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Yamaha FZ6N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by puppywarewolf, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Can somebody tell me about this bike please. I really dig the look of it. Is it any good? Has anybody ridden one? Does anybody own one? Are they worth having a look at, once my restrictions are up? And I don't mean cut and pasting of spec sheets from Yamaha page, already read them. Want people with first hand experience on them.


  2. I dont particularly like them personally, but I've never ridden one so I cant talk...

    this pretty much sums it up:

    "This is a perfect example of something looking good on paper but not working in the real world. I'll bet the Yamaha will make the most power on the dyno and is probably fastest in the quarter mile. The motor is gutless below 9000 rpm. Once you climb into the power band an improbable amount of vibration sets in. Every part of your body in contact with the FZ-6 sizzles alarmingly. This was the hardest bike to go fast on. The gimmicky instrumentation, saggy suspension and vibra-matic motor absorbed all my concentration before I could even look through a corner, watch for obstacles and enjoy the ride."

    Source: Motorcycle.com
  3. btw that quote came from a comparison that also included the following:

    Kawasaki Ninja 500
    Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom
    Triumph Speed Four
    Honda 599

    thet say the honda is best package (no annoying things)
  4. Cheers Androooooo,

    Thanks for taking time out and replying.

    I guess that strikes THAT off my list then. Piece of shit that it is.


    YOUR ZZR250 PUP..... NOW with OMEGA 3's!!!
  5. Hey, Pup

    For what its worth, I sat on one of these at the bike show, found it a bit cramped in the legs and a bit of a stretch to the bars, I'm about 6"1'. I'm sure I remember reading a more favourable review somewhere, could still be worth a test ride.
  6. I would not be so hasty. What not go and take a look yourself? I found a lot of magazine reviews are highly critical of bikes that I absolutely loved to ride, it all depends on what you want to do with the bike. If you want to ride fast then get a sports bike. This bike may be totally up you ally.

    Most reviewers ride a hell of a lot of bike so they have expectations a lot higher than most and they always seem to test the track characteristics of the bike.

    I've never actually owned a Yamaha but I find it hard to believe that they would manufacture a lemon like the review describes.
  7. Hi Wolfy,

    If I was after a budget semi-naked middle-weight (pause for breath), I'd go for either a Z750 or a SV650S.

    As others have said, the FZ6 has the wrong engine in it (revvy bugger) for that type of bike.
  8. FZ6NS

    I would actually take one for a test ride, before I decided. Bendigo Yamaha have one available.

    My wife has one and has done just over 1,500 k's so far is very happy with it.

    My experiemce with it is limited to one short 100 k sprint. Turns really well in fact I found it way to easy to drop into a tight turn after riding my Bandit 1200. Good midrange power froma slightly detuned R6 motor. The seat hight is high but manageable. If you want a great little scratcher that wont cost a fortune to fix. I would recommend it. The dickie little screen you can get for it is very effective especially over 80 kph.

  9. Thanks everyone for all your input.... After reading all that, I have put it back on the cards again as a posibilty.

    When I finish restrictions I obviously want a bigger bike... I think I am starting to outgrow my baby ZZR already but in no way have mastered stuff yet, Oh No!! .... But here is what I want, maybe you educated gentlemans and gentlewomans can offer me a few suggestions....

    1 - I want a bike that is faster, obviously, better pick up, better handling and just a bit meatier for want of a better word.

    2 - I don't want a race bike as the riding position, I am guessing, puts a lot of strain on wrists, and being a drummer, I have developed accute CTS(carpal tunnel syndrome, from years of playing). I don't want them head down, ass up bikes. My hero is Tommy Lee, not Valentino Rossi, and yes, Tommy Lee bangs hot chicks, but he is also a very AWESOME drummer.

    3 - I want a bike that I can ride for hours on end, I hear I lot of the race bikes get uncomfortable very quickly.

    4 - I don't want a bike that I can show off at Reefton. I am a modest guy, who leads a simple life and enjoys the little things, and I am very comfortable with myself and don't need "Big Boy Toys" to show off. I'm pretty happy with what I got down my pants.

    5 - I want something that will accomodate a pillion rider nicely and comfortably.

