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Yamaha FZ6 2004-2007 differences?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Slicks, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. HI all,

    Upgrading from restricted licence over the next four weeks and my criteria is a predominantly upright machine, semi naked or naked affair. Spent heaps of time reviewing comments on firestorms, hornets, large capacity nakeds down to the 600cc naked's. ~10K is my spending money after negotiations with the bank errr wife.

    I do a 20k commute each day and weekend jaunts with the lads. Was thinking FZ6n, firestorm, Z750 or even XJR1300 if the price fits. I also note some older FZ1's fall in my price catgeory too.

    Does anyone know what the differences are between say 2004 FZ6 versus an 07 or 08 model. Looks pretty much the same? Is it worth paying for a newer model? They all appear to be around $9k second hand

    Also, can anyone around here comment on the riding position on a firestorm? I am upgrading from a hyo 650R vtwin and i got a soft spot for the sound but the riding position kills my wrists. The firestorm certainly appeals, i would imagine the sound would buffet between cars at the lights........

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts/ comments
  2. Consensus around here is that the FZ6 is probably not the best of the bunch you talked about there, but I'm sure others will be here to comment on that.

    Haven't ridden a Firestorm (want to!) but I park next to one most days and the bars are significantly lower relative to the seat compared to my GSXF. In other words, it's a sportier riding position, though still not as much as the full-on sportsbikes. They're a very nice bike, though.

    Obligatory: if your budget could stretch another couple of grand the Triumph Street Triple is sweet as and seems to fit your needs.
  3. mate firestorm firestorm firestorm!
    when i was upgrading i was looking at the exact same bikes as you. in the end, and in a nutshell:
    FZ6n, lacked to impress me from the off, didnt weight much less than the firstorm, was ugly as sin, lacking power and bottom end toqrue. it really just bored me, didnt feel all that different to the 250 to sit on. the one thing that did impress me about FZ6 was the service intervals, 40000kms for a major service.
    Z750: never rode one, but a mate who works at sydney city told me servicing and maintinance costs were ridiculous, and having done a bit of work on kwakas before, the were a difficult and trickey bike for maintinance and repairs compared to my honda. and its still not a twin.
    firestorm: i always wanted one, since i had my baby VTR for about a month, but i felt as though i had to at least consider other bikes first. and also thought it was a sin to go straight from a 250 to a thou :roll:
    but na, i went to strom because the half fairing is the best of both worlds, ample protection from wind and rain, and still leaves enough exposed to do a minor service without removing any plastic. the big lazy motor makes big days a lot easier, you sit on 120 at a fraction under 4 grand, much lower than on a smaller capacity bike. and mate, you already ride a twin so i dont need to tell you about having that bottom end punch, and its sooooo much better on the firestorm than the hyo, and on the firestorm, you still get rewarded for revving the motor past 7 grand, unlike the hyo. not the best bike to commute on, it doesnt like sitting in traffic for extended periods of time, but it is still suprisingly easy to flick through traffic and is quite nimble once you get used to it, in fact it is a much easier handeling bike than a hyo in ALL situations.

    after the hyo, youll probably find the firestorm having a much less agressive riding position if you get a post '01 model. really you dont want to get anything older than '01 and get an '05 or later if you can as the front end was revised in this run.

    if you get the firestorm, and you get some pipes, you need to get ear plugs but. my hearing is not as good as it used to be since i started riding it :oops: , especially after riding for 16 hours in a day, your ears will be buzzing for two days afterwards.
  4. If you're worried about fuel consumption whilst commuting perhaps you could ask some 'storm riders what they average (km/l), I'm lead to believe that the 'storm is a touch thirsty.
  5. 17kms/1l, thanks for asking :grin: my 250 gets 20km per litre. admitably, that figures worsens something servere when the fun handel gets a bit more of a bashing, no different to any other bike but...
  6. Thanks guys for your thoughts. Not real concerned with fuel economy as my commutes are short only and being mainely subruban riding the fuel economy will be pretty crap anyway starting stopping and splitting etc .

    I am used to the vtwin's tourque and dont particularly want to rev the tits of a bike to get it moving which sounds like the fz6. Perhaps a set of riser bars/higher clips ons on a firestorm could be the solution?

    idontlikemondays, what's the servicing like on the firestorm in terms of cost and intervals?
  7. Yeah, if you like a V-Twin then definitely either a Firestorm (as you say, with bar risers) or else a naked SV650 (or an S with bar risers) would be the go for you over the FZ, which is pretty much a 4-pot screamer.
  8. yeah mario mendoza used to own my firestorm before me, he had bar risers on it, so they are available.

    maintinance costs, well i do all that shit my self, but a minor service is about 300 bucks, thats every 12 000kms, a major service is every 24 000kms, and thats about 550 bucks, mind you thats paying top dollar at a dealership, you could get it done cheaper for sure. i personally do a minor service every 6000kms.

    btw lets hear it for k&n oil filters, cheaper than a factory, and has a socket drive on it to save friggin about with a universal oil filter tool, and this allows you to get the correct torque on the filter :grin:
  9. FZ6 - Not the best bike around. I'm not a fan of the de-tuned race bike for naked setup. You'd be far better off with a Hornet or a SV650 than the FZ6 or FZ1. All I've heard about are issues.

    Firestorm - Wicked bike by all accounts. However, it is a very sporty position so probably not what you're after. I'm a tall bloke and I actually found the CBR9 more comfortable than the Firestorm.

    Z750 - Fairly ordinary on paper and doesn't seem to have a great service record.

    I would say you'd be better off looking at an Suzuki SV650(s) or a Kawasaki ER6F which are both excellent bulletproof bikes and great value for money.
  10. Yamaha updated the FZ6 for 2007 - 2008. Here is a list of some of the changes. Google will give you other reviews http://www.dailymotos.co.uk/noticia...w-versions-of-the-fz6-fazer-at-intermot/7598/
    Yes. I bought a new 2007 model for a bit under 10k on road. Why would you pay 9k for a 2+ year old second handy.

    I looked at a Z750 too but didn't get one because:
    1. They didn't have any black ones left
    2. It weighs heaps
    3. Kawasaki wanted 12k on road for it and I don't reckon it's 2k better.
  11. Hey mate. Damn hard descion you have there. I would rate them in this order:


    There all good bikes, but I bet you could get a sorted (Cans, suspensions, braided lines etc, etc..) VTR1000 for less than your 10 K budget.

    As for the riding postion, I never used to find it that bad, but the seat is very hard. I used to think that Honda forgot to put the foam in mine!!

    But for a 20 K commute, they would be sweet. They are very good in traffic while they are a big bike, they are also very skinny due to the twin configuration and I used to be able to carve through traffic in them like a demon.

    But I reccomend you test ride them al, as the engine braking can pi$$ a few people off.