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Yamaha FZX250 Zeal

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DANNIBOI, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. ello all, dan here, new to the site, cheers for havin me.

    Got my L's a few weeks ago :twisted: cant wait to get out ther. wen i was first lookin at bikes i was checkin out a Virago, till i sat on it..... felt like i was ridin a midget (im only 5'11) on 2 wheels haha, i think ill wait till i can get a a nice Vulcan Vn900 mmmmm :cool:

    ok i dnt wanna spend 2 much (it is a first bike $3500 - $4500) and have been doin alot of research in 250's on the net, and i dont want to get a cbr250 coz im more than likly to drop my first bike eg fairing costs, and i dnt trust wat iv heard about the HYOSUNG gt250's built quality, even if it does come with 2 yr warranty. then in my passing i noticed a few ZEAL's.

    i really like the look of the bike and had a sit and listen to one the other day, the low seat was comfy and it felt awsome. of course i would get the model WITHOUT the dicky lookin mini fairing on the front, but i probly would change the front headlight.

    Cant seem to find much on the built quality or lasting power on the FZX, so any knowledge on this bike would be a massive help.

    thx guys, cant wait to get out there!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Just a thought. Everyone complains about fairing costs if you drop a bike, etc, etc.

    But for a learner wishing to upgrade is it really a big deal anyways?? Particularly if you are planning to upgrade anways.

    I was thinking this because my bike has been dropped before i brought it. It had some scatches but perfect mechanically. Plus i have dropped my bike doing a tight slow speed u turn the first time i took the bike out and the fairings survived fine. Overall a few scratches but certainly nothing worth warranting replacement or a respray job.

    Anyways IMO unless NOOBDAN you plan to drop the bike at significant speed and have the bike bike hit some thing inadament and hard, don't worry about the damage you would do to the fairings as a learner, particularly if your in the second hand market, which you seem to be considering.

    However i know the line of thinking you are on. I read all the post on net rider and got all the advice i could muster to narrow down what to buy and came to the conclusion that i should buy a naked, for the reasons you've stated. I looked and the zeal and the suzuki bandit. Both recommended by many and both look great. However if your thinking naked learners, little trumphs a VTR250 (...except a cb400 nowadays).
    However because they are basically recommended by everyone they are relatively expensive second hand, unless you want to get one with
    40k km+ on the oddo. Which fer reasons is when it takes a bit of a drop in the depreciation curve.

    IF your a tight wad like me and do the maths I reckon is cheaper to get a second hand ZZR/GPX. They are cheaper to buy second hand, plus are more likely to pick up something with lower mileage and a later year model and are just as reliable and cheap to maintain. Although it is a bit of a pain taking off the fairings if you want to get an the inner bits and personally I perfer nakeds because i like cleaning the internals (...nerdy...yeah i know...but i find it relaxing taking bits appart cleaning them and putting them back together)... plus i think nakeds look better.

    Anyways, I ended up buying a zzr instead of the vtr250 and the other 4pots alternative bikes. Because primarily because of price and secondly i wanted a 2 cyclinder bike. The extra low down torque is far easier to manage day to day and in slow manuvring and this will help you not drop your bike naked or not.

    So in short. i reckon save your money for some decent gear and helmet and get a used gpx/zzr from a private sale.

    If you don't like how it looks, well use the money you save on your upgrade.

    But if your still worried about fairings etc get a VTR250. ...but on the otherhand although having never ridden a zeal i hear it is a great bike. for a short time it was imported by yamaha here so parts should be obtainable. Plus It has a bit of poke, however most of it is in that top end like most 4 pots.

    I used to be in the same position you were in, so i'm empathetic to your cause.

    that is my long 2c.

    ...alternatively stuff what you get as your first bike you'll love it to bits anyways
  3. I had one...

    I got a Zeal and it was a real love/hate affair.

    The bike was second hand, and i think it was originally owned by a voodoo priest who meticulously placed a curse on every part and panel. More likely, the bike was owned by a jerk who didn't take very good care of it...


    When it was running it was amazing!

    It would turn like a dog chasing its tail...
    It would stand on it's hind leg when you wanted it to...

    My mate was a seasoned rider who had a ZZR1100. Every green light I'd beat him to 80 because the bike is just that easy to ride. You twist the throttle and that huge (for a 250) back wheel just digs in and blasts you down the road. I'm no gifted rider, but on that bike i could do no wrong (accept for one crash which was entirely my fault :roll: ).

    I ride an ER6N now and i still miss that FZX250. Even if i looked like one of those Moscow circus bears when i rode it (it really is for smaller riders)