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Yamaha MT-07

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ebf00, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. This looks like a really good bike - perhaps a great second bike from someone coming off a LAMS bike. From the reviews, it also doesn't seem to have the fueling/suspension issues of the MT-09.


    No word on pricing or even availability in Australia yet.

  2. There is meant to be a full review in "fast bikes" but I haven't been able to find it online.
  3. A great review actually in Fast Bikes.
  4. It does look mighty fine but with UK> AUD conversion rates this thing would go for 10K when the Mt09 goes for 11.9 i can't see alot of riders here bothering with the smaller bike
  5. I've been tracking this for a while. I really like the concept particularly for a do everything bike but from the images I've seen it might be a bit small for me. Commuting and fun without being at ridiculous speeds. I don't think it will sell that well though given the big engine bias in this country.

    A lot of people believed/hoped that the MT09 engine would be used in an adventure tourer. I think this engine is more likely if they are creating a genuine DL650 competitor.
  6. From what I have read, it's supposed to be released in Austsralia at the end of this year.

  7. Yeah, unless they want to compete with the Tiger 800 and other bigger capacity adventure bikes. Both the Tenere and Super Tenere are pretty stale old models compared to the competition
  8. If it came across as ~1K more than a cbr500 (like it's uk pricing suggests it should) then I could see it being very popular. SV650 (or gladius now) and ER6 are very popular mid sized bikes, and this looks like a natural competitor to them, for a bargain price.
  9. I know what you mean, but I certainly would take the 7 over the 9. I don't care if a bike is faster if it means I can't take a roundabout in first without lurching around. I guess it just comes down to how snatchy the throttle on the 9 actually is.

    I thought it would be half way through the year according to what I've read. UK already has it. Where did you see this? My sources are bikepoint and mcnews websites.
  10. I thought it would be half way through the year according to what I've read. UK already has it. Where did you see this? My sources are bikepoint and mcnews websites.[/QUOTE]

    I thougt I saw it in AMCN, but it might have been another bike.
  11. All the places I remember reading about the release date now have no mention of it. I think I must have been getting confused between the mt-07 and honda's cb650f. I've seen no reviews on the honda but its looking like a contender. Just have to wait for reviews, prices and test rides.
  12. response from Yamaha AU today to my request as to when this might be introduced, about to lay down dosh for a Duke690 but this bike looks really interesting.
    Dear Chris,
    The MT-07 would be a model that our Sales and Market will be evaluating, however at this stage model release or release date for the MT-07 has not been confirmed.

    Duilio P
    Technical Support Officer - Motorcycles
    Yamaha Motor Australia