Good question as I also took some time considering both.

    It is predominantly personal preference.

    From the start I preferred the carbon because the appearance of the carbon aligns with why I went for the matt grey MT instead of the white or yellow or purple - thus went looking for reasons to sway me from the carbon and found the following...
    • Carbon has slightly different tone to the titanium and a touch less volume (I think there's comparisons online, the shops agreed)
    • The above point supports allegations that carbon has (with baffler) passed roadworthy without refitting the stock
    • Carbon was hundred bucks cheaper, bonus!
    Based on the above I stuck with the carbon, note that I also went with the baffler. Another personal preference and if I was only riding weekends I may have left it out but after a week of riding every day, I took them up on the offer of fitting of the baffler.

  7. When I bought my bike the guy threw the tail tidy in because 'he co
    Thanks Micky

    Yeah I though as much, I'm torn between the two. I have the exact same colour so the titanium and carbon both work with the colour scheme.

    I guess I will have to make a decision soon as tax time is coming up :D:D

    Thanks for taking the time.
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