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Yamaha FZ6R or Suzuki SV650s or Ninja 650RL???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Damian1990, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, have been reading a lot from you guys on the internet about these 3 bikes and there are lots of different views. I know it will all finally depend on me but i thought a push in the right direction wouldnt hurt. Anyway here we go. I am 21 and have never riden a road bike, me and my mates have been riding dirt bikes for a while now. So i can ride a dirtbike, im not a complete newbie. Am looking for my first road bike (LAMS). This is my dilemma:

    I had my heart set on a FZ6r, love the look of the bike and it the way it was seated, kinda upright. Really dont want to be bent over as i know once i get on the bike i will never get off it, so i am looking for a comfortable ride. Have been reading around and lots of people want to steer away from these because of the heavy restriction and the price. Supposedly there is not enough power.

    The SV650s i havent really thought about until i read it on here in another thread but i like the look of them too. Have read that they are a little uncomfortable due to the fuel tank being quite long.

    The ninja 650rl, seems nice and have read it is the most comfortable out of the 3.

    So its the 4 in-line (FZ6r), V-twin (SV) or the parralel twin (ninja).

    I am SO confused as to which one i want, another major factor is that my two friends who i have been riding with have currently bought an aprilia rs125 and a cb400. So i want a bike that can keep up/beat them, i dont want to be lagging behind when were at the track or when were just doing mountain runs or whatever. Please help me and advise which of these 3 would be the better bike, i will test drive all 3 when i do my Q-ride.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I really don't know about power restrictions, but both the FZ6 and SV650 each have a proven chassis in racing, and good handling (and ability) is what makes you fast at the track, not power.

    I can't comment on the kwak650, don't know much about them.
  3. I've yet to hear from someone who's ridden an sv who hasn't enjoyed it. Having said that, the other two are much simpler to derestrict. If you've been riding dirt for a while you will probably be bored stiff by lams bikes and want to go derestricted immediately.
  4. Firstly, your friend who has an RS125 is a boss. Secondly, try a GS500F. I have ridden pretty much every day since getting it (first bike, had not ridden bikes outside of pre learner and learner course) and will be cheaper than those bikes you mentioned (mine was $5250 for an '09, bought in September last year, so cannot recommend highly enough in terms of something that will see you wanting to ride everyday.
  5. The FZ6 is more upright and I have a taller colleague (6'2" +) who found this the most comfortable bike. The throttle stops are what gets modified.

    The SV is good, it's just an ECU to plug and play to derestrict. Great bike, stock suspension is soggy.

    Ninja, don't know much about but will be good.

    Most bikes will keep up with each other, and will most likely beat the 125 in a straight line (I haven't tested it but I suspect the 125 would be slaughtered unless your mate has perfected race launch). In the twisties, you'll need to do some suspension work to all three bikes and you'll have something that can keep high corner speed and have more drive out of the corners than the 125.
  6. Have had both the CB400 and now the SV650s. You'll probably hate me for saying this but go ride them all. It is the ONLY way you can make a decision.

    I have been going through the same thing for my opens. Have read over 1000 reviews looking for the perfect next bike. I actually talked myself out of the Daytona because everyone said they were uncomfy. Finally got to ride one (or three) over the long wknd and some 600's + 750. While the Jap bikes were more comfortable, the Daytona was still fine and the sound and pulling power of the motor had me sold. So I'll end up with the bike I always wanted but talked myself out of, so you have to ride them all.

    However in the spirit of helping a fellow rider, as so many have helped me before. The SV650s is a great bike. SO much torque, great handling and well priced. Good bike if you want to be a lazy rider. The CB400 on the other hand was a race bike without the fairing. Gutless down
    Low but once over 6500rpm and the vtec opened geez it boogied, so light and nimble too. I can tell you thought the SV will not keep up with the CB. My mates GTR650 beats my SV, but when I had the CB I would leave him in my dust.

    Hope that helps.

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  7. Is that a restricted LAMS or unrestricted SV? I have trouble believing an unrestricted 650cc motor would be outgunned by the 400cc, even if it is an I4.

    I owned an SV650 for a few years, and it was an awesome little bike that I would have back in a heartbeat. I'm sure it would treat you well. Having said that, I have no experience with the other bikes, so can't compare.

    Don't worry too much about keeping up, in my experience it is your attitude to the law (speed limit) and your skill that determines where you ride in a group ride, not your bike's power.
  8. thanks for all the comments and advice guys. Really thought the SV650 would keep up with the CB400 at least but guess not. I also just stumbled on another possbile bike for me. What does everyone think about the Suzuki Gladius 650? Heard that it has more power and torque than the SV. I realise its not a sporty bike like the others but it still looks sweeeeeet.
  9. always sv!

    to try and help clarify what some others have said about the sv lacking power, sure, by modern standards it does a bit. but its how you ride, not how much power you have.

    i dont claim to be a great rider, i'd say intermediate kind of level, but learning to corner faster and get what power you have down at the right time is where its at.

    surprised a few people needless to say :) along the same lines as a motard in the right hands, they'll keep up with anything in the tight stuff.
  10. FZ6 and FZ6R are very different bikes.

