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Yamaha City Workshop - Not great!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by bishreds, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I purchased my Yamaha R125 from Yamaha City around 13 months back. The Sales guys and the Manager were all fantastic. Great service.

    I was contacted couple of times after I had taken delivery of the bike to make sure everything was going well. I was really happy with the service.

    About a month back, the bike had some issues starting up. I contacted the Yamaha City Workshop on a Tuesday. I was told "Well, we can't do much about it. Bring it in, we will have a look at it next Monday". Now I reckon that's just not good enough. I'm sure they could spare 10 minutes have a look at the Bike and tell me something.

    So I took the bike in, and I handed the keys over. And they said "Okay we'll give you a call on Monday".

    Never got a call back on Monday. I had to call them on the following Wednesday to check the progress. Then I was told that the Fuel Pump was faulty and they have to put a warranty claim through. And this could take 3 weeks.

    I was unhappy but hey, I was happy to wait. I had free tickets to the Supers that weekend, which I missed as well :S.

    Anyway, I made a complaint to the Manager at Yamaha City about the poor customer service at the workshop. I was re-assured that the work will be completed asap and they will talk to the guys at the workshop. I was contacted the next day to advise that they are doing all they can to get the part down asap.

    4 weeks on, I've had no updates from anyone. Contacted Yamaha last week and I was told that they can't track the item down and that it could be "anywhere". What?!

    I contacted Yamaha Australia Customer Service (02 9757 0011) today and I spoke to two women about the issue. They were both extremely rude. I told the Melissa (Customer Service Rep) that my mate had a BMW and he got a courtesy bike when his bike was serviced. And she just said "We're not BMW. Don't compare us to them". And she just put me through to Duilio Pianca. Duilio was great and he contacted the dealership for me. And got back to me saying that the workshop has received the fuel pump and are working on the bike. He also said that Yamaha do not offer courtesy bikes to anyone. So if your bike is the primary method of transport and if it's playing up while you're under warranty, you get NO courtesy bike from Yamaha. Not great!

    The Yamaha City Workshop contacted me 5 minutes after the call from Duilio Pianca, and advised that they received the part last Thursday and they have booked my bike in for service Tomorrow (Wednesday). After my 4 week wait, I have to wait for almost another week before they could put my bike on the bench. Pathetic.

    So, if anyone is looking to get a Yamaha, buy it from Yamaha City but don't get it serviced from there. Poor service. And I'm up for an upgrade (off my restrictions) in 8 weeks and I was looking at an R6, but now I know I won't be taking that path.



    P.S: Hopefully I get to ride my baby tomorrow. Unless they come up with some more rubbish to keep it away from me.

  2. Thanks Bish. Make sure you send Yamaha a link to this post!!

  3. Welcome to:
    * the level of communication from most workshops
    *the attitude that bikes are leisure vehicles, and that you can wait, unlike a car workshop

    You can go to any proper workshop to get warranty work done. Next time:

    Motorcycle City in Elizabeth Street CBD is excellent (I go there for parts / workshop and for very good service always; and to Intyre for tyres, both recommended)


    Everything Two Wheels has a great reputation, and has a lot of scooter experience.
  4. Agree that the workshop sucks balls. Brett (the Manager) seems to be a good bloke though - but needs to change his staff in the service department. I hate the b*&ch there. Hope theres only one, so I don't need to point fingers or mention names :D

    I usually take my bikes to e2w. When I went for warranty she told me to p!ss off and told me that I can't take a Target product into Myers to ask for a refund. (Target being my mechanic and Myers being Yamaha City). Poor effort.
  5. Yeah.....

    I went in to have a look at the offerings from Yamaha a few weeks ago and witnessed someone, presumably from the service center "dealing" with a customer who had his bike out the front.

    To say that his language towards the customer was rude/condescending would be putting it way too politely. Bad enough talking to a potential customer like that, but how frikin stupid do you have to be to do it on the footpath out the front???

    Needless to say, we kept walking.
  6. Next time take it to Yamaha at Hoppers Crossing, I've only had excellent service and dealings with them.
  7. Thats were I take my blade, I wont and refuse to go to Honda in hoppers, customer service is also shit. Bought my bike there and went back next day they had forgotten my name and refused to even offer help.

    I'm picking up a theme here Customer service bad= shit rep and no return customers
  8. i had a yamaha with a faulty fuel pump, was on a scooter

    from claim till arrival and fittment 2 days it took, fuel pump EX singapore i was told

    job done! sadly that dealer had closed up shop, but great service and even a free loaner

    all this for a 4k scooter

    Aprilia on the other hand, 3 months later..... i went into melt down and got my part from the dealer taking the replacement off floor stock.... my bike was 1000km old

    recently i had another fuel pump go, tow trucked to Peter Stevens, nