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Yamaha Cygnus - flip face helmet fit under the seat?

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by subabert, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Hi.

    Im looking into buying a Yamaha Cygnus .. but was wondering whether a flip face helmet will fit under the seat.

    Can anyone comment on this? I guess a full face will fit.. are flip faces much bigger?

    (Particularly Im looking at a Nolan N102 helmet)

  2. My fiance has a RXT Duo flip face helmet size (S) and it fits under the seat just fine. My Full face HJC helmet size (XL) doesnt even go close.

    So maybe it depends more on the size helmet you end up getting rather than the type? Might be worth going to a yamaha dealer and asking them to let you try and fit the helmet under the seat before you buy it.
  3. Thanks.. I would be going for a medium helmet. If a small RXT fits, then a medium might be ok.

    Will head out to the dealers on saturday - just have to find someone that has both a cygnus and a range of flips at the same place.

  4. i'd go get the helmet first. that way you'll have it for test rides.
  5. My full face helmet fits nicely in my Cygnus...

    I've got a Shoei RF-1000 (size "L"), and I suspect it would fit... it's not too snug even for my helmet.
  6. i didnt want to go out and first buy a helmet without knowing its going to fit under the seat.

    should be sweet then.. ill post back once both bike and helmet are delivered.
  7. Try it in the shop - my flip face will go in but the top wont close! Hubbys fullface fits in. :shock:

    Most dealers have a reasonable range of helmets. Also remember that most dealers will do you a good deal if you buy the scooter - ours threw in the helmet at halfprice as we got set of gloves and a lock at the same time - more than $100 saved.