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Yamaha Finance Timing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewie81, May 7, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I am trying to find out if any one here has been approved for a bike with YMF yamaha motor finance..?
    I applied yesterday and still waiting to hear back.... i thought it would have been Quicker than this..

    SO if you have got or had YMF how long did Approval Take??

    Thanks in advance...

    I so want my 1100XX Black bird...

  2. Approval time or settlement time?

    Approval time is usually same day but can depend on them needing to
    get a response from other finance places to check your payment
    history is ok.

    Settlement time (from signup to actually getting the bike) depends
    on the bike shop collating all your original documents/contract/etc,
    posting it to Yamaha Motor Finance, Aus Post not losing it, then
    YMF processing it. Usually 1-2 days.

    I guess you'll probably hear tomorrow, else call tomorrow 4.30pm.

    If you think that's bad, I got a loan from Commonwealth once, got
    approved and did all the papers, took 2 WEEKS to get the money
    and I was billed interest in the meantime! :evil: :evil:
  3. G'day Hotcam
    Ah Cool.. I wont loose hope yet.. They took all details and were going to enter it into system for a response later in day as they were busy.

    So still waiting for the Yes.. I don't mind how long it takes then. Hehe.. Just excited...

    Cheers for reply.
  4. You will be FAAAAAAAAAAAR better off with a personal loan from your bank.

    Look at the early payout options with Yamaha Finance.. there are little fees for everything.

    I was going to go with them, but it was easier and cheaper to get a personal loan through my bank - hooked into Netbank with a direct-debit and the option to pay off more [and pay less interest] whenever I like.
  5. I guess that depends on Stewie's personal circumstances, ability to get
    finance, the fees and costs that his bank will charge him vs
    what Yamaha will charge, how long it takes for the loan to
    go through, and a number of other factors.
    None of us can say without knowing all these details. The only person
    who knows them is him, so he's gotta make up his own mind.
  6. My bank takes a week or more to get a yes or no :roll: .

    I got honda finance and you get approval in 10 seconds ,yes 10 seconds. :wink:
  7. Hey Guys..

    Thanks for Replies and Thoughts..

    I called them today and It has been Approved with YMF.. But i going to Also Try my bank tomorrow as YMF wanting 20% deposit..

    See how it pans out..

    I guess worst case is i gotta Fork out the 20% and go with YMF..

    Thanks Again
  8. Stewie, talk to the finance guy at the dealer and ask him what happens to that 20% deposit if you also take out GAP insurance as part of the deal. That should make the 20% go away.
  9. I think he means DGI. Ask your dealer about it.
  10. Hi guys..

    Thanks For tips.. I will Chat to Dealer in Morning see what he can come up with..

    He said he would work on it. But i Might just help him.. he he..

    Thanks guys Helps heaps

  11. All sorted Thanks Guys..

    He got the Deposit dropped to 10% which is easy enough..

    Now just wait till Thurs till i can pick it up... YAY!!
  12. Enjoy your new bird :grin:
  13. Woohoo new bike!! congrats :grin:
  14. Thanks Fellas I can't Wait..

    Not paying the $1499 for the yoshi's tho..