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Yamaha FZ1S

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  1. Kobo submitted a new showcase item:

    Yamaha FZ1S

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  2. I already have my son the spare parts interpreter pricing up a Yoshi can for it for safety reasons....Loud pipes save lives. Not a fan of the sheep skin seat covers but I will ride her home with it on and see if it's comfy. The ride home will be from Banora Point(Tweed Heads) to Armidale through Casino and Tenterfield so I can see how she handles....Can't wait....
  3. Do go on,
    How is it?
    I have a Honda firestorm and am after something a bit more upright and with plenty of punch and was thinking of one of these....
  4. I will go on. It is Awesome. It is comfortable, powerful and with braking to match any sports/race bike but with the flickability of a bike half its weight. I bought it just to go to the Holy Island next month and maybe, if I liked it enough, ride it to Perth next year then sell it. So far I am now going to move heaven and Earth to make it a sister keeper for my TRX.
    It is THAT good and this is after 1 (One) decent ride from Banora Point to Ballina then on to Armidale next morning via Grafton and Ebor. I over-cooked it on a couple of turns climbing up to Tyringham from Grafton and it's a very forgiving bike and that power I mentioned....I gave it a top gear roll-on test from 100 and it took less than 2 seconds to reach 180. Use the gearbox and it's a rocket ship.
    Its 21 litre tank gives it well over 300kms between fuel stops and that's quite achievable comfort-wise. Only very small niggle is that the throttle return spring is too heavy but that should be an easy fix.
    Take one for a test ride...I thoroughly recommend it...

    Kobo :cool:
  5. I've had a 2003 "Skunk" FZ1 for 5 years. Just a great all round motorcycle. Scatches, tours, takes a pillion, great for my work commute, splits and plenty on tap if you want to. I was thinking about upgrading earler this year but after doing 7,500km on a trip Wollongong to Cooktown return earlier this year, via all the nice twisty bits, I think the skunk will stay in the garage for a bit longer. Have done 1000km days and wasn't too bad, 600-700km days are just fine and not sore at all. Mine has now done 80,000km (I've done 50,000 of those). Just had major service and mechanic was raving about how good a bike it is (dont know if the salesman in the same shop who was talkng up the Triumph Tiger to me was real impressed!!) Enjoy your trip! I had mine set up with two ventura bags back to back, a set of soft throw over panniers and a tank bag. After a day to get used to the weight I found I was perfectly comfortable throwing her about as per normal. Didn't miss a beat and I can see me keeping it for a while yet.
  6. Nice buy, was eying this one off on bikesales. You've confirmed my suspicions that one of these would be nice to do some longer touring on.

    How do you think it would handle dirt roads?
  7. I had a very small amount of dirt to get through on the leg from Nymboida to Dundurrabin. It was very mushy, loose gravel and wet and there was a bit of slipin' and slidin' but no dramas at all. This was just roadworks and I think on your average dirt road it would be no problem at all.

    Kobo :cool:
  8. Sounds great Kobo, good onya.
    I'm afraid that if I do take one of these for a test ride, I'll end up with two bikes(nothing wrong with that though apart from money). The firestorm I think will take a while to sell as there are so many of these for sale - and I do love the V twin sound....
  9. Yep, not boasting but, I have 7 bikes and soon to be 8 after this weekend. They're all shitboxes or race shitboxes but I love 'em all....My TRX sounds like a V-twin....only better, LOL

    Kobo :cool: