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Yamaha FZR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Ananda22, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. is this bike good? not sure wat year it is but anywayz, it says VIRGIN on the side of it.. selling for 3.8 .. what u rekon?

  2. go the ZXR!!!!! best 4 stroke 250cc on the market mate :wink: im sure many would agree with me :grin:
  3. lol probably is man, just asking about this bike in particular :p
  4. yeah well from what i have seen the fzr's are ok, dunno about performance though. if u r looking for performance definately look into getting a zxr :wink: great sounding bike too :grin:
  5. cheers big fella!!
  6. yeah just depends on ya ridin styles, whether u want sumting with a bit of bang in it or if u want something cruisy, just depepnds what u wanna do with ur riding i suppose. such a big market place for 250's gee who knows whats good and bad these days :roll:
  7. I've got an fzr ad I reckon it's great, good performance and as soon as you hit 7k rpm the bike sounds buetiful (at 18k it starts sounding like a crazy bee!!!). I f you get the ones with exup they go much better than other 250's at lower revs.
  8. the CBr250RR sounds pretty bestie..

    is is a 2 stroke or a 4stroke? generally the 4's make more sound yer?
  9. The fzr is a 4 stroke, it's pretty comparable to the cbr and about 1 grand less on average than the cbr
  10. Oh yeah, if you haven't checked it out got to www.fzr250.com, lots more info there
  11. my mates got one its pretty id take it over a cbr purely because dont think theres much between them plus the fzr is cheaper