    Totally different chassies etc, the FZ6R is essentially an XJ6N with a race fairing on it.

    That being said i hear the chassies is still very good, i guy i know who rides on is still able to pull away from me in the twists on one of them quite hard.

    At the end of the day these bikes will generally beat most lams bikes once you have them derestricted. I hear the best bike to derestrict is the FZ6R, i do actually think its a great bike despite what i said about it not being an FZ6.

    Apparently its just the snip of a wire and the removal of a screw, not to mention this bike has by far the best engine of the lot, a 4cyl inline 4 with 16 valves. this is what you need.
    im told that doing this can give the bike something like 70-80hp (no real idea if im right).

    The brakes are not that great however, thats something i would want to upgrade. apparently the suspension can also be upgraded.

    I am considering upgrading to one in about 6 months time.

    However by far the best bike is the RVF400, it unlike almost all lams bikes is not compromised, it has the brakes, it has the chassie, it has the engine, pretty much it is better, and would probably hand it to these modern bikes (which suffer huge cost cutting) on a track.

    Thats the other bike you consider, i am also considering it. However it is an old bike and they can be unreliable and probably are only good for weekends.

    RVF400 or derestricted FZ6R
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  11. Not sure if your aware or not, the gladius has the same (but retuned) motor as the sv. It is basically the replacement for the previous naked SV650. It looks less sporty than the 650s, but I suspect it will be roughly as capable. You can change handlebars for a lower riding position down the track if you want. Look at svrider.com.

    I have no doubt that a test ride will clear things up for you, and give you a chance to decide if you want a high reviving or grunty motor.
  12. I'm in such a dilemma lol. I dont really want to destrict the bike i get as it will lose most of its value, since i can sell it later to another Learner and thus hold my bikes value. Im going to look at all these bikes today and ask the dealers some questions. Will keep you updated!
  13. Most of these bikes can be re-restricted fairly easily, the Suzuki's could be tricky with an ECU mode, but I have firsthand experience with the Yamaha & know someone who de-restricted a Kawasaki..

  14. I believe even the new (post 2008?) FZ6Ns are really rebadged XJ6Ns. The FZ8N has replaced the FZ6N in most markets. It's really confusing and I think quite deceptive on the part of Yamaha Australia...
  15. I have the new Ninja 650L (no R) and its very upright but goes well and rides very easily for a very newbie. Able to get to speed quite easily and I did 430km Saturday with only a slightly sore bum afterwards.

    Good bike, looks good (other peoples opinions...same Ninja styling as the new ZX10) frugal on fuel (350+km).

    Haven't had any experience of the others but don't quite see the point in de-restricting as the bikes do not get as much power as a good non-LAMS 600 and its probably worth more as a LAMS bike on resale.

    Also to do it legally costs (re roadworthy and can't then re-restrict in NSW anyway) and to do it illegally will void registration (and insurance).

    Cheers Spocky
  16. Note that it is not actually a road worthy item..

    When I sold my XJ6SL recently the mechanic mentioned he was surprised I hadn't de-restricted the bike, I told him I had but had put the restrictor back in for the road-worthy, he then stated it wouldn't have mattered because it doesn't count as a rw item anyway!!!!
  17. Go to a dealership and sit on them all. Better yet.. have a test ride of them all.

    Hearing everyone's own opinions can only give you so much information.

    Good luck!
  18. also i would say that derestricting your bike wont make it any less valuable.

    I dont think many learners would refuse to buy your bike because it is faster then all the others. i suspect most would pay a premium.

    It is fairly illegal though, but ive never heard of anyone getting pulled up for it.
  19. The SV is just literally swapping an ECU, so all you do is keep the LAMS ECU for when you are returning it back to restricted mode.

    Sit on all the bikes, see what feels most comfortable for you. It will give you an idea of what the bike is like.
  20. hey guys, went to a dealership yesterday to have a third round look at these bikes and i must say i have narrowed down my list. My beloved FZ6R, although it looks great was just not up to par as the ninja and the suzuki's. Its throttle restriction was ridicolous and it was also the dearest amongs the lot. Anyway just before i was about to leave i asked to have a look at the ninja 650rl (lams) and oh my god! What an absolute stunner of a bike. It looked like sex on wheels with the new shade of light green they brought in. The bike just looked absolutely great and it had everything i wanted. Raised riding position, fuel gage meter, ABS, nice everything. Sitting on it felt really comfortable like the suzuki and yamaha and it was also cheaper than the Yamaha by about $600. Oh and it had a great sound and i liked the engine (parallel twin - more torque)
    Then i went to the Suzuki dealer and had a look at the Gladius and the SV650. They were also very nice bikes and i liked the riding position of them both. The SV looked great and was pretty cheap, the gladius was a great looking bike also but it wasnt as sporty from the front. So i have narrowed my list down to the ninja and the suzuki's, im leaning towards the ninja but i will test drive them all soon to confirm :)