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Yamaha MT-03. Why not here in Oz ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by martych, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Surely in an expanding 'motard' market there's room for one more. At least this one doesn't just look like a trailey with road tyres.


  2. Weighing in at 175kg dry kind of rules it out of supermotard territory... i dont think it has done particulary well overseas, probably why it didnt make it out here. decent looking bike though.
  3. Because single cylinder bikes like this DONT sell in Aus. Yamaha learnt that with the SZR660.

    When it comes to buying new motorcycles, Aussies end up buying the fastest inline 4 they can afford, regardless how good other bikes are.
  4. And if they don't they tend to buy a big loud twin (like a VTR or an SV or a cruiser).

    Or they buy a trail bike (actually more of them buy trail bikes than anything else)... and they actually are single cylinder (well most of them).
  5. And don't forget that Yamaha already has the XT660 SM, which is a lot more cost effective since it shares parts with the dirt version. Doubt there'd be enough sales to justify an entirely different model like the MT-03.
  6. You sure it's not a parallel twin? I see two header pipes there. [edit: D'oh]

    Regardless, that's a fcuking beautiful bike. I want one. I want one so, so bad.

    So bad.
  7. They look a bit like a low budget MV Brutale i think. Which isnt nessecarily a bad thing!
  8. Not coming to Australia. Won't be popular enough and Yamaha already have a more conventional-looking XTX-660.

    I agree. If its not hardcore 4-cyl/vtwin sports, or hardcore dirt, or gigantic cruiser, most aussies aren't interested. That probably describes 70-80% of bike buyers already.

    And in such a small market, the other 20% of sales is not enough to pay import approvals and other costs when divided amongst a large number of tourers, motards, etc.

    And wierd looks or unusual technology doesn't sell either. BMW are the only people persevering with new-style front ends etc. A slight evolution of conventional design is what sells in Aus. Most people will look at something new and say it looks good, but then they'll buy the updated conventional if they have the choice, because they're scared, or worried about resale, or whatever.

    Look how many Harleys still sell with the old air-cooled engine. Retro bikes like GSX1400/CB1300. Bandits for ****s sake.