    6 - I want something sporty, but no RR's or Supa RR's or Moto GPO BOX RRRRR's with big ultra MOTO RRRRRRRRR Sports MUFFLER, if you get my drift.


    8 - and lastly I would like it to be a 600. Dunno if I'd be able to handle the bigger bikes.

    9 - NO Cruisers or Hogs, cause I am not into that kinda look.

    But in saying this I must admit, that I haven't even gone looking in any of the shops yet, cause really I don't know what I am looking for, and when I have popped into a store I get that race bike mentality shoved down my throat, so kinda has put me off a little.

    I mean, I have gone into to buy lil things and they try and sell me stuff they bloody use at Moto GP.... NOT INTERESTED, and I don't care that you ride professionally, and I don't care that you get all your bikes and gear for free and that you are FULLY Sponsored and DON'T PAY ANYTHING... Tell that shit to the lil biker mole groupies, man. Just give me that chain lube and I'll be out of your way so you can watch your last race on the tv that your cousin videoed for ya where you took that tight corner..... tight.!!

    Cheers all. I hope I am making a bit of sense here. If I am not making sense maybe I shouldn't be riding a bike then huh?

    Hope this post opens up a bit of discussion for riders that think like I do, cause I know the market has shifted to a more racier vibe, and that's cool, just not for me. I just want a bike that is multi skilled.... If I want to unleash myself on a coupla twisties, I want a bike that can do that... I want to cruise, I want to do that.... I want to just tear it up, then I want to do that.

    So what do you all think?

    Cheers. Let the discussion/debate begin.

    YOUR ZZR 250 PUP, who has the gavel in his hand and........ it fell, so the discussion has begun. Thank you.
  10. Might have ta let ya take a ride of the Sv when your off your restrictions.

    Good to tour or ride hard, great V-Twin 650, and very comfy.
  11. Well, I think there are some probably some personal issues you need to address...

    Aside from that, the best thing you can probably do is just go and test-ride bikes.

    Do a course by HART or whoever that's designed for those of us on 250's who are stepping up. Get off the restrictions and just go and sample them all, what you're looking for and how the bike makes you feel isn't something you're going to get on referral.
  12. I have been lurking for a few days now and when I saw this post I just had to register!

    Freddy has a good point here, how many people have ever fully agreed with a review in a mag? To an extent they tend to give rave reviews to the track weapons such as gsxr and r1 etc etc but anything less is lacking in their eyes. Sure they are usually quite cordial when reviewing non 'RR' bikes, but at the end of the day you know that they would have much preferred the latest 'RR' offering and a few hours on a track, hey I dont blame them :wink: All of these budget, mid range price bikes have their pro's and con's.

    My first big bike was a cb750, then I owned a GSXR750 K3. I swapped the gsxr for the FZ6N with no money changing hands cos insurance was killing me and I needed a bike that was more suited to riding from Melbourne SE suburbs to Geelong a couple of times a week.

    I have had the FZ6N since March and have clocked up 7K km's since. It is an awesome bike. Someone mentioned lack of power below 9K rpm, probably correct when compared to a 1000cc fireblade or somesuch. And once it has broken in it is like a completely different bike, heaps of power! Less torque then the gsxr, but enough to get you in trouble :wink:

    I am a tall, hefty bloke with a weight in the three digits, so I had to replace the front springs for $200, but on any bike in the price range it would have been the same story. the bike actually handles very well, I can take corners at much higher speeds on the FZ6N then on the GSXR, and on everday streets in every day traffic I actually get around quicker and have much more fun on the FZ6N. Taking a pillion is fine too, my GF comes for rides all the time. Her opinion is that the FZ6N feels quicker and much more nimble then the GSXR did (from the pillions point of view).

    I have a mate with a 2000 R1, in a straight line drag I managed to drag him off to about 100kph 4 times in a row. Now he tried to claim cold tyres etc etc, but my tyres were just as cold as his. Of course at 100kph he came flying by like a rocket (my excuse is I had to change gears at 100kph lol). I have also managed to drag with a GSXR750K1 and ended fairly equal (again to about 100kph). A GSXR1000 was getting away until he could no longer keep the front wheel down and then I kept up with him. And sure I have been dragged a few times my self by bikes such as CBR600RR etc. I guess it comes down to rider, conditions and how stuffed you can really be trying at that particular time.

