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Yamaha FZ1 - need your thoughts please.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Dec 23, 2006.

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  2. Chef,

    I don't know a great deal about the FZ-1 but apparently it has an R1 motor that is detuned for a bit more midrange performance...by all accounts they are a very nice bike...they have a fairly upright riding position, good fairing protection and great handling too. I think the one that you are looking at is the carbied model...the newer ones are injected but some road tests have mentioned snatchy throttle response at low revs.

    As for it being unregistered...obtaining a VIV certificate is around $400...then you have to factor in rego and stamp duty so...really you need to add $1200-1300 for that...in that light it may not be such a gooid bargain...have a look around o bikesales for some comparisons :)
  3. Thanks Roughy, I've had a bit of a look around on Bikesales, etc. This one grabbed my attention because the front of it looks different to what else is currently available. I'm not sure what a ViV certificate is, I'm assuming its not your standard roadworthy. Does this mean the bike has had some engineering done to it?
    Once you start to add up all the on-roads, it's getting well past a good deal.
    Another point of interest is i haven't been able to spot it being advertised anywhere else. But hey, maybe i missed it.

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  5. #5 jbray, Dec 23, 2006
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    That's a good price for the amount of K's (if they're legit). As long as it has been repaired well and tracks true etc. it sounds like a nice buy. I just sold mine recently. I've now got a GSXR1000.

    Here's my thoughts: they're a great all round bike and much loved by their owners. They're not as stable as the current round of sportsbikes when pushed around corners (or even the current bikes around the time they were developed), but they're not completely hopeless either. Very comfy, and for me yes it does give you a bit of a thrill when opened up. It really gets up and going after about 7k revs and takes off. Very smooth motor. Lots of mods available and standard parts etc. I changed the sprockets on mine, put a jet kit in and a few other things and it went great. Do those things and you won't find a lot of real world difference even to current crop of sports bikes.

    Overall I don't think you'd be disappointed if you got one. It might even stir you into full on sports bike in time, as it did for me. Mine wasn't snatchy at all, the new '06 one was though..

    Here's a favourite link of mine (and another one) that shows in capable hands what it can do (I do know how to shorten links!):

  6. Steve I'd be asking a lot of questions before putting a bid down. Getting a VIV is no walk in the park as I understand it and I'd be surprised if this dude repaired it to spot-on nick and didn't do the VIV himself. If it was going to pass w/flying colours he'd have done it himself, registered it and sold it for more of a profit. Ask Glitch over at netrider abut his recent experiences getting this bit of doco sorted, it's getting harder.

    That aside, there's nothing much wrong with the FZ1, I've ridden a couple, one from around that vintage and it seemed fine if overgeared... But then I tend to find a lot of bikes overgeared if they won't flip for me on the throttle in second. The motor certainly has the power (~120hp I think) to deliver some "jesus" moments, particularly when the revs pick up, and it's a comfy bike. I remember the chassis being nice and solid and almost coddling you in corners, it was that smooth - but I haven't spent any serious time on board so I can't say much more.
  7. A VIV report, as I'm aware is a full engineering checkup. It checks everything down to frame straightness. It's a step all repairable writeoffs have to go through, as well as one-off backyard specials etc if they want to be registerable. RWC checks are more about conusmables and safety gear, VIV gets down to the nitty gritty of will this thing stay in one piece, are the welds good, is everything up to scratch.

    From my hazy and distant memory, if nothing goes wrong you're still up for $700 or so. I could be way wrong, but make sure you check it out and factor it into your buy price.
  8. Thanks guys for your help. I just had a look at the sellers other items (it's the TRX850 that i was looking at in the first place)
    and when i went back i found this (thanks jbray) :wink:
    So i get the impression this guy deals with a lot of pranged rides, and a lot of Viv certificates. Which means if he's having trouble getting one.....he's selling his troubles.
    I still like the look of the bike, so i'll keep it on the upgrade list and ride one.
    Just can't see myself on a full sporty yet. My bikes main role is commute all week, then escape to the hills.
    Thanks Nee for the alt link. 10g's puts other bikes back on the list.
    Thanks jbray for the footage, in the first one it looks like it can hold it's own in the right hands.
    Thanks Loz for the heads up, I'll have to investigate ViV's closer cos i have plans of bastardising (that's a word) bikes in the future.
    At the moment it's;
    Z1000 - minus the shitty exhaust
    Firestorm - I'm addicted to twins :roll:
    Z750 - loved it, but it was a bit sleepy low down
    TRX850 - if i find the right one. Bit of a snoozer all over, and pricey if i modernise it. Which i might.