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Yamaha FZ6N vs. XJ6N

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by g19irdr1, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. I need to upgrade from my ninja250r after having it for a year thanks to a blind guy driving a falcon.
    I really like the look of the XJ6N and FZ6N and if anyone has ridden either or both of these and would like to share opinions that would be great.
    Also open to any other suggestions on similar bikes if theres other great machines around the $9-12K price point.

  2. The main difference between FZ6N and XJ6N is amount of available low end torque and maximum power. FZ6N has about 98hp, XJ6N about 80hp. From my experience on my FZ6N powerband begins at about 3000rpm, on XJ6N it should be lower probably at about 1500 - 2000.
    I really see no problem with dropping a gear or revving it a bit....it sounds nice when revved. Around town at 60km/h in fourth gear it sits at 3500rpm already having lots of torque to be able accelerate really quickly. Once revved power builds up really quickly.
  3. My advice would be go out and test ride lots of bikes, gsr600, sv650, cb600, z750, street triple, er-6, older monsters etc etc.....there are tonnes of naked 600cc ish bikes in your price range, and they do ride differently to each other (none of them truly "bad", unless you drop back 10+yrs old) and you may find yourself liking something a magazine tells you is 2 poofteenths slower than something else much more than you expect.

    The xj6n and fz6n are probably more similar to each other than any of the others. I haven't ridden an XJ6N, but I did find the fz6n very anemic below 7-8000rpm (nothing wrong with the top end though:D)....and that was coming from a Spada :)
  4. XJ is heavier, I think. I also believe the difference in power delivery is quite marked.

    +1 to what DTwo said. There are plenty to choose from and end of year or model deals will be around. Don't rule out larger capacity bikes either, especially twins.
  5. Why's that?
  6. Cause they're ****ing awesome!
  7. I've just bought an FZ6n - I test rode an SV650, a GSR600 and a Versys. It really depends on what you wnat from a bike I guess. I was told by a very, very reliable source to stay away from the ER6n's as they are a shitty buiold despite being Kwak. Would have loved to try a z750 as a mate has one and raves about it and my source put it at the top of these bikes list. The SV was clearly a good bike but didn't leave me grinning like a ********. The GSR was very close to the FZ but didn't deliver quite as snappily or as fiendishly as the FZ ha ha. The Versys wasn't too bad but felt like you sat on top ofd the bike rather than part of it. It took me a while to get used to the throttle on the FZ but now I ****ing love it - it's a brute. DTwo must be riding some mental bikes for it to be considered anaemic below 8k RPM! ;)

    It still buzzes me from pulling away to parking :D

    A good (around 5 yrs and under) FZ6n should be less than $7k easily. In my opinion* they are pretty fierce

    (* and limited two years of riding ;) )
  8. According to Yamaha UK, here and here, there are a number of differences which make the XJ6 less focussed than the FZ6:

    97 hp @ 12,000 rpm
    63 Nm @ 10,000 rpm
    201 kgs wet (aluminium frame), 19.4 litre tank, 180/55 rear tyre, 25 degree rake

    77 hp @ 10,000 rpm
    60 Nm @ 8,500 rpm
    205 kgs wet (steel frame), 17.0 litre tank, 160/60 rear tyre, 26 degree rake (i.e. slightly cruisier)

    I also agree with Mitch et al regarding checking out some twins (e.g. SV650), they can really hammer it off the line, and might entertain at slightly less illegal speeds. :p
  9. My dealer here has a new 08 model sv650 still in stock that he offered $8700 on but he won't let me ride it so that kind of pissed me off and I went off the idea of them completely.
    The bike is mostly just going to do the short trip to work each day because i'm too lazy to ride the pushey, so good low lower end power might be nice. I like to get out on the highway but I only did a couple of trips in the year I had the ninja so I'm not likely to do more than the odd trip out of town.
    Where do you SE Queensland peoples get your bikes? My local dealers either dont carry what I want or won't let me ride them. I'm going to shop through Brisbane and GC if anyone knows a good dealer who allows test rides.
  10. lol, if he still has an 08 SV sitting around he really should be letting people ride them :)

    I can understand some dealer's reluctance to allow testrides, $8700 for a new (although 08) sv would seem a pretty keen price.

    Are you a confident rider?, have you ridden larger bikes than the ninja?......dealers are even less likely to allow a test ride if you appear to lack confidence.
  11. the new XJ6N has optional ABS (well thats what my yammy dealer told me)
  12. Have to say make sure you try as many bikes as you can, as others have said. Definitely give the Z750 a try, I sat on a lot of bikes and when I test rode this one i knew it was the 'one'. ;)
  13. I love the way the Z750 looks, but isn't it a bit heavier than most of the 600s? Somewhere around 220kg wet???
  14. Yes, but the XJ6 isn't terribly light either.