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Yamaha MT-07

  1. terts submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha MT-07

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  2. Who is the MT 07 going are you still loving it?
  3. Bike looks mad. Love the colour, how does the exhaust sound?
  4. Yeah absolutely... plenty of torque for me right now, it's a blast to ride. My only gripe is the suspension... I've been tweaking the rear to make it a little less sloppy but it still doesn't feel quite right.

    The exhaust sounds AMAZING. With the baffles removes it's got a great crack to it and the little pops when backing off the throttle sound great. It's pretty tame with about 50% throttle but once I open it right up it really brings a smile to my face :)
  5. They really give it a great wrap, that is one of the cons they mention is the suspension and no ABS.
  6. The lack of ABS was a bit of a sticking point initially but I thought the pros far outweighed the cons with the MT-07. The suspension I can upgrade, but not the ABS.
    Also, my brother picked up an MT-09 at the same time so it was pretty convenient.
  7. Better off 'learning' on a non-ABS bike anyway imho.
  8. Absolutely.. I'm making sure I set up and squeeze the front break every time I slow down. Good habit to get into.

    Would like to hear what other non-LAMS riders think of the MT-07... I can't see myself getting tired of it anytime soon and find it has more than enough power - but would be good to hear some opinions from riders who regularly ride non-LAMS / faster bikes.
  9. Hey Terts, I'm really keen to get an IXIL for my MT and i'm wondering how you installed yours.

    Have you installed a power commander with it or just the full system on its own?
  10. Hi Roadgarnish,

    I didn't install mine, it arrived just before the first service and Joe's Motorcycles fitted it for free (legends!)

    No power commander - not sure if it's necessary.

    The only problem I could see with fitting it yourself is the standard O2 sensor cable is a little tight so it might be worth replacing it with a longer one when you take the stock exhaust off.