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Yamaha FZ-1 Vs Kawasaki Z1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JenStarlette, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. I've set a goal to upgrade by the end of the year.. Yay! :grin: A while away yet.. but savings are underway and now all I need to do is decide what I'm really saving for..

    I know I havent test ridden yet and wont really know which one suits best for my size and weight until I'm off restrictions but I am curious since both the kwaka and yammy are both litres.. which one of the two will ride better.. ?

    I'll be commuting to work during the week, Playing on the weekends and most definately squeezing in some touring at some point too so the model so far is practical.. both look fantastic :grin: and will probably go like the shit :LOL: :cool: but surely one is going to go better than the other?

    Has anyone ridden either.. or know anyone who has?

  2. I thought you hated nakeds!?

    I've no idea which rides better, but both do look really nice.
    esp the aggressive tank styling of the FZ1. I'm pretty sure the FZ1 is a little better for touring as it comes with the option of a bikini front fairing. Whereas the Z1000 I've only seen with a shield. Sucha a predicament huh, I'm looking at both the Z and FZ's too but likely gonna be less than the full litre. simply due to insurance costs.

    If I had the money though, I'd get the speed triple :p yum!
  3. Lately the naked's are becoming quite attractive :wink: And now that I've got a faired bike.. I think once I get rid of the slug.. I'll never go back to faired bikes again.. very impractical for me now that I dont have a cage :?

    I would love the speed triple.. I sat on one in PS a few months back.. they are miles too high for me.. It will never happen.. hence the toss up between the FZ or the Z
  4. Z1000 is a much better option. Not being biased but the Z is a much nicer looking bike. I have ridden a Z and was very impressed, very nimble and yes wne tlike shit. I am to believe the FZ has the same engine as the R1 but detuned ?? I would say they are both going to plenty fast enough for you. In the end its up to you, but if i were making the choice for you it would be the Z1000.
  5. Have you seen the 07' model? The exhaust is of terrible design.. :?

    If I get one.. I'll be gettin one of the older ones with the twin cans on each side..
  6. Oh yeah, thats right that hideous exhaust. :shock: I am sure you could mod an 07/08 too have those 06 style pipes.. :grin:
  7. I'm with Blue 14, I like the look of the Z1000 better.
  8. That's one truth about kwakas can't seem to put a decent looking can on... it's as if they know we are going to get an aftermarket anyways - so they don't even try? Yep gimme an 06 Z with a couple of CF slip ons. gonna borrow this line from grunge: "got any blacker?"
  9. Z1000! only because im thinking about getting one but can't bring myself to sell my current bike. The Z1000 is the best looking naked IMO.
  10. Both are good bikes, ride them to see which one fits you better.

    Took both for a test ride but that was two years ago. Here's a copy of my thoughts I posted then.

    Yamaha FZ1 - A very well balanced bike with a fairing that works well despite its small size. Good spread of power, and nimble enough to throw around. Thoroughly recommend this one if it is on the short list.

    Kwaka z1000 – I hadn’t ridden one of these for 20 years so was really looking forward to it. The dash was a real winner – LCD Tacho and digital speedo (I like some technology with my retro :wink: ). All the bikes I rode I managed to get to (or very close to) redline in second gear – this one, disappointingly, vibrated from around 5,500rpm right up my spine so make sure you ride one first, maybe just unique to the demo or see if you can live with it.
  11. Another point i would like to add is. I would be fairly confident that due to your size then most bikes will be an issue with seat height, weight of bike for moving around etc, etc. But put this aside and find what you like and feel good about. Bikes are very well balanced and once you are riding a few kg here and there wont make a difference. I reckon you have made a great decision in relation to having a non faired bike as a commuter, and yes you will certainly be able to tear up the bituman in the twisties.. :grin:
  12. Are you talking the new FZ1? Presume you must be, as the old one is a taller bike, I'd hazard a guess too tall.

    I've ridden the new FZ1. It was nice. Ummm how to explain, I didn't find it much different to my old one (a 2001) in position or power (hence why I didn't buy one, I wanted something different). Although it was a little smaller feeling and no probs flat footing. But they are great bikes, you won't be unhappy I'm sure. Scary power that'll make you giggle when you turn it on, very smooth and soft and good for traffic/commuting stuff otherwise, and comfy position. The fairing does a good job at what it's supposed to do.

    I also like the Kawasaki Z bikes but haven't ridden one.
  13. Re-tuned is a far better description, as it has lower down torque and less top-end whine.
  14. So subjective as always. :)

    The only thing preventing me from considering one is that it's so damn ugly - YUCK! On the other hand I think the Yammy is gorgeous. :cool:
  15. That's not what I've heard Jason - I've heard that low down in the revs, the FZ bikes are pretty asthmatic. Enough times that I believe it. Pity, without that fault it's a brilliant looking bike with proper chassis, suspension and brakes from the R1.

