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Yamaha FZ6 thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OldBellHelmet, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. hi again all.
    after yesterdays duiscussion about pagassos and other dualies i have spied an FZ6 for grabs on my journey to work.. if i may ask for any thoughts on these it would be appreciated as im thinking of checking it out on the way home. yes im not sure what i want but need to start somewhere now dont i..
    thanks people.


  2. google up some reviews, I believe most reviews say the engine is shit especially compared to the street triple. I wouldn't now especially since I don't review bikes for a living.

    But I'm guessing it would be cheap to own and reasonably good fun this side of the speed limit
  3. thats what i have found out in general.. they appear to be a bit of a bargain for what you get.
  4. camkawa i think thats his name rates it verry highly when i last spoke to him.

    homing of a gsxr600 he reckons he is quicker around town on it and its a great allround bike.

    i think they look great, i like the look of the 1's better though

    apparently they are ok but the power is verry high up. meh testride it, ill be interested to hear how it is.

    the more people that but the s3 the less i want one lol
  5. test riding is the plan..i think most of saturday will involve these testrides.. will have to pack the credit card just incase
  6. The current model share the same engine as the R6, like the 600 hornets to 600RR

    Yamaha used to (or still do) have the FZ6 cup there you hire a fz6 for a race season. I do believe they pull really well.
  7. yeah heard they pull quite hard and thus have come to the conclusion we are suited.
  8. the rules for the FZ6 cup has change. no more lease FZ6.
  9. would be interesting. but i dont have one yet
  10. That problem can be easily solved.

    $11,999 gets you a kitted out fz6. I am undecided if it is worth it. You get race glass, zorst and ohlin forks and shocks...and other goodies, but its still a fair bit of monies.....
  11. and then i would 'have' to race it now wouldnt i..
  12. Kill 2 birds with 1 bike. I love it when things just fall into place. You will have to go get one now.

  13. Its a sport touring bike, and such bikes are generally ridden by those who want to cruise around and not thrash around with many revvs. For this reason they get a bad wrap. And most hoons like the power but the suspension lets it down.

    So you need to be the type of rider who doesn't mean smashing the revvs a bit, or is a total mop and doesn't care about its asmatic low rpm i4 power.
  14. please explain.. 'mind' or 'mean' ?
  15. FYI I have been riding an 08 fz6s for less than a week now, absolutely love it. IMHO the bike is quite under-rated.

    Don't worry about what reviewers complained about EFI or engine lacking torque; they were riding pre 07 models.

    07/08 model has been updated big time, it is refined, electrically smooth, comfortable, flickable, and has enough power down low to get you around town quickly. Brake is much stronger and has a good feel, I am yet to ride it hard enough to fault suspension.

    I don't have anything to complain when cruising leisurely, rpm is 20~30% higher than say a V-twin (SV650) or parallel twin (ER6), but comfort level is as good. Once you have entered 6000~12000rmp zone, you will be addicted.

    I decided on fz6s after test riding gsx650f, as it is way more "exciting" to ride, p.s. gsx650f is more comfortable on longer freeway ride (if that's what you are into). Considering I do more day trips than long distance touring, fz6s makes more sense.

    Go and test ride some other 600cc bikes (i.e. Sv650, er6, fz6, or even stretch up to z750), then ask yourself which excites you the most. At the end of day ride something that makes you want to ride more.
  16. yeah the sv isnt what i would call nice looking even though i like whats underneith.. the er6 is a fine looking thing although yet to ride one.. if i sell a kidney ill go direct to the z750 with out passing go.
  17. I have a 2008 FZ6 and love it. You can just cruise around or get stuck into it depending on your mood. Comfortable riding position and great fuel economy. Plenty of power above 6k revs.

    Test riding is the go, you will either love it or hate it. There is a bike out there for everyone, that's why there are so many different styles of bikes......
  18. If you want something 'sportier' the GSXR 750 would probably fit the bill. From what I've read it just does everything well.
  19. and thus why im interested. im not rossi or charlie boorman or a postie.. just want a bit of everything and feel like an i4.
  20. If you fit aftermarket handlebars and rearset, it CAN be sporty.