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Yamaha FZR250 R W/Exup valve, Comments Guys...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RazoRR, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Im on my L's and have purchased a Yamaha FZR250 R with the Exup valve and i was wondering how they rate in the world of 250's? Ive heard they are a very quick bike. Since im new to the riding scene i would be interested to hear how these bike fair up and wether or not people think they are a decent bike? Only paid $2800 with 33k on the clock.

    Amy Comments guys...

  2. Hey RazoRR,

    I just purchased a Fizzer250 3LN2 for my L's as well, :grin: took it for my first open road ride last night and I must say I was quite impressed by how it performed :LOL: :LOL: .

    When I purchased the bike I had a mate test ride it for me and he reckons it was one of the best 250's he had ever riden :shock: . They are very agile and have got some of the best brakes I have ever seen on a 250, the only other that comes close is the CBR250RR which is a very similar bike.

    You will find there may not be too much interest regarding the FZR250 as it was a grey import and there aren't many around which was actually one thing that really appealed to me :grin: . No offense to the CBR riders as they are a great bike (can't go past a honda) but every man and his dog has one :p :grin: , and I didn't really wont the same bike as the next guy, or the next guy, or the next guy etc etc etc :p :shock: .

    If you are interested there is an Aussie forum dedicated to the Fizzer 250 www.fzr250.com there is some great stuff in there.

    But all in all I think you have made a great choice (not that I am bias) and I think you will have hours of fun on your new toy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. They're a good performer for a 250, similar in speed to the rest of the 4-stroke 4 cylinder sports 250's (CBR, ZXR, etc).

    The brakes are excellent, and the bikes are definitely agile.

    The couple that I've ridden seemed to suffer from carb problems/flooding on occasion, they may have been isolated cases, but I've heard it can be quite common for the highly strung little bikes.

    A better buy than a CBR250 on price alone.
  4. Thats a good price you got for one with 33k kms. I got my 93 model with 27k kms for $3500 in Victoria where prices are high for these type of 250's.

    I have experienced flooding issues too on my bike. This normally occurs for me after I start it with low revs. Maybe my starting procedure is wrong but I find my bike starts better without choke?
  5. Well thanx for the comments fella's now im reall happy with my purchase, i love riding the little rocket apart from the fact im having my forks re-chromed atm as one my seals had gone. Apart from that i have had the occassional flooding/stalling problem as a few of you have said but i had a look at my carbies and found that they were unbalanced.

    Im a member on the FZR250 forums but theres not many of them in Tas so theres no one with my bike to hang out with but they do have some great care tips and info. So how do you guys think the FZR250R compares to the CBR250RR fireblade?
  6. I bought one a few months ago and had to clean out the carbs/jets and replace the airbox. Also balanced the carbs and tried to find a good mix with the mixture screws. After I did this it runs very well, starts every time and only ever has problems when your not moving much. If you dont keep the revs up (4000+) it stalls, I think this is a common problem caused by dirty carbs or the float is set to high maybe running to rich also.
    I don't really know how to set a float but it seems simple since your just shaping the plastic thing a bit lower so the float closes quicker. I'm ganna try fixit soon but am not sure if this info is 100%. Any experts onhand? :)

    edit: I found starting it with throttle caused more flooding and just using choke was better
  7. Well mine has been running way to rich latley and my mechanic (Red) has told me he will fix that for me, and he has also told me to delay changing the gears till bout 12-14,000 rpm as that will stop the plugs getting carbon build up. This may help you to, alos my stalling has been due to only 3 of the 4 carbies opening properly, he has said that it obviously it hasn't been serviced since its been in Aus as the guy i got it from is the only Aussy owner besides myself. So im hoping mine will be back in action within the next week.
  8. Turns out it was the float levels that was making it stall (well mostly the float levels). I got in there last weekend and they were set to 16mm, should be at 18 or so. When it's warm it doesn't stall on me anymore. I'm guessing your bikes floats are to low as well causing it to run richer. One of my throttle slides isn't closing properly as well which is the same problem as you by the sounds of it. Our bikes have abit in common hehe. Let me know how yours go. Might help me solve my problem too ;)
  9. Well after 6 weeks i finally have my little baby back. Ive had the entire engine re-worked, needles changed, float level reset, jets replaced with smaller ones and had the carbies tuned to perfection and wow...i had it on the dino yesturday and it has increased the bikes performance and im now getting 34.5hp @ the rear wheel whish is apparently very good for a 250cc. All up the repairs have cost me $1500 as the guy i bought it off hadnt looked after it 2 well but bout $900 of the cost is labour and money well spent.
  10. I only just sold my FZR. Had it for about 3 years and never had an issue.

    Very similar to both mates ZXR's and CBR's in performance.

    All 250's like that are old now, with hi kms, so there are sooo many variables.

    If you do want some more power and easier starts, carbi service is the way to go, their poor little seals and stuff aren't what they used to be...

    Only issue I had was the back tyre is pretty thin on an FZR and looks it. ZXR has an 18" instead of 17" rim and both CBR and ZXR rims are a fraction wider. Thats really only a looks thing.