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Yamaha MT-07

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aadmm, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. So i picked up my new MT-07 about 3 weeks ago and have ridden it pretty much daily since.
    I havent seen much posted about the Australian version of this bike so thought id open a thread and do a small review from my first few weeks of ownership.

    My thoughts arent based on much riding experience, my previous bike has been a suzuki drz400, the MT is the first road bike ive ridden for a decent amount of time so i dont really have much to compare it to but i can give an honest opinion on what ive noticed so far with riding the bike.

    Overall the bike is fantastic, for the price i think its excellent value especially when compared to others its up against like the Kawasaki ER6 and the Lams Triumph Street triple, two bikes i was initially interested in.

    Its quick, it has plenty of power for a lams bike and i honestly think it will be more then enough for me once im on my full licence in a few months aswell. The power comes low in the revs which makes it very easy to ride around town, you dont have to rev it like crazy to get it to go somewhere and you dont have to constantly be changing gears. It has loads of torque and you can easily be cruising in 4th or 5th and give it some to overtake easily.

    The ride is pretty comfortable. Im 6 foot and about 85kgs and i find the seating positon good. Ive done a few longer rides (3-4 hours) and havent been overly tired or sore after. Its obviously not a big cruiser and if i was buying a bike to commute long distances up a freeway daily i'd probably be going for something else, but i'd think thats pretty obvious.
    It has a very upright seating position compared to a sportsbike which for me is good. others might not like that so much.
    It handles well and has heaps of grip. The brakes are pretty strong, ive hit them hard a few times out of curiosity and the bike pulls up nicely.

    The build quality is also good, not excellent but for me that was to be expected considering its a 9k bike. I have a few squeaks and rattles that ill be hoping to get fixed at the first service. Nothing major or really even that noticable. The paint finish is really nice, i got the matt grey and i think it looks great. Ill be interested to see how it holds up over time.
    The exhaust is super quiet, when cruising i cant really even hear the bike over the road and wind noise, for some that could be a really good thing but personally id like it a little louder, for safety and also because im a bit of a dick and like loud things. Ive ordered the akropovic exhaust which from reviews is supposed to make the bike sound a lot better but not stupidly loud either.

    Not sure what else there is really. if you read this far you must be semi-interested in the bike already so feel free to ask questions.

    Heres some pictures of mine.





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  2. Thanks for your review, I am looking to buying a MT-07 for my first bike too. It being a completely new bike in Aus has proven hard to find reviews that aren't from the dealer. I will be arranging a test ride at some point over the coming weeks.
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    @aadmm@aadmm Thanks for the write up mate :) Appreciate your input in my thread about the MT-07 also. Bike looks awesome. Mine will be coming with a yellow plate :( So will need to swap that to the white also as my bike will be White/Black. As for the akrapovic, man that thing is quite loud without the baffle in (unsure with the baffle though). The dealer where I done my test ride really pimped out their MT-07 and boy that exhaust sounds bloody AWESOME!

    Look forward to seeing you out on the road mate. Enjoy the ride and stay safe!

    Forgot to ask aadmm, what sort of fuel economy are you getting? Reviews are pretty mixed for the overseas models.

    @Jodie15009@Jodie15009 I pick mine up tomorrow! I am super excited and cannot wait! The day could not be going any slower. :( Definitely test ride to see how you like it, personally I loved the ride! Reviews have been a pain to source, try looking at the 35kw model on youtube, there is a couple. But the reviews are not exactly very well done on them... I will post a review on my bike soon also :) Once ive had a bit of a ride!
  4. Looks like you've got PR4s on it, were they stock?
  5. @S1L3NT@S1L3NT so far I've done about 600km and the average fuel consumption is around 4.4L p/100km

    @jmc@jmc the bike comes with pilot road 3's as standard.
  6. @jmc@jmc and @aadmm@aadmm Mine didnt come with Pilot Road 3's :( Some bridgestones on it. Bridgestone Batllax BT023F. Seem like good tyres though? Not that I understand much about bike tyres. Have not done any research on the tyre either. Been to excited riding as I just picked her up!
  7. Ah really? I read somewhere that in the UK the ABS bikes came with Bridgestones and the non ABS got the Michelins. No ABS bikes have come here so I'm not sure how true that is now. Guess its just random maybe or has something to do with production runs even, not sure. @S1L3NT@S1L3NT hows the first day been?
  8. Dont think mine has ABS haha. Unless I got a special one? :D I only checked when I got home, but the reviews on the tyre are quite good either way so I am pretty happy :)

    The first day has been awesome :D Ive done ~30km so far. Had some errands to run that required the car and the family so didn't ride much. I am a going to go out again very soon though :) For a little while at least. Bike is absolutely fantastic, wife sat on it and wanted to give it a run too haha. Looks like we might have another rider on our hands in the future :p Haha. Overall, I am very pleased with the bike itself.

