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Yamaha FZ-1N Anybody ridden one yet...your thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bamm-Bamm, May 9, 2006.

  1. As upgrade time is approaching fast (and believe me I'm counting down the days) I had a look around some bike shops in Melbourne on Monday. I had a look at a black Yamaha FZ-1N at Yamaha City...Daaammnn what a sexy looking bike...awesome looks from any angle...and with a 1000cc I/L4 based on the R1 motor I'm sure it would go like a cut cat too.

    Anybody ridden one...your thoughts would be appreciated :)

  2. I really like the look of the FZ1 naked except of the chucky exhaust..

    You should get yourself copies of the last 2 issues of AMCN as they have done reviews on both bikes..

    The reviews are pretty good.. Negatives are the FI on the new bikes is not as smooth as the older versions and the gearing has changed - reviewers again preferred the older gearing..

    The FI issue can be smoothed out with a PCIII if you find it hard to live with... Go the FZ

    If I could have stretched my budget I would have gone the FZ1 but Im happy with my new SV..

  3. I haven't ridden one, but I have thoughts anyway: I think this is one good looking bike, but I would wait at least a year. I've seen a few reviews in magazines and websites, and so far everyone seems rather underwhelmed. Some of the criticism can be probably disregarded as whingeing of spoiled journos comparing this bike to track racing machines (I don't believe this bike could possibly lack power in any real-world situation). But some of it seems real enough, especially problems with suspension and fuel delivery. All of which can be fixed, and hopefully will be, in the next year model.
  4. Nope, not yet, will be soon though. But I've got just about every review that's been in any magazine so far - it almost feels like I have :). If you want a biased opinion, you could try http://www.yamahafz1oa.com , or try some of these online reviews if you want a journalists opinion:
    But most of these are regarding the FZ1S.

    They say even though it feels like it's not as strong mid-range torque, in roll-on tests against the old model (mine) it pulls away. Latest AMCN review is positive and says it's a very good all-round bike. Maybe buy that and have a read?
  5. Theres a review in the latest fast bikes, they pretty much say it isnt the hooligan bike they expected. Sounded like it is over geared, by reading the article.
    So plus a few on the rear and all would be good.
  6. I haven't ridden it, but I'm with you, it is one sexy looking bike. I will be riding it before I make a decision on a new bike, that is for sure.
  7. I took one for a test ride and agree with most reviewers; the bottom end is very underwhelming. It feels almost like something is restricting the engine at low revs. I went for a test ride with a bloke from the dealership riding fz1n one way and Tuono back. I can say that I would pick Tuono over the Yam any day. I really wasn't impressed.
    On the plus side; it’s very comfortable with decent pillion accommodation. Lack of punch actually makes it quite easy to handle in traffic. I will probably take it for another test ride.
  8. I am going to shout one thing: TRY THE NEW SPEED TRIPLE!!! I DID AND HAVEN'T LOOKED BACK

    Sorry for the shouting!
  9. The biggest problem with the Triple is that there is no space for pillion. Then the ridiculous availability problem. I asked two months ago and was told that the wait is still about 5 months. Stuff it then, I am not buying it on principle. I am not waiting half a year for a bike. Triumph I think are loosing a lot of sales on this.
  10. I love the look of the FZ1N. Overgearing doesn't bother me so much, I'd probably downgear just about any bike.

    I'd be more insterested in geometry and suspension - how does she feel in corners, and over bumps - and the brakes - are they the real thing or pegged back for novice riders?

    And of course, how well it wheelies.
  11. Keep in mind that unless your looking at a 2006 FZ1, every model before that has been carbed. Just something to keep in mind incase it bothers you.

    I've ridden a 2005 FZ1 and was impressed by it but not overly sold.
    In my 15 minutes of fun (ok, hooliganism but more on that later) it seemed like a far tighter and refined package when compared to my daily ride ('92 FZR1000). Oddly enough there aren't as many differences between the bikes as you'd imagine... similar engine (same 20 valve config), similar tech (EXUP and deltabox), just 13 years worth of refinement has certainly helped it's cause!

    The power on the FZ1 does seem to come on strong at about 3750rpm with the chunk of it's usable power available at about 5500-7500rpm range with a bit of a dropoff after that, but still a decent progression in power to the redline.

    The suspension seemed adequete for what i was doing with it, as i was just flicking it around and hooning round the streets a bit. The rear seemed a little more placid than what im used to but im sure a few clicks of preload would sort that out. The front seemed very smooth and planted and regardless of what speed or angle i flicked it through the roundabouts it got me where i wanted.

    The gearbox to me was a little on the feather-weight side of things, but im more used to the 5-speed industrial strength gearboxes of yester-year so don't take that away from it. It had smooth positive shifts with nothing more than the lever pressure i'd apply to a far smaller gearbox. No problems with neutral at all, but thats probably just because i know Yamaha's. Haven't heard any complaints about it aside from that.

    Brakes were very solid, almost too much so... but that may have been due to the sintered pads (i believe) and braided lines. I prefer a bit more of a progressive feel to the brakes, however it may have had something to do with the fact that most of my test-riding was done between 60-110km/h. Once the speed got up there the brakes hauled up a little softer and less twitch-ily (? ...all Shakespearean now).

    The things that stood out for me when riding the FZ1 was that i could easily ride this bike all day long and not get sore or tired. It was 100% stock aside from braided front lines and did everything i had expected it to do. The mirrors were decent and not at all awkward to get rear vision, although i'm used to more of a challenge with mine... so take that with a grain of salt. The instrumentation was minimal but informative. No bling, but certainly enough info to keep you informed. Speedo and tacho we're easily viewable with no freaky reflections or ghosting.

    Yes Loz, the FZ1 likes to pop a lofty if you give it a little tickle. As far as i knew the gearing was stock and it had no problems lifting the front with a roll on of the throttle in standard seating position whilst in first. Some quick clutching in first also saw it lift a little higher than i initially expected. Second gear also see's the front go light (didn't get it off the ground but wasnt trying overly hard) and with a quick clutch action lifted very predictably.

    At the end of the day, personally... i wouldn't buy an FZ1 as it didn't quite have the thrills i was looking for in a 1000cc bike. Yes, it handles well, accelerates well, and is comfy... but it just didn't excite me! Give me something with a dangerous edge and a quirk or two to keep me interested any day. I was actually happy to get back on my FZR1000 just because it felt like a motorbike should to me - happy to have you, but ready to kick you out the door if you say the wrong thing.

    I'd put the Speed Triple, GSR600, Hornet 900, Bandit 1200, and especially something like an Aprilia Tuono on the test ride list and see what flicks your switches. Remember, you ride a motorbike because it makes you feel alive! So don't go get something thats gonna put you to sleep.

    edit: Ummm yeah, that post turned out to be longer than i expected. Hope its got some good info in amongst the crap. :wink: :grin:
  12. Koma, did you notice the FI glitch on roll-on from closed throttle that all testers of pre-production models were bitching about. This seemed to be the major problem most reviewers were picking on. I didn't have any problems with the one I rode. As far the raw edge goes, I think the look of the new fz is at odds with the purpose of the bike. Fazers have always been no pretence do anything kind of bikes rather than hooligan toys.
  13. I think Koma's review there is on the 2005 (1st gen) model, not the new one. Not sure what the relevance is to the OP (as they are basically a whole new bike), but it was an interesting read nonetheless ;)
  14. 2005 model is not fuel injected as i pointed out at the start of my post.
    They only swapped over to the EFI in the 2006 model. From my understanding, the 2006 model has a remapped R1 fuel injection setup to boost the midrange just like the previous years models have achieved with carbies.

    That said, i was fairly impressed with the fuelling on the '05 model. It never bogged down or hesitated no matter how much grief i gave it. (Taking off in second gear accidentally cos i wasnt use to the gearbox!).
  15. An interesting read Koma. I had a quick punt on an 02 model a month or so ago and I did enjoy the solid, planted feeling through corners.

    Power was good although I'm used to the sharp and aggressive feel of an injected engine, and yeah the front came up under power although I was behaving myself as I'd been specifically asked to go easy on the wheelies.

    The reason I'm interested in the braking performance was that after riding the 06 CBR1000RR, I've resolved that my next bike needs to be able to stop like that sucker and I won't be satisfied with anything less. Those stoppers could really get you out of a jam.

    I was hoping that the 2006 FZ1N, with the most powerful engine in its class, would also inherit undiluted superbike brakes to give me the stopping power I'm craving with the nakedbike look and feel I dig.

    All the other big naked lassies are built to be a lot easier to ride than a superbike; detuned engine for midrange power, softened brakes so you don't scare yourself or lock up the front. I'm hoping the FZ1 tweaks the dial up a notch.

    I must go organise myself a test ride on one.
  16. I completely agree. I would love to consider the speed triple, but
    a demo won't be available here in Adelaide anytime soon.