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Yamaha FZX250 zeal won't start hot

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Joep, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. I've recently bought a Yamaha zeal, it's only got 25k ks on it and runs great. It'll start fine when I'm in the shed but if I do a decent ride (100 highway k's) and turn the bike off it won't get going again. The bike has plenty of fluid so I'm stumped, anyone have some ideas what might be wrong? Thanks

  2. Carbies isn't it?

    Vapour lock.
    Carb floats set too low.
    Perished rubbers connecting airbox with Carbs.

    Maybe electrical, small cracks in the HV coils can open up under temperature and leak HV to frame.

    Check spark plug colour to see how it is burning.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.
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  3. Thanks,issue sorted itself out. turns out it was only the kill switch slipping, just happened to do it after a few long rides.
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  4. We all have been caught by the Kill switch ;) Simple things first.

    Anyway it has got you to join our community. :)
  5. Glad to hear I'm not alone on that one.
    True, makes the hour I spent in the Sun on the side of the road waiting for the nrma worthwhile
  6. It's caught me out once. Digital displays can be a start. Know what it looks like when you have a "you cannot start this bike becauseā€¦" condition.

    Mine had never let me down. Came out of a shop and NADA! 5 minutes of looking and thinking only. One of the more "playful" people coming out of the shop probably switched it off while I was inside. I didn't know the meaning of what was displayed. I do now.

    It probably pays to know what is displayed when you have it in gear with the stand down, clutch out, kill switch off. - the different things (safety devices) that will prevent your bike from starting or will stop it. Look and see. No, there is not likely to be a specific message about each of these. I could have spent 5 minutes exploring at some point to save myself 5 minutes of real concern. The kill switch message is in the manual. Did I read about it? Yeah, probably twice. People learn in different ways.

    You will never get that hour back, Joep, but i'm sure you relive it now and again.