    P.S - How much did you get out of the tank when you got your bike? Mine was delivered full, but is just above the half full mark after only 30km? This was a little strange for me.
  9. Yeh no ABS 07's being sold here, not for the time being anyway, seems strange that they would use different tyres on the exact same bike.
    I have noticed that the fuel gauge is a little strange, I filled up for the first time just over 200km i think. It stayed up around the full mark for over 100km then dropped down pretty quick. Same thing happened today, I've been resetting trip B each time i fill up and am just going to watch the km's to be safe.
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    I'm still disappointed that this bike didn't arrive with a non LAMS variant. Engine capacity requirement is total bollocks.

    Nice review by the way. I won't be testing one but this still makes wonder if I shouldn't give it a go.
  11. @benjay1975@benjay1975 and I are on a bit of a road trip having both picked up our MT07s this week. We rode up to Taree today via Putty Rd & Buckets Way. Had an epic day.

    Both our bikes came with the Bridgestones...

    In terms of fuel economy we got 260km of mixed city/country riding before 'Brick hand Bens' fuel gauge started flashing (I still had part of 1 bar remaining).

    According to what I have read - stated range is around 300-320 km - so I imagine that would not have been out off the realm of possibility...
  12. Nice one @damedi@damedi, I think 300kms from a tank would be pretty possible if you rode conservatively.
    @Kalkadar@Kalkadar It is a bit annoying but the bike has plenty of usable power, its still 655cc's which is quite a lot. I guess it depends on what your after really.
  13. Would have been nice to have an ABS version here, but at same price otherwise it might push it just out of the other bikes in the same market.

    Fuel gauge is sort of all over the place which I am really disapointed it, but looking into the tank I can see that its a fair bit from full, so seems accurate. I guess it pulled in a fair bit of fuel into the engine/pipes which i suppose "used" up part of it? Just seems strange that after 35km I am at half tank (put on a few more km's tonight). Lights on them at night are pretty solid. I plan to do the same as you @aadmm@aadmm, reset trip meters.
  14. I've toyed with the idea of staying on a LAMS bike (CB500X, MT07 etc) but I want a little more. Which is frustrating - these bikes have enough power to do most things.

    I've basically worked out I will always need 2 bikes (and can afford to do so) - one with reasonable power for commuting and for now something with a little more bite. The MT07 would have fitted my first category pretty well and saved a bit over the alternatives (Tiger 800, F800GS, DL650). I might still go with the VFR800 though. The simplicity of the MT07 with 74hp would have been a brilliant commuter etc.

    Still I'm down to brass tacks with the dealers on VFR800 and the F800GS - I should be able to sort out finance/final offers for the DL650 and probably the street triple. Then next week end work out which I like the most to buy on Monday.

  15. What... Like the MT09 or MT01? The bikes the MT07 is based on... Or am I missing something obvious?
  16. The MT01 is a single and still LAMS.

    The MT09 riding position wasn't great for me and if I understand it correctly the MT07 is slightly less motard. The MT09's suspension and I were not friends, I'd rather not have to spend heavily to correct it. The engine though....things would be different if the FJ09 was available.
  17. I think you're confusing the MT-01 with the MT-03

    The 01 is definitely NOT LAMS and definitely NOT a single.
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  18. Oh schiess....lol. :clown:

    Never really thought about the MT-01 or VMAX. They don't tickle my fancy.
  19. So today i got the 1000km service done and also had the Akropovic titanium exhaust fitted.

    The pipe looks really good, imo much better then the big bulky and ugly stock pipe. It doesn't protrude out from under the bike like the stock pipe does either, i think it suits the bike a lot more.
    The sound is great, nice and meaty, doesn't seem a lot louder then the stock pipe at idle which is good. Through the revs it is awesome, the note is low and loud and you can really hear the difference between the pipe and the higher pitched engine unlike before where they both kind of mushed together.
    I think its perfect for the bike and I'm not sure why they didn't use this pipe or a stock pipe like this as standard, it makes the bike sound as aggressive as it looks.
    As far as performance i read somewhere it should gain 2-3kw's i think (i could be way off) and it also weighs less. It seems to pull harder through 3rd and 4th but that could also be due to the service just being done or it could be in my head.
    If you have the cash to spend i'd definitely recommend getting this pipe, its such an improvement on the standard pipe on both looks sound and also performance (claimed), it is a bit pricey at around $1200 though but if your not on a tight budget it is well worth it.
    Heres some shitty phone pictures. Ill get some better ones soon..



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  20. Pipe looks great @aadmm@aadmm looking for more/ better pics..