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Yamaha Cruisers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lurch, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. A quick one that i hope people will have some input on:
    I realise theres been a recent post regarding 250cc cruisers in general. However having been on a few Yamaha cruisers, my heart is kinda set on one. And being a New South Welshman, i also have the choice of a few others other than the 250's. Like the XV535, XVS650 and XVS650A.
    The only other possibility is the Honda VT600 Shadow, which although i've never seen in the flesh, 'seems' kinda good.
    Why a cruiser? Especially now just after i got the Revere? Several reasons; no learner legal bike goes particularly fast. And the few exceptions to this are because they're usually very small. To give you an idea, on a CBR250RR, my knees come up PAST my elbows! Think Giraffe driving a go-kart. Got that mental picture? :)
    So, if i cant go fast, whats the one kinda riding that speed isnt that important? Cruising (IMHO anyway). And being 6'7", why not have my feet sticking way out in front?? hehe.. Seriously, the best riding ive had in my whopping few months of experince, has been on a cruiser...and considering how otherwise disillusioned i am with bikes atm, i think this is a good sign.
    SO; what are ppls opinions on these bikes? as a cruiser that is....

  2. There is a really good article on the XVS650/A in last months or maybe the one before of Two Wheels. It is a VERY big article comparing them with afew other cruisers and its all about them as second hand bikes now. The article basically gives them the 2 thumbs up saying they are a great bike. Also there is an induction kit i think it was that you can get for them that apparently, according to the article, gives them surprisingly more poke then stock. If you PM your details i can photocopy and send you the article if you like.
  3. Maybe

    .. you might consider the Hyosung 650 (LAMS), of a recent thread. This is a full-sized bike with a 650 motor, and carby restrictions for the learner/provisional period. It's a naked bike, so a small bug-catcher screen would keep the wind off your chest, and because it's a normal sized bike, it might suit your garnantuan frame. Advantage would be that you can keep it after your Ps, just get the carbies modded and it's a full 650!
    Naked bikes generally have the advantage of being able to be toured and commuted comfortably, and still can be punted along like the more racy style of bike. But if you WANT a cruiser, there's never been more choice! :)
  4. As a diehard cruiser fan, I'm with you on this one. Plus I'm in your height bracket (6'5), but you're probably not even close to my weight...

    Yamaha make a nice 650 cruiser - we're talking the XVS650 and XVS650A as opposed to the older XV535 here I assume. Supposed to be a decent bike, but you'll find the same problem on that one as you would on the XV250 or XVS250 - it isn't big enough.

    Be prepared to extend the controls forwards (Yamaha make a kit for this), fit 3" or 4" risers and possibly modify the bar for something flatter. THEN you'll find your comfort goes up.

    I'll be looking for replacement for my XV250 as soon as I can afford it, and I'll be looking at staying with the Yamaha line.
  5. As far as i am aware, the main diff between a standard Virago (XV series) and the newer Drag-Star and V-Star (XVS series) is the longer wheel base. The difference between a XV250 and an XVS650 is nearly a foot longer wheel-base. Which 'should' equate to a little extra room for yours truly :)
    Thanks for the input guys :D
  6. Cruiza

    Gday Lurch, I know its been awhile since your last post here.. just curious as to what bike u ended up with, if one at all.. cause... I can highly recommend the V*'s.. brought mine new about 4 months ago and still trying to wipe the grin off my dial:)