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Yamaha FZ1 2003 - Opinions please

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jypt, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Any one who would like to share their personal opinion on the Yamaha 2003 FZ1.

    How do they handle?
    Are they as comfortable as reported?
    Any known problems when the k's start clocking on?
    Is a carbon fibre pipe the go or is there a better alternative?
    What should i expect to pay for this model with around 20-25 k's on it?

    Any advice or opinion would be appreciated.
  2. not much help from me... but I reckon she looks horn. =P~
  3. Hi Nee

    Yeah i reckon it looks a horn too

    i just dont know though its so different from the vtr in the way the power feels, i put it down to the VTR is like a V8 and the FZ1 is more like a rotary. Which one is me? ummm :-k

    Even though i havent taken it for a long ride i do like the comfortable seating positin on them.
  4. I'd definitely take the FZ over the VTR but I'm biased against vtwins. Not that I've ever ridden one above 250. So please don't take what I have said into any serious consideration.

    I'd think about the type of riding you intend on doing. is there gonna be mostly commuting or is it purely weekend fun? Any touring involved? I would say both are very capable of everything and the FZ a little less capable in traffic.

    In the end go with your heart.
    Are you an XR8 or an RX8?
  5. Hi Nee

    Why do you say the FZ is less capable in traffic?

    Because as it stands at the moment i have spoken to Clive at Clive Carter motorcycles, a man i trust alot when it comes to the bikes mechanics.
    His verdict at the moment goes with the FZ1.

    Going to see him tomorrow and discuss it further.

    The FZ1 is really starting to win me over, it has fantastic reviews.

    I think i can feel an FZ comming on!!! :grin:
  6. I can't comment on the 2003 model, but I have a 2006 model FZ1-S, and it is awesome. As for handling, it is not quite as nimble as the 1000cc sport bikes, but it is not far off.

    It is used for daily commuting - about 15K's each way and 4 or 5 track days a year. All up, its a great bike.
  7. I rode a couple of different FZ1s, not sure whether either was the same generation as the 2003.

    I can tell you this; the ones I rode were quite comfortable and stable through corners. Plenty of power, although it's a bit high in the rev range for a naked, and the gearing is (as always) too bloody tall, particularly given this bike's appetite for revs. Suspension seemed fairly solid but I didn't get much of a chance to test it. They wheelie okay but feel heavier than my old Hornet 900, more like a tourer than a hooligan bike.

    I'm hanging out to cadge a ride on an 06+ FZ1N, particularly if somebody's got one with sorted out fuel injection and a smaller front sprocket. Unlikely, but ya never know!

    Take the chance to test ride a Hornet 9 before you buy, you might find its personality appeals, or at least you'll be able to make a comparison. They're loads cheaper.
  8. I own a FZ-1 and I am very impressed with it. An extremely comfortable bike to ride. I have also ridden a VTR and whilst the VTR was fun to ride, I prefer the FZ-1. Ok, I maybe a little biased, but am very happy with it.

    My FZ-1 has done 30,000k's on it and does not skip a beat. Great wheelie machine as well. :wink: Even though I use the FZ as a tourer.
    I have a megacycle pipe on it, have not looked around for a carbon fibre one.