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Yamaha MT-07 or Kawasaki Versys 650L

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by HOURICAN60, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hi all Newbie

    have the licence have all the gear now down to the decision between Yamaha MT-07 or the Kawasak Versys 650 L. I enjoy Photography would like to combine both to some degree. Never ridden a bike till the stay upright course. Happy for advice from one and all. I would also like to comute to work fairweather only.

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  2. Welcome.
    Normal rules apply here............. take them both for a spin and see which one you prefer.
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  3. Welcome, both are good bikes, Versys has better luggage options so if you're looking at carrying cameras etc then would be the better choice.
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  4. Choosing is a simple three step process:

    1) Read loads of Internet reviews.
    2) Take both for a test ride.
    3) Ignore everything and buy the one you think looks the sexiest.
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  5. Yes. Ride them both. Depending your height and weight, and also luggage required to carry may change your decisions.

    Just bought a 650L Versys myself, really enjoying the bike, but the windscreen is the one thing I dont like about the bike and will be changed for a better option thqt doesnt make wind roar around my helmet
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  6. I test rode both the bikes you mention, the Versys for an hour (the shop said to take it for as long as I wanted...they were getting worried!). I ended up purchasing the MT07 as it is a lot more spirited (hooligan if I must admit) than the Versys. IMO they are built for different purposes, so firstly I suggest you might need to work out exactly where and when you intend on riding, and with who..... group rides, pillion passenger... luggage can be sorted out on any bike (I have done a week long camping trip & 2500 Km road trip on the MT07) but the Versys is much kinder on a pillion passenger. After a hour as a pillion passenger on the MT the thrill of the ride has worn off.
    I've done over 30,000 Km on the MT now, and still jump on it with a smile when it's a ride day. So it has my recommendation.
    Best of luck, negotiate hard.
  7. Welcome to the forum mate
  8. Thankyou you all for your input normally I would be quite decisive and make my mind up without much a do but I like both bikes for completely different reasons, I have researched reviews on both for months now and have taken each for a test ride, both thrill me to bit and feel fantastic to ride maybe that's because I am new to riding. I have given myself till next weekend to decide and then I shall commit to one or the other.

    Thanks again all
  9. Agree with this, The MT07 can do everything on road very well. I know a couple of guys that have ridden the wheels off theirs including a 6500km/12 day Sydney to Tassie and back adventure without drama. The Versys is a great bike and I have a soft spot for them but if it was my dosh Id go the MT
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  10. Agree with this. MT07 is the one to get!
  11. gday HOURICAN60HOURICAN60 and welcome to NR - everyone has said it - do some online research, ride them both then buy the one you like most. if it was me (based on looks alone and the type of riding I'd be doing) I'd go for the MT but if you want luggage options and something that will take you off the beaten track a little then go the Versys provided seat height isn't an issue for you.

    either way they're both great bikes and either one will probably do what you want it to it's just a matter of which one performs best on the test ride and how much you want to pay. if buying from a dealer see if you can get some luggage priced into the deal as it may work out a little cheaper for you.
  12. I'd go for the MT07 as well. It's just so much cooler... :cool:
  13. Welcome :cool:

    Both are great bikes with slightly different slants. MT - hooning-ism, Versys - touring-ism.

    Ride both.
  14. Just another snippet of information about me I have had three bad rear ends in the past 12 years the last leading to disc fusion at L3,L4,L5,S1.I must point out none of which were my fault none the less my position on my bike needs to be quite upright can't lean over like a racer. I figure get a bike I'm not having any luck in the ute my eldest daughter is learning with me in the ute and then she wants to learn to ride a bike.
  15. This is a useful guide to give you an idea of riding position Motorcycle Ergonomics
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  16. Thanks

    that's a very useful little tool much appreciated
  17. Hourican60. I own a versys 650 2015 model and 69SIM sums it up nicely with the above quote
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  18. that's what she said
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  19. Mt07
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  20. Both good, try them and see which one is your favourite.