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Yamaha FZ1-N vs Triumph Speed Triple?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aristobenno, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Gday everyone, first time poster on netrider here! Have been checking out the forums quite a bit and decided it was time to register!

    Anyway, Im currently riding a 2006 ducati monster 620, and the time has come to move up to a larger naked bike. Have been interested in 3 bikes, namely the kawasaki Z1000, yamaha fz1n, and triumph speed triple. i would love to go for the 620s larger brother, the s4rs, but unfortunately the price has ruled that one out!

    I have taken the 07 Z1000 for a good test ride and while it was a good bike, it wasnt exactly what I was looking for, so that leaves the triumph and FZ. Unfortunately, whereas the z1000 test ride was basically thrown at me without even asking, trying to get a test ride on the Yamaha is like pulling teeth. I have been to 3 different yamaha dealers in SA and none of them are willing unless I pay a large deposit and basically say I will buy one...but how on earth am I going to know if I even like the bike if i've never ridden one? I am 100% serious and now split 50/50 on the remaining bikes of choice.

    I aim to do a bit of everything on this bike, long distance, short town trips, sporty riding through the hills, pretty much everything.

    Now I was wondering if I could get some of your opinions/experiences (positive or negative) with the Triumph and/or the FZ1-N?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated,

    Many thanks,


    P.S. Due to this, my 620 monster is up for sale. Please contact me via pm for details. cheers
  2. I'm biased, so I'll admit that up front. But I'll try and keep some balance.

    The FZ has more power, particularly at the top end. Trumpy will kill it at lower RPM, until the revs rise and the FZ just keeps on pulling away. If you do buy the Yam, make sure you buy the latest, just-off-the-boat model, as it has taken the japs a while to properly sort out the fueling issues with this model (and it's a bit more than just a download).

    The suspension on the S3 is a bit more sophisticated, so you'd expect it to do better handling wise, but that'll come down to your riding style I suppose. Not much room for luggage on the S3, so touring is a bit limited.

    Cost, servicing would favour the FZ, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

    I'd be interested to know what caused you to rule out the Z.
  3. aristobenno: i have been looking at the following choices which are similar to yours: FZ1, Z1000, Speed Triple and KTM super duke.
    I have read all the reviews i have come across on these bikes but am waiting the couple of months till next year to get a 08 model. I guess i should point out that i have only read about these bikes and sat on them but havent ridden them.

    Every review i have read about the FZ1 has been pretty much the same.
    1/ That it's good at everything but isn't great at anything.
    2/ That the fueling between no throttle to partial throttle is terrible.
    3/ That if you like the excitement (hoon?) factors of Z1000, speed triple and the Super duke, then you shouldn't get the FZ1 due to it not performing in this way.

    Im also interested to hear why you didn't like the Z1000 as it's top of my list.

    Titus: where did you hear information about yamaha fixing up the fuelling? do you have a link? i'd be interested to have a read..
    I asked a yamaha sales man at the sydney motor show if their's any changes to the fuelling for 08 models to fix the problem that have been reported in all the reviews.. he went on to say how he owns a 06 model FZ1 and he's never heard or experienced fuelling problems... it made me think that he was a typical salesman just trying to make a sale.
    Although he did say when im ready it won't be a problem to organise a testride of the FZ1 and speed triple.
  4. There's a fairly cheap fix for the fuelling issue out in the market now, that completely sorts it out. If you end up getting an FZ1, PM me and I'll look it up. From memory it might have been a throttle position sensor adjustment.

    I've ridden neither but I like the looks of both - both have pukka frames and brakes, and decently adjustable suspension as well as beaut engines (although the 1050 should be the clear winner there). Both have got the looks and drool factor (as long as you ignore the FZ1S). The trumpy is known for its total hoonability with wheelies, stoppies and all sorts of shenanigans happening at will, and the FZ1 should make a better fast road/track thrasher and probably works better with pillions than the tiny seat on the triple.

    For the same money, I'd go with the brit, but I'm sure they're both sweeeeet.
  5. Hey aristo,
    I've ridden the FZ1N, 2007 spec, so i can tell you my impressions of the bike.
    First, if you've never ridden an inline four, you will find it really easy to ride due to the low torque at the low end compared with singles and twins.
    So in town at low rpms, the FZ1N feels like a tiny 250, it feels like, agile, and so easy to ride it's not funny. The seat is quite comfortable and the ride position gives you a great view. At higher rpms you do get some boogie and overall the bike feels like a great all rounder.
    Now for the negatives.
    It's been mentioned in the forums before ( it's sunday and I'm still "sleepy" so please do search), the tank is not slim and streamlined like most bikes. It's a weird shape and while not exactly uncomfortable, it's a little distracting having your legs spread wide whether you like it or not.
    The other negative which of course is very subjective and is only my personal opinion is that the bike feels bland.
    I'm a little biased in that I like a small amount of vibrations, just to know that the bike is alive. The FZ1 is so smooth it almost glides, I guess it's just not that satisfying, kinda like a meal without salt.
    This is not an inline 4 issue at all, you'll find that the R1 for instance is a lot spicier.
    Do remember that this is nitpicking. I would strongly suggest you take the S3 for a ride as well when you can just to make sure. I haven't ridden one so I can't comment but apparently it pulls hard.
  6. That is true. I've sat on an 07 FZ1S and the tank was very wide, and the seat very flat, so you're legs are very spread. Still, I think you could definitely get used to it.
  7. Thanks very much for all the replies guys, much appreciated!

    Was good to hear your different opinions on the bikes, Ive found good and not so good points to each bike, I guess it is now a case of just riding them to make up my mind.

    With the FZ1, my main concern is the reported problem of a snatchy throttle from its closed position, particularly above 4500rpm. Ive heard this is extremely frustrating for some people, and others have barely noticed it. From some reviews I have read, the 07 models pretty much have it sorted however. But I suppose this is something I will have to experience first-hand.
    I did like the bars and seating position of the FZ, however another concern is the possible lack of ground clearance, (ie. scraping pegs/stand when cornering hard). Has anyone had any troubles there?

    With the Triumph, I have heard they have pretty ordinary gearboxes, and sometimes jump out of gear under hard acceleration/high revs etc. Any problems experienced here by anyone?
    And I suppose being in Adelaide, my other concern is availability of parts etc. as there is only one Triumph dealer in SA, being Peter Stevens M/Cs. I called them the other day to enquire about price/test ride etc, but no luck. After a bit of deliberation, Im leaning slightly towards the Speed Triple, however with very little chance of a test ride before purchase, its enough to possibly turn me away. Mind you Im not having much luck with finding a test ride on an FZ either! Sometimes I get the feeling dealers dont take me seriously!!!
    Also, has anyone had any problems with the front end feeling unstable on the Triumph? When I sat on one in QLD, the front felt a little 'detached' or 'spindly', whereas the FZ felt quite solid. However I guess Im just nit-picking here!

    Also, living on a highway, I will be doing a lot of highway riding, do they both feel fairly relaxed (rev's-wise) at higher speeds?

    I'm not really 100% counting out the Z1000 in my options, as I found it was a very comfortable bike to ride. I took it out for around 3 hours and felt like I could ride it non-stop all day.
    I suppose my criticisms of the Z were only minor, for example, I didnt like the bars much. I found they forced my upper arms close to my chest and I kind of had to turn my forearms outwards which wasnt the most comfortable or controllable position (this is only personal choice though)
    I also didnt like the big trumpet exhausts either, although whichever bike I go for I will put aftermarket cans on. The polished rims with black centre strip also looked a bit cheesy.
    But it is still a very nice bike and if I find the FZ and Triple are not what I want after riding them, I may go back for a Z.

    Well thanks again for all your help,
  8. Plenty of injected bikes have the snatchy/jerking issue at low speed & gearing .. its a simple fix by performing a TPS (throttle position sensor) adjustment.
    Basicly, you loosen the TPS screws, blip the throttle & by utilising the on screen diagnostic for your bike, you can balance it out.
  9. Without any experience of said bikes, I'd have to say I like the z1000 the most, it just looks mean :)

    The triumph does look the business though, looks alot more refined and stylish, whilst the Z seems to be big and aggressive and doesn't make apologies about it.

