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Yamaha FZ6R LAMS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nardybum, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. I am thinking about getting a Yamaha FZ6R LAMS and I was wondering if the only restriction was in the throttle body or is it in the ECU as well?

  2. The initial derestriction is a cheap and quick mod, but to buy the parts to get it back to LAMS condition for resale will set you back near on $1800.
  3. Why would it be more expensive to restrict it again?
  4. So from your question it suggests you are thinking of buying one then un-restricting it, was this straight away while still on your L/P's or once you have got past the restrictions???
  5. It really doesn't matter when I am thinking of doing it, but yeah I am considering de-restricting it while I am on my p's.
  6. have you considered dieting instead ?
    power/weight ratio
    lose a few kilos, gain a few kilowatts.
    why do you really need to have such a large bottom anyway ??
  7. In all seriousness, the derestriction can only be carried out by a dealer or service centre, and they must notify they RTA (or other state motoring authority) when ordering the parts to derestrict the bike. The whole process should cost around the $250 mark, but the bike must be owned by a rider with a full licence. They will not do this for a rider who owns the bike and has a provisional licence.

    As far as I am aware you cannot restrict a bike again once its been unrestricted. This is because state authorities don't want to have to be constantly changing the status of a vehicle - once is enough.

    Cheers - boingk

    PS: MonkeyMan - nothing wrong with a decent sized bum ;)
  8. I was trying to find the right way to say what boingk did, it ain't worth playing around with unrestricting a bike..

    Buy a bike that is not restricted or cop the restriction & get a larger one when you are off restrictions, there are a number of biked you can get that will be more than fun to ride, the Suzuki gs500 & the Honda cb400 for starters..

    The gs500 is an older design, but bullet proof & will probably suit people moving to a larger touring bike once off restrictions, the cb400 is a fun little bike & is a more advanced machine, hence more expensive, but if you have considered the Yamaha it should be in your price range.
  9. Seriously leave the 650 LAMS bikes as they are, it's a minefield with insurance and registration.
  10. old thread, but the responses are so cute.

    old mate just had to unscrew 1 bolt for more power, and screw it back in when he's done with the bike.