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Yamaha FZX250 Zeal Respray - Spray Cans

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pmcdermo, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. The paint on my bike was generally not great.

    The plastics had faded and no longer matched the tank and there where a few scratches on different panels where stickers would not really work.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Anyway as I had a few days off work I set about trying to find some touch up paint to match the bike, and failed miserably. Apparently Yamaha don't really do colour codes


    So I decided, stuff it I will respray the bike and off I went to Pronto Paints in Alexandria.

    I picked up some Mazda metalic Red (27a)...which is the closest i could find to the original colour (the guy in Pronto paints mixed it all up in spray cans)... some primer, some cleat coat, some wax and grease remover and some sand paper.

    The paint comes in 2 parts. A base red and a top coat red with a pearl in it.

    I had not painted a bike before so I did a bit of research first and remembered the technique used in a few episodes of "Wheeler Dealers".

    First off I set about getting everything prepped. The existing decals on the tank where under the existing clear coat so I cut them out with a blade and sanded everything like crazy with p240 and p400. I was careful to makes sure I go rid of rust and made everything smooth. Then I washed everything and gave it all a rub with the wax and grease remover


    Then with everything cleaned I prepped I gave it all 2 coats of primer. Followed by I light rub with p1200 and then a wipe over with the wax and grease cleaner.


    Then I put on 3 coats of the red base...


    .....3 coats of the top coat....and 4 coats of clear...


    As you can see from the picture above there was a fair bit of orange peel, which given it was pretty hot today, the spray job was done with cans in my backyard and I have not had any previous experience this was to be expected. But not to worry as there where 4 coats of clear on everything so I set about wet sanding it all smooth with p1200.

  2. After that I poshed everything with some cut and polish, the finished job pics are below...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Not bad for a day and a half and all up only cost me about $150 in paint and materials

    (I only posted pics of the tank being done but all the red parts where resprayed)
  3. Million Bux buddy well done.
  4. didn't know they could mix paint and put in a spray can for DIYer's going to go look it up myself

    looks like it can up really well (y)
  5. Yep he just mixed it up as you would expect with auto paint then put it in a spray can and pressurized it. The cans where pretty good to, the spray from the nozzle was nice and even with no drips. The paint I got came in 2 separate cans, which where $25 each

    Yep I am really pleased with it. The finish is like a new bike. Would prefer to have been able to do a 2 pack clear coat, as it would be a harder finish than the spray can but I dont have a spray gun etc
  6. That's a good job, mate, love a bit of Wheeler Dealers action!
  7. Well done! Very impressed :D
  8. Good job mate.
    Just on the finish. Use 3M 1800 wet and dry to sand it out. It will not take out near as much paint as the 1200, but it will get rid of the orange peel, defects and give it a pristine finnish.
    Fareclla 3G in liquid is the ducks guts for a buffing compund. I then use it as a hand rub to get the fine swirls out and all good. ut keep the fareclla wet when buffing. Just have an atomiser on hand and give it a spray now and then. It is messy...very messy but worth it. I then use Glym wax to bring it to a total mirror shine and protection.
  9. Thanks guys and thanks for the polishing tips Brett. I am pretty happy with the finish but nest time I will go with the Farcela etc. Below it the tank in daylight, I also polished the petrol cap as the paint that was on it was pitted

  10. Autobarn do the paint in a can thing to. I had them mix up a tin for my mums old car and the match was perfect. The car was white though so I am sure that helps. After sanding and blending and then a polish you could not tell it had been repaired. I had to fix up a small rust spot near a window for a RWC and it only cost $48 all up and took about 3 hours. The panel shop wanted $250. The quality of these paints is a heap better than the old fidly bits can from Bunnings.
  11. G'day all out there. I am looking to do some touching-up of my Maple Red Zeal. I read the post about trying to find a paint match. My question is: will "Mazda metalic Red (27a)" work for some touching-up or is it 'close' but 'not close enough' for the purpose? Has anyone got any ideas for touching up paint aside from this?
  12. Mate I was looking at your bike all DAY today and wouldn't have known you'd done it yourself (although it explains the lack of decals, which I actually thought was cool...).
    Well done!
  13. Have a look at the 3rd pic in my original post. You can see that it is a visibly different colour. I tried very hard to get a match, including bringing one of the panels to a paint specialist to get a match but in the end it was just easier to do the respray myself.

  14. I have the Yamaha badges on it now but the "Zeal" decal was ditched in the respray.....tempted to do the same to the Spada? Red bikes are faster:p

    Worth doing though, with a bit of work the bike came up like new
  15. Well done Paul. That's a great result. @ stage paints can be tricky getting an even cover, but that looks good. Nice work on the clear too :wink:

    You'd be surprised how many different whites there are. A good match is a good match regardless of colour. Throw in a pearl or metallic component, then you've *really* got your work cut out for you.

  16. lol - if you'd looked at the bottom seam of my tank you'd have seen the original red poking through! I'm a "matt black" man myself though - loved the look of that VTR at KV...
  17. Yep well if you had not been flying around so quickly I might have had a chance to look at it :biker:

    thanks Ian, there was a lot of sanding and buffing to get rid of the orange peel but i am pleased with the result
  18. Looking good! :)