    I'd go back to the dealer and say say I'm looking at the fz1 and the triumph, and say that you've test ridden the triumph, but have not yet sampled the fz1, and if they won't give you a test ride, you're just going to go for the other. I suppose the issue is that they don't have a demo model and don't want to turn a new one into a demo, understandable - but at the same time, its understandable that you wouldn't want to fork out so much without a test ride.
  10. Er... um.. no link because I read it while in the newsagent, looking at one of the pommy mags :oops:
    The original fix I read about was sourced from the US, and consisted of a device that was spliced into the line from the throttle position sensor, and sent a modified signal the fooled the ECU into sensing that the throttle was still partly open (I think). This device is apparently still available.
    The UK reviewer simply noted that the fueling issue was addressed by the factory in a way that still allowed it to pass Euro emissions tests, and I think that was a change to the exhaust system and cams but I can't remember with certainty.
    A very nice new model FZ splits past me some mornings, and he doesn't seem to have any problems :grin:
  11. I'd suggest looking at the Street Triple (the 675cc motor one) in your list.

    Same power:weight ratio as the Speed Triple.

    Also, I'd do everything I could, if I were you, to bag a ride on at least one of the Triumph's. Triumph put fantastically streetable engines into fantastically streetable bikes. Yes, at the absolute screaming top end, an I4 will outpace an equivalent triple, but that doesn't take into account that for the first 85% of the rev range that the triple motor will stomp all over an I4, and that you'll only ever spend less than 0.5% of your street riding time in that last 10% of the rev range where the I4 has its edge, being at >200kph speeds. Need to ask yourself how often you plan on exceeding 200kph to make a real difference to your choice of bike.

    One taste of how the triple motors deliver their power, and you'll be hooked.

    Oh, and the Triumphs have 10,000kms service intervals. Even if a service costs 10-20% more (personally I've noticed no difference in the per-service costs of my Triumph over the Jap bikes I've owned), you're servicing the bike far less often.
  12. The FI fix is called a fuel cutoff eliminator (FCE) and is available from Ivan's performance motorsports in the US for about $200. I have an 06 model and find that the fuel glitch has been completely blown out of all proportion in reviews. In order to notice it you need to snap the throttle completely off from over 5K+ and immediately snap it open again. It would probably cause a bit of grief at a track day or for very aggressive rider, but people who ride this way on the street are basically idiots.
  13. While true, this is a riderless dry weight comparisson.

    Stick 80kg on both and the speed triple has a greater power:weight ratio.

    Eg, say bike a has 50hp, and weighs 100kg (pfft yeh right, but lets pretend), so it has a 1:2 ratio, and bike b has 100hp and weighs 200kgkg, so a 1:2 ratio as well. Lets say a person weighs 100kg like me, so now bike a has 50hp to 200kg, 1:4, but bike b has 100hp to 300kg, 1:3.

    You probably won't notice it much in day to day riding, but when fully loaded witha pillion like some people might do, there will be a difference.

    REGARDLESS, I would suggest a Speed or Street triple over a fz1, sexy and stylish. I also had a bad experience with my local Yamaha store, so there might be a touch bit of bias.
  14. go the z or even better the hornet 9........i had a ride of my friends z1000 and it is a hella of a bike..... :LOL:
  15. Wow!, Thanks heaps for all the excellent replies guys! Well just thought I'd give you an update on where I'm at. Basically, have thought long and hard about my choices, contacted plenty of people, even went bike shopping when I was on a short holiday on the Sunshine Coast. I decided I didnt really need a brand-spanker if I could find a good low mileage bike, so that brought one of the bikes I previously thought out of reach, the KTM Superduke 990 into the equation.
    After selling the Monster and searching around, I got to take a used 05 model for a short spin down at Kessner KTM and Suzuki (Thanks for the help Steve!). After getting on it, it felt pretty much perfect to me and I had a grin from ear to ear, so that made up my mind on which bike I wanted. After some more shopping around to try find a later model at the right price, I'm now awaiting delivery of an orange 06 model from interstate with very low kms. Absolutely cant bloody wait!
    Will let you know with pics when it arrives! Bring on that sweet akrapovic bassline! :D

    Once again, thanks a million to all you guys for your help and advice!

  16. Awesome choice of bike Ben, I just picked up a duke myself and love it...it's everything I ever wanted in a bike and more...after taking her out for a good flogging yesterday I'm in love :twisted: