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Yamaha kickstand

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Aladdin, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    I finally got my bike today and I made a noob mistake when transporting the bike from Sydney to Canberra on a trailer. I used the kickstand to hold its weight on a trailer and now I have a bent kickstand.. :( I'm worried that it will bend more than the bike will fall over someday. Do you guys know how much to buy a new kickstand for Yamaha in Canberra? I removed the kickstand and tried straightened it with a hammer but it wouldn't budge..

  2. Many different types of Yamaha bikes - you'd need to tells us model and age to start with. At least a few hundred $ I'd suggest.
    Perhaps a metal works shop can heat it and put it back in shape for you?
  3. It's for Yamaha R15 2015. Geez I didn't think it would be that expensive to replace one :/
  4. It's steel, right? Take it to an engineer or even an automotive shop. They will have a hydraulic press - they will be able to straighten it. No application of heat necessary.
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    Even a vice with soft jaws may get it straight enough.

    As for the price, spare parts are pricey. How much did you think it would be?

    Of course it depends on the model, the material it's made of, etc, but as you hadn't supplied this info in your first post, mouths rough guesstimate is just that.

    That's the cost of fecking up though in this instance.
  6. All good now! I've ordered one kickstand from ebay locally for $30 shipped and for temporary I will get a bike stand.
  7. Not that one, I bought 2014 model. Which exactly looks like above. R15 hasn't changed much from 2011 til now except for the pillion seat