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Yamaha mid-range bike clarification please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Looking at the mid-range line up between Kawasaki and Yamaha, and I have a few questions.

    I love the look of the FZ6R, but unfortunatley in Australia they only come out in a LAMS version. I'm not interested in un-restricting it, as I want to kep it all above board.

    So this leads me to the following bikes, FZ6S, FZ8S and XJ6S.

    My understanding is that the FZ6S has the older R6 engine and is a cracker of a bike for 600cc. I prefer the half faired look and not interested in the fully naked look. Now in 2009 this model was pretty much replaced with the FZ8S, which is current and you can purchse new.

    So where does the XJ6S (or XJ600 as it is also known as) fit in? From what I can gather they stopped bringing this model in in 2009 and the only brand new model that you can get is the LAMS version.

    So if I wanted such a beast in this Yammie line up, it is the FZ6S upto 2009, XJ6S upto 2009 or a FZ8S up to current.

    Does anyone have any comments or reviews of these said bikes? Yes, when I am off my restrictions in a couple of months I will go and ride them all.

  2. My son has a 2008 FZ6N. He loves it. Does track days, tours (rode from Wagga to Brisbane in one day).

    The only thing he doesn't like about it now is that at 6'6" it's getting a bit small and cramped for him.

    I've ridden it a couple of times, and quite honestly I think the FZ1S is an easier bike to ride.
  3. I'm only 5'7" .....
  4. You'll be fine then. As you said though, you're yet to ride them. When you do you'll know which one (if any) is the bike for you.
  5. I've got an FZ8n, love it to pieces.
    It's a jack of all trades really. You can chew km's, fang down the twisty bits, commute on the freeway or in town and if you shop around, you'll find a cracking deal.
    It's not a litre bike and its not at all like a 600 but there's power on tap down low and best of all in the mid range! If you are after more top end, that's where the FZ1 comes into its own.

    It's well built, reliable and there's plenty of options to tweak it if you're that way inclined.
    I'd recommend you at least get on one.
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  6. What I've been told is the new FZ6ers are really XJ6ers, hence why newer ones are all LAMs. Stay away unless you want a rebadged entry level bike. The FZ8s are great - like the post above I agree they are good at everything - I kick sportsbike ass in the twisties, yet can commute in heavy traffic easily. Very upright and comfortable ergos. I believe you can get a faired or semi version.

    Having said that I'm selling my FZ8N soon as my tastes have changed a bit over the past year.
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    Th difference between the fz6 and the xj6 is that the FZ6 has 100hp, undertail exhaust and a 180 section rear tyre. A rear hugger is also standard

    the xj6 makes 78 horsepower, has a 160 section rear tyre. It is also abit heavier than the FZ6 IIRC.

    the FZ6R is just a fully faired xj6

    If I was on your position I would not even consider the xj6, depends on your budget really,
    However, If you can find an FZ8 at a good or similar price to the fz6, I would grab one of those without a second thought if I was you
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  8. CHeers. This was information that I did not know. But the look of the XJ6 is so much nicer, by having that extra bit of fairing!!
  9. The Fz6 has 100hp? You sure about that?
  10. Just did some research..

    FZ6R - 48kw 44nm
    FZ6S - 72kw 63nm
    FZ8S - 78kw 82nm
    XJ6S - 57kw 60nm

    To put that in comparision with some other bikes...

    Kawak 650r - 53kw 66nm
    Kawak 1000 - 101kw 110nm

  11. heh... funny what people like. To me nothing looks worse than a cheap bike with a fairing - I'm into the nakeds myself. But each to their own!
  12. Yes.
    FZ6S (half faired), FZ6N (naked) both make 100hp

    FZ6R (fully faired) is LAMS bike, as I said before, its pretty much a fully faired and restricted XJ6
  13. Im into nakeds too...girls that is