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Yamaha Fz6R - Decent second bike or is it LAMS?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. As you do, I am looking at some options for my next bike after my LAMS period, and really like the look, stance and riding position of the FZ6R.

    Only thing, according to Bikesales.com, it says that it is a LAMS bike. But according to the Qld Transport Official LAMS list as of Feb 2012, it is not on the list.

    So is it a LAMS bike? And is it gutsy enough for a second bike after I am off my RE license.

    Take into account, I don't need anything too fast, I'm not looking at dropping any knees at any time and its not a cimmuter. Just a Sunday Sports Tourer type of thing and I love the look of a faired bike.


  2. I believe they are badged as a FZ6R but registered as something else, XJ6F?, or something similar, which I believe is LAMS approved, and thats why the FZ6R isnt on the register. As far as I know anyways
  3. According to Yamaha Australia it's LAMS:


    Edit: I'm going with Huckleburger - on the Qld LAMS list it's called XJ6FL but it's one of the ones that is restricted so that it can go on the LAMS list. Alternately you can buy one that isn't restricted, or get it un-restricted and then it's faster. If you look in the current Yamaha catalogue (can't find a link right now) then you'll see that the FZ6R is lumped together with the XJ6N & XJ6S which is why I believe that it's got an alternate model number of XJ6F.
  4. The FZ6R is LAMS approved I believe that's what the R means on the name.

    Nice looking bike. Go and ride one and see what you think, Kilowatts are not all there is.
  5. You make sure Grace goes to a good home wont you?
  6. As mentioned previously, its really an XJ6FL...

    Un-restricted they are pretty good...
  7. Sam, what you really want is an FZ8S... Trust me.
  8. Well, you haven't lead me astray yet BBM..... Will look into it.

    And I'll respond to your email tonight, been 100% crazy at work.
  9. Not for a long time....