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Yamaha FJR1300AS [Loan bike]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser3, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Dropped of my R6 for a service and got given the Yamaha FJR1300AS as a loan bike. First impressions a bit scary as the thing has no clutch, but that's technology so I will give anything try.

    Very hard to ride slow as the clutch engaging is a bit sensative, but once you get going the changing of gears on the bars is very cool. You do have the option to switch from gear changing by foot or on the bars. Most people who have bought them seem to like the no clutch, that's what I have read.

    No problem with power, they get up an boogy and you can just keep the throttle open and change the gears.

    Riding postion is great, I didn't realise how uncomfortable the Blackbird and R6 are, for general riding these bikes are well designed.

    Went for a short ride to some twisty stuff, handling is very good, they don't mind going around corners fast, and very smooth ride.

    The only thing I don't like is the price of these things, seriously considering swapping from the Blackbird to this baby, I have always liked them.

    Looks like I might take a wide detour on the way to pick-up the R6.
  2. please let me know before you do this !!! :twisted:
  3. PM raven.He has done the same thing,except in reverse.Had a FJR and traded it for the Blackbird. Personally I totally agree with you on the riding position although he has found opposite :-k due to wrist issues he finds it easier on the B-bird.His was the non handbar actuated version though.

    Power wise I wasnt as impressed as I wanted to be with the FJR.Dont get me wrong its got plenty of umph,just not what I imagined.We swapped bikes for a section last summer and unfortunately it didnt have as much power as I thought it would as compared to the 1200 Bandit. Bandit has more the torque I suppose and a sweeter note to my ear even though the FJR had Yoshi cans on it.

    Up till the test ride(which to this day Im eternally gratefull to John for),the FJR was my dream bike"the ultimate tourer" in my eyes, as far as whistles and bells it had.But again I concur on the pricetag.I cant personally justify minimum 13k for a 2nd hand one in reasonable condition,and Santa unfortunately didnt do as the Col Elliot or Rodney Rude song goes and leave me a bike in the garage "Santa claus ya f-n c,wheres me a f n bike"
  4. Interesting, don't get me wrong the Blackbird is a magic bike, just that I think for touring the FJR is more me, and if I want to have a play the R6 is still in the garage. But the FJR can play hard as well, just went for another squirt in some twisties and this bike gets over nicely and handles like a dream.
  5. Well picked up my new FJT today after trading in the Blackbird.
    Now you can all call me dad, and where do you join the old farts club. :LOL:
  6. FJT ? Thought it was an FJR.

    I have never heard of a trade in/new bike pick up happening so fast !!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Congratulations !
  7. Congrats Steve!!!! I agree you must have the newer FJT model... :grin: It is good to see that you are happy. Like all bikes they have strengths and weaknesses as you all well know. It is a bike that covers many bases for what you seek in a bike....now ya wanna swap????

  8. When it comes to me they all act fast, even the R6 deal was done in less than 2 hours. And I guess the FJR was a 3 hour deal.
  9. Ok, Steve, you will be able to answer the questions that lots of people are asking, so long ride reports and stuff will be invaluable. Congrats on the new baby; I can just visualise it in that big garage of your's.

    {Connected to, this reinforces the often-asked question about brand loyalty; it seems we are far less brand-loyal in bike purchases that car...}
  10. So Steve - is your new baby the automatic model, or the 'regular' FJR?
  11. w00t!!

    Even if is a little silly-lookin', it's still flying the FJ banner!!

    Show them sport bike riders what big-bore tourers are made of! hehe.

  12. Welcome to the big tourer club! We have fun here!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. It's the clutchless version, not really automatic. Bloody love it now with the staintunes fitted today, can bloody hear the thing now. :grin:
  14. Hey congrats on the new bike steve. Look forward to seeing and hearing it soon. You sure don't muck around when it comes to changin/buying bikes. Good on ya. :wink: