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Yamaha MT-01

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hornet, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know ANYONE who has one of these beasties, or has anyone ridden one???

    It seems like they were accompanied by a lot of hype but I haven't yet seen even one on the road.......
  2. I've seen a few (10-20 I guess) on the roads in Melbourne. Don't know anyone personally who owns on.
  3. I think I might have seen one on the road. Obviously not that common down on the Peninsula! Certainly haven't seen any while I've been out on the weekend rides. Perhaps they follow the cruiser crowd?
  4. Stunning Bike, but so is the price tag
  5. Used to go past the Yamaha dealer in Bendigo fairly often - had one of those things sitting out front for at least 6 months (probably still there). Kind of overhyped in a way - though wouldn't mind seeing the smaller MT-03 on sale out here (for a reasonable price).
  6. Hah, that reminds me of the XS-1100 which stood on the floor of the Yamaha dealership in Singleton for 18 months; it was still there unsold when I left the district in 1980, never did find out what happened to it (apart from the fact that I nealry crashed it on a 'test ride').....
  7. My mate from work owns one, I sat on it stationary with the engine running, sounds really great and it felt great. :grin: ... I want one.
    Cost him under $20k for a demonstrator '05 model after a $1k trade-in of his old BWM tourer.
    I'm still begging for him to let me take it for a spin ... even just around the parking lot at work ... so far my efforts are not enough :(
  8. Saw one getting around Broadford track at a good pace. Although, Shawn Giles was riding it.

    I love the look but they're too pricey for the performance they'd offer, they'd be heavy and you'd be too afraid of dropping them.
  9. Shannon Noll rides one . .

    . . . not that anyone cares !
  10. My respect for Shannon Noll just soared from 2 points to 3.

    This was a 1-10 scale
  11. What were the first 2 points for?
  12. For going live on the media challenging Wil Anderson to a fist fight !!!
  13. A friend used to own one - he recently traded it for an FZ1. He didn't seem that impressed with it - not as much power / torque as he expected. It was also pretty top heavy and his legs got pretty hot from the header pipes.

    Have to agree with jd - the MT-03's look pretty nice, but i have a feeling we won't ever see them.

  14. Ahh... How I dream for the MT-03.
    I think Yamaha are making a small mistake by not importing it. Marketed right, I think it could be a small success.

    3 things stand in its favour:
    1. The growth in popularity of motards. It's not a motard at all of course, but it sort of has the style, the engine and the spirit of one, and would appeal to people who like the idea, but prefer something totally road focused.
    2. Growth of midrange bikes. If they can price it competitively at equal or less than the SV650 and ER6n, it would steal many buyers from those popular machines.
    3. Finally and most importantly- It's learner legal! I can't say this for certain, but it has the same engine as my bike, and weighs about the same, so I'll be damned if it isn't learner legal. If its not it would be a matter of 1 or 2kw at most, so I'm sure something could be worked out easy (change the EFI, so rev limiter is 500rpm lower mabye?). It could be a massive hit with learners looking for something cooler than a Hyosung, but cheaper than a Ducati.

    Grey imports? Hopefully a few might come in, in future years...
    Is it possible to request a bike from grey importers? I'm not in a financial position to do so currently, but might be a possiblity in future years. Would be my No.1 choice to upgrade from my current bike. Less top speed, but better ergonomics/looks/more refined engine (mine's carburretored)

    I can dream anyway...
  15. This is a bit of a gravedig here but i just had to say how sweet the MT-03 is in the flesh! I saw one in a shop here and was very impressed. Yamaha finally found a great package for that big 660cc single. The bike weighed more than i thought but overall i loved what i saw, actually made me think about getting one! :wink:
    Sure is a pity that they aren't being sold in Oz though...
  16. Matt (owner of Joe's Garage) has one, with Akropovic zorst, and other "go fast" bits, 'tis a mean beast.
    Can lap baskerville very quickly , and never get out of third :LOL:

    Trying to sell it at around $20k
  17. Just taking a look at the MT-03, does look like it would be interesting to ride with the short wheel base and overall compactness of the bike (ie. weight centered in a very small area).
  18. I've had my MT-01 for 15 months.
    22,000km so far.
    Very happy. Torque Torque Torque.
    Great handling once you get used to the contersteer. Brakes, suspension, sound, awesome visual appeal. Cheap sevicing, too. Nowhere for the bits to hide when the bike is really just 1700cc lump of engine in a minimalist frame.
    Happy to commute. Filtering is more fun when the cagers turn and stare rather than glare.
    Just wish the MT-0S was coming to Oz, so I could have a weekends-only bike as well.