    This bike looks the bit, handles like you wouldnt believe for a bike of this price (I mention price because you wont get fully adjustable suspenders with all the bells and whistles for this price), goes like a rocket (for all street purposes, even the umm not so legal ones :p ) and is plenty comfortable. I have not taken this bike to a track yet so I cannot vouch for its track worthiness.

    As for vibrations, the only time I have noticed them is after reading a review of my bike in which they were mentioned. Riding home I was actually looking for them, and sure enough they are there, but I had never noticed them before or since.

    As for the competition:
    The honda 599 is more expensive and doesnt have much more to offer and is pretty much outdated at the moment.
    The speed four looks like a good buy (but as with the FZ6N either you love the looks or hate them)
    The Sv range, well the SVS comes back to the sports riding position and has a premium price due to the fairing, the naked one would probably be OK, wide flat torque curve but severely lacking in the power.

    When I was looking at bike to replace the GSXR I was also looking at the SV, but was unhappy with the amount of power and the riding position (even on the naked). When I was looking for a bike I had similar requirements to what puppywarewolf has outlined, just add on the cheaper insurance requirement. After riding them all the FZ6N just stood out. Great handling, plenty of horses, absolutely canes anything with 4 wheels and many things on 2 and is a tonne of fun.

    So as was mentioned, sit on them all, test ride the ones you like and let us know which one you finally get.

    Take it easy
  13. I have nothing to offer in regards to the fz6n, but Greetings to ozfz6nguy!
  14. I hope you didnt interpret that review the wrong way. Those paritulcar reviewers are particularly harsh in order to draw attention to the best and worst points of each bike. I find the yamaha 600cc is buzzy, but not annoying.

    I think ozfz6nguy makes a good point though: that it's really up to you what appeals to you about a certain bike.

    That is plain not true. The review quoted consisted of practical road bikes, rated against each-other for comfort, looks etc, as well as performance. I reckon those guys do fair comparisons, hence my reason for quoting it.
  15. Thanks heaps OZ.

    You made an awesome post there, and very informative. I appreciate it. I DO like the FZ6N, and will test it out when I am off restrictions.

    Welcome to the site.

    I am actually gonna hand out an award to OZ for POST OF WEEK for that one, and from now on, you will be known to me as the WIZARD of OZFZ6NGUY.


  16. Ooohh puppy!!! Hey!!! Went "browsing" today (need to sell the gs500 still). Went to the Yamaha place looking at an R6 and the bloke said the FZ6 is a great bike, more comfy....

    AND THEN HE INFORMED ME.. there's a faired version coming out, like Now pup!

    Haven't seen it in the flesh but it's only $700 more than the naked

    I got quoted $12000 ride away for the naked and 12750 ride-away faired. This is pre-haggling though so should be less. A fair bit cheaper then the 15000 R6 ride away (03) that will probably make me look like an amateur anyway. I can recommend 2 yamaha places in the newcastle/ central coast area for any NSW-people, PM me if you want recommendations (and 1 bagging!!)

    If i sell the GS will attempt to find one to ride and keep an eye on this post.

    Last thought, LOVE the under seat exhaust (and great pillion grips for those that want)
  17. Thanks heaps for that Saz.

    You are Saztastic!!!!

    How's your hippy mum?

    Will let you know how I go. Be a while though, still have quite a bit of time to go on restrictions. Might have to wait for the '06 models to come out.


    YOUR "BIG fcukIN AS&*%LE ROCKSTAR" according to a certain rude individual here at netrider. Sticks and stones dude. Pitty you judge people for what they do, not who they are." ZZR250 PUP
  18. well how bout the kwaka zzr600???

    is that also in the game?
    its bout 13000.........
  19. Which quarter will the zzr-600 05 model come out??..thats what i want to know :wink:
  20. Just out of curiousity what is the penalty, in Victoria, for riding a bigger-than-250 bike on your Ps?