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Yamaha FJR1300SE

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by DisgruntledDog, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. i am soooo jealous, merry christmas!! I have heard these things eat up kms and go like the clappers too boot!! nice color too, not the 'usual' silver / grey coloring. Congrats!!
  2. I do 800k a week so this beasty will do it with style and comfort and with a grin.

    I paid $14.3K on the road and it's only got 15000k on the clock. So choofed.
  3. Wowsers, it's got everything!!!!

    Congrats; those big fudges do it so easily!
  4. Yeah very nice. I have had an FJR1300AP now for three years and just love it as a general purpose bike. Mine is a 2008 model, and have wondered exactly what the differences between the civvy and police models are. Crash bars, lights and sirens aside, it seems to me that they are a larger screen and the mirrors are a completely different design that places them in front of the handgrips in the V of the fairing. I have been told that is because the police complained of cold hands in winter despite the heated grips and the police mirrors sure do deflect air and water away from the gloves. Oh and that the AP models are all single seaters with a "radio box" where the pillion seat is.

    Have you had a chance to compare yours with a police bike?
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    Very nice. Congrats
  6. Very Nice. SkipperAU loves his. He bought it new in '05. It now has about 60k on it, of which I probably did about 5k. I like them too. Comfortable, capable, sure footed - superb in the wet. The handling is astonishingly good for something that is effectively a full dress touring bike. They run out of cornering clearance a bit - not so much because they lack for it but because they encourage you to push them along a bit. The low speed handling is sensational - for a big bike. They really are a very good thing.

    A top shelf Ohlins shock is so worth it ...
    There's not all that much wrong with the original Yamaha number, but the Ohlins is just so much better ...




    Makes it real easy to keep the hero knobs shiny. These are the things you do for your friends,because you care about them ...

  7. Garry, I haven't seen the AP model. Might have to have a look, not that I'm getting a new bike anytime soon.

    KD, I'm going to add some bling so the Ohlins are on the cards.

    Now I just got to find the time to go for a ride. Maybe tomorrow.
  8. is it just me or does it look like a Flathead fish from front view??

    grats anyway on the new ride
  9. Very nice. So the question that has to be asked; How does it compare to the Bandit?
  10. The FJR is more refined with better build quality. I haven't done enough Ks on it yet to really know it yet. It's quieter from a wind noise perspective. It's got the automatic clutch which is a bit different. Excellent in traffic.

    I loved the Bandit. Did nearly 40,000ks on it. The problem for me was the service interval and the chain drive. Also I live in a cold part of Australia and ride everyday so having more protection from the elements is important to me. The full fairing makes quite a different.

    I'll post a real comparison once I get to know it better.
  11. Nice looking ride. Enjoy.
  12. I am.

    Took it for a fang a couple of times since Christmas. Handles really well, even with strong crosswinds. Lovin' it.