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VIC Yamaha FZ1s Fazer

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Tooley, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Today my beautiful Yamaha FZ1s Fazer was stolen from the carport under my house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Heathmont. Please keep an eye out for it, there aren't too many of these around.


    2007 Yamaha FZ1s Fazer 1000cc
    Engine Number: JYARN164X7A------
    Rego: FAZR
    Colour: ??? Metalic Bluey/Olive
    Pipes: Sidewinder (custom)
    Gold oil filler cap
    Gold levers

    Helmet Stolen: SHOEI Limited Edition with Interphone

  2. Sorry to hear that man.

    Very distinctive rego & pipes. Hopefully it'll be found soon and intact.
  3. Toe rags, I'll keep an eye out.
  4. Sorry to hear mate. Gorgeous bike. Hope it's back in your hands soon.
  5. Farking cockroaches..............

    Nice looking bike - I hope she turns up unmolested.
  6. Sorry to hear that mate.

    What do crims do with higher-end bikes such as this? Surely they arnt stupid enough to ride them to Healesville for Sunday brunch.
  7. I wonder about that too.

    FZ1 has an immobiliser is apparently impossible to start without a key coded from the red key which comes with the bike, without replacing the entire wiring harness and the ECU..
  8. The FZ1 does have a great immobiliser, however it doesn't work if the bastards break into your house, steal your stuff including the bike key and helmet then use your ventura bag to put all the stolen items in and ride off!!!!!!

    And according to my east link account, whoever stole it is enjoying riding on east link too...... keep your eyes peeled around the ferntree gulley exit area.

  9. sucks to hear mate, do you have insurance?
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    The Eastlink account will show dates and times. What time(s) was it on Eastlink? Any pattern to the dates/times or just once?

    I live near there and often hear bikes travelling fast at unusual hours.

    Yes. Hope they get caught and you get the bike back.

    One more thing... if tolls are still being charged, the number plate hasn't been removed.

  11. Should just camp out near the exit at around the time they usually go through, that's what I'd do. Then wait for the prick to go by
  12. From what I've read, the bikes get dismantled and the parts sold on the black market.

    Sorry to hear about the bike - I'll definitely keep an eye out.
  13. Good News!!!!!

    Had a call from the Police today to say they have recovered the bike...... not much more info than that but i'll let you know how it turns out.......

    AWESOME!!!!!!:) :) :)
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  14. Great News, @Tooley! I hope she's in good condition, and unmolested.
  15. nice one mate. I too hope that all is good.
  16. That's awesome mate - let us know how she is when you get her back.
  17. Well I haven't seen it yet but I think it has been molested BOB88R! :( According to the Police, it has been resprayed (with a spray can), been involved in a couple of high speed pursuits, had the ventura rack taken off and is not looking it's best.

    I'll go and check it out tomorrow, then the insurance company will decide what to do..... write it off or repair. I'm in two minds, I love that bike but a write off could mean time to shop for a new one.

    Thanks for your support guys. I just want A bike to ride.......

    Oh, a fine for the east link tunnel turned up in the mail today and they have caught the offender....... add that to the list ya thieving mongrel!


    (I'll post picks when I see it tomorrow)
  18. They caught the bugger!!1 Good to hear, Tooley.
  19. I'd like to pull his ventura rack's off, and paint them, the bloody arsehole ..

    Glad he got caught mate, I'd be gutted if that was my bike
  20. Thats good news, in the sense that they caught the offender.

    sounds like the bikes a bit worse off for the experience but hey that can be fixed and/or replaced!

    least this guy will get what he deserves i hope.