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Yamaha Cygnus vs vmoto Monaco

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by mjmc, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. I am interested to know what people think of these two scooters. They are both 125 cc scooters and promote that they will do up to 100km/h.

    I currently have a Derbi 100cc and want a bit more power.

    Based on the price the Yamaha must be better quality, however I would be interested to hear from people who have these scooters and what they think.

    Are you happy with either the vmoto or Yamaha. I would love to hear the pros and cons for both



  2. Cant tell you much about the vmoto, but the Cygnus is a good little scooter. My fiance has one. It feels a lot more stable than any of the other scooters I rode. Up steep hills it seems to hold its speed ok. I think you will struggle to get to 100kph on it though. It'll do 80 - 90 with no problems. The only time I've touched 100 on it was down hill.

    Hope that helps a bit. Anyone have experience with the vmoto?
  3. Ive had a Yamaha for a few months.. cant say Ive had it at 100km/h but often hit 80+ km/h and cant feel it struggling at all.

    big underseat storage. can fit a full face/flip helmet plus gloves and more.

    no problems keeping up with traffic

    good weather protection - recently rode in sydneys worst weather, low cut sneakers didnt get wet at all.

    nice feature of cutting the engine when the sidestand goes down.

    fairly comfortable ride, although a little more upright than id like.

    loud indicator tick! something i didnt hear on the Aprilia and other scoots when testing.

    tyres feel a little too slippery - although Ive got no other scooter experience to contrast with. in the recent rain i almost wanted to jump off and push it round some sweeping corners.

    ride mine mainly on weekends and it seems the battery fails often, kick start is easy enough. hoping that its not normal.. and will be replaced at the service.

    Overall I feel its a good compromise on price vs features while still getting a quality machine.
    Another 125cc out there is the Piaggio Fly, this wasnt on sale when I got mine - looks like it compares pretty well, and cheaper.
  4. if you've got a 100cc scoot and your after more power, I would suggest you take a bigger step up than 25cc. That really is 2/5ths of SFA.

    Go test ride a few 150cc scoots and you should start to see some improvement.
  5. buy the yamaha cygnus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi there i bought the yamaha cygnus after great dliberation, i have been really impressed by the on road performance, and also the quality of the finish.
    Another big thing is the fuel filler being in the front fairing, dont underestimate this convienience, as you dont have to take your gear out from under the seat to fill up the fuel as you do with other models.
    And finally how can you go past the reputation of yamaha for quality and reliability.
    good luck.