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Yamaha FZ1N: LL's New Ride, Finally!

Discussion in 'Naked' started by Lazy Libran, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. #1 Lazy Libran, Sep 11, 2015
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2015
    All right guys and gals...Here she is. My (NEW) ride.

    Finally after years of being Lazy (no guesses needed, why?) - I've FINALLY got a NEW (ish) bike.

    Meet Black Beauty (AKA Bellezza Nera). Just picked her up during my lunch break so haven't had a chance to take new pics so using the ones from the advert.

    Too excited to wait....

    :D bd5308850001213407032. bd5110197084552958152.
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  2. Very nice! I love yamahas :)
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  3. Congrats mate
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  4. Some more from the advert...

    Front. RFront.
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  5. Lovely. Did you trade in the vstar?
  6. Yes, I did! Wanted to have both the bikes but couldn't.

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  7. Shit you won't know yourself now power and handling good job.
  8. :D That's why I'm going back to Saturday Practise as newbie learner (again)!
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  9. WEll well well, looks who's joined the 1 litre club :) huge congrats! Nice lookin bike and I am certain you will fall in love all over again. As noted already, bit of a power diference, learn all over again, butmate you will love it. IfI knew you were collecting today would have said to come forride today, went thru the hills so out your way. Enjoy and hopefully see your new wheels tomorrow, oh yes, a chain, lol, welcome
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  10. Congrats mate.
    I have a soft spot for FZ1s, as I put 75,000 klms on my old 2003 Gen 1 and it didn't miss a beat.

    I still miss that bike.

    Check out the FZ1 owners association for all you need to know about these bikes. It's a great resource.

    FZ1OA Message Board - Powered by vBulletin
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  11. Congrats (y) nice looking ride :D
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  12. She is absolutely gorgeous Lazy LibranLazy Libran! Love the name and colour, of course, but I'm biased :) Congratulations, can't wait for more pics and first ride report. Enjoy!
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  13. Well done. If you lived in Sydney you could join the little group of FZ1 owners who occasionally ride together.

    Two things looking at the second pic:
    It has been overfilled with oil. If the bike was on a centre stand that level would be almost right. On the side stand you shouldn't see any oil in the viewing glass.
    What is the pipe with red end sticking out from under the seat? That isn't standard.
    And I also notice the rear fender has been eliminated.
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  14. I'll get an 'expert' to look at it tomorrow. Thanks for pointing that out.
  15. It looks like the connection for a battery charger...
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  16. Jealous?
  17. Hmmmm, mine's better.

    Congrats mate. See you in the morning.
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  18. Every FZ1 has to come with one of those pipe smoke thingys
  19. A bit :) I'm like a excited puppy, my CBR500 has just over 2.6K kms on the clock. I will be riding it for 3 more years while on restricted licence. Yet I'm looking for my "grown up" bike. 1L bike? Unlikely, but one can look and admire :)
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  20. Nice ride !
    A mate has an '06 and he loves it , I nearly bought one before deciding on the XJR.