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Yamaha MT-07

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  1. Dinesh submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Yamaha MT-07

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    Upgrades done:
    Akrapovic Exhaust
    Tail Tidy
    Yamaha LED Carbon Indicators
    Custom Radiator Protective Grill
    Custom Shorty Levers
    After market H4 Halogen Bulb
    Carbon Fibre Front Fender Extender

    More upgrades coming soon!
  2. Mate really love the look of your bike is it a 2014 model
  3. Thanks mate. It's a 2015 model.
  4. New Changes...

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  5. Do you get hassled for noise with no DB killer?
  6. No I thought the same when I installed it but it hasn't been that loud. Infact it's good coz I do a "blip" as I'm approaching traffic and they know that am there.. :)
  7. Is there a big difference between the baffle being in the exhaust compared to the baffle being out. Is annoying, too loud etc. Would you prefer to have the baffle in or out?

    Thanks in advance
  8. Yes there is some difference in sound whn the baffle is out. The power stays the same. yes i agree the sound is loud but not annoying.. i prefer whn the baffle is out as i love the sound of the exhaust. Also when down shifting the sound is amazing. I have never had the baffle in there since the exhaust was fitted.
  9. So you can't compare the difference then, thanks for that.
  10. That's right. No difference in power with baffle in or out. Only difference is it's louder when the baffle is out.

    How's your bike going?
  11. I beg to differ re: no power difference.
    When my DB killer "fell out" on a ride (took to it with a grinder to make it easier to remove, but forgot to put grub screw in so it blew out)
    Went to overtake a car in a 80-100km/h zone the baffle blew out, It seemed to lose power to the point of having to roll on the throttle some more, I figured the ECU did it's thang though, as it ran fine a couple of minutes later, albeit louder. (NOT Harley loud fwiw, about the same as my WR250f with the staintune on it sans baffle.)
  12. hey all, sorry to resurrect an old thread. figured it was the most appropriate one.

    So i have an akarpovic exhaust, baffle removed on my mt07 as well, only i find it too loud.
    if i put it back on,
    a) how does it stay on? do i need to drill a hole and place a bolt and nut to prevent it from flying out ?
    b) i presume i will need a tune?

    ive bought the bike second hand so im not sure if a tune had been done post the baffle being removed.
    Cheers all.