    +1 vote for the Z1000, it's a "retuned" ZX-9R engine that's been bored out. 120hp is enough for anyone, and it's got reasonably good running gear too. Hopefully I'll get a squirt on Daz's one of these days and then I can say more.
  16. Thanks Jen Starlette - i'm doing the same weigh in - I've also put the suzuki sv1000 in as a test ride as well, It's a twin rather than a 4 but similar "type"
  17. Hi Jen

    Im in the same predicament right now and I just researched the FZ1, Z1000, SV1000, GSXR 750, GSXR 1000, Hayabusa, 1200 Bandit and GSX 1400. But as you only mentioned the Z1000 and FZ1 Im keeping my opinions to those two.

    Its a matter of opinion which of the 2 look the best I think the fz1 does.

    The z1000 is 953cc, 90.5 kw (123ps) at 10,000rpm, 92.7 n/m at 8,000rpm (Im beleiving is measured at crank), has an aluminium tank, seat height is 820mm, 300 mm front discs, twin single leading into 2 muffler exhaust and weighs 199 kg and the very last of the 06 models if you can find one are selling for $12,700 plus on road costs at Brighton Kawasaki. The 07 models are $17,000 plus when they arrive.

    The fz1 998cc, 110 kw (148 hp) 105.5 n/m (measured at the crank) is more powerful, seat height 815mm, 320mm front discs, single side carbon look exhaust, and weighs 199kg also, $13,000 plus on road for the naked and $14,000 plus on road for the fairing version.

    Jen 06 and 07 FZ1 engine is the 05 R1 engine (but about 9 hp less) which is tuned 250 less top end rpm and concentrates on low to mid range torque and has more power, better brakes, handling, acceleration and top speed than the 06 Z1000 and the FZ1 comes with a much better needed fairing which you will need if travelling over 180km in your case. The Z1000 has a completely different engine than the Z10 sports bike. The 07 FZ1 will be the same bike as the 06 FZ1 but the 07 Z1000 will be different from the 06 Z1000 but again still not the same engine as the Z10.

    My opinion is to get the FZ1, its a bit more of performer. But some people will argue with what I'm about to say, look seriously at a smaller horsepower version first, like the FZ6. They will please you and re the 1 ltr versions so soon, with such a larger horsepowered bike after the 250 your on, your learning curve will be much slower if you hop on something so much more powerful to soon. I think you'd learn quicker on the FZ6. Thats only my opinion.
  18. I want a litre so that I wont need to upgrade from a 600 so soon.. If I just get the litre.. I'll avoid having to upgrade later..
  19. Nice report there smarteee.
    You seem to like the FZ more than the Z, but of the other bikes you considered which is the top runner? Have you ridden any of them? I'm asking only coz I'm in similar shoes (in about 7 months).

    I'd agree with you on the smaller engine size for myself, I'm looking at a max 750 either Z750 or Gixxer 750 but could easily be tempted into getting the thou. If I may ask Mr. Smarteee, how long have you had the R6? Do you feel like you've out-grown it?
  20. I had the R6 for about 20 odd months. Its very peaky with little low end torque. I've had 1 ltr bikes before that which are now about 11 year old technology but they still had good torque. So I found I was ringing the R6 neck early but it is still an awesome powerwise bike. When choosing a more powerful bike you really have to know what sort of power delivery you want, what sort of riding will you be doing and what comfortness (or lack of) are you prepared to put up with. I need a change from a sports bike though I will miss it and probably get back to one soonish. I like a more comfortable positioned bike something more upright where I can travel 5 hours on a country road with a pillion, some luggage maybe and more comfort, without hearing continuous revving. So im not going pure sport on my next bike.

    I've been tossing up between the FZ1 and GSX1400. I like speed and to be able to travel effortlessly at speed with some comfort. The FZ1 is a wee bit cheaper than the Z1000 with more everything, speed, torque, horsepower, brakes and my opinion looks. I like low down torque and know an inline variation to get it is a better design to get it. Vee's twins disintergrate quicker than an inline because they fire every approx 720 degree's and have a large counter weight on the crank for counter balancing hence why they vibrate and use more fuel because they're less efficient. Vee twins in the same cc as an inline wont rev as high either because of the weight of the mechanical parts per cylinder is greater. An inline 4 will fire every 360 degree's getting more horsepower through a higher rpm in the same time frame. The power on a Vee twin is delivered through a push stop push stop fashion because of their rythym of firing hence why inlines will want to spin the rear tyre leading out of a corner under power because of constant power delivery compared to a twin. This is why I chose an inline. Taking the R6 for a few hours on a highway is inpracticle. It revs to much and is a to sporty position for this.

    My opinion for you as your inexperienced riding more powerful machines as I mentioned to Jen I think 600cc is a big enough jump to make from a 250cc. You will be learning to ride at higher speeds with more power to control and speed to adjust and wipe off. More the power to get used to will make it harder for you to learn good bike craft. People will disagree with me as I discussed this in another thread once. Also as the handle bars go lower its harder to ride the bike which your used to a higher handle bars. Go the 600cc first you will be very impressed. FZ6 is a good bike in that range. The GSXR 750 is also very smooth in power delivery (with limiters) very rideable but maybe to hunched over to what your used to. The FZ1 would be a little bit lazier than it and more comfortable. But tell me, what do you expect from a bike, what sort of riding are you going to do and how spirited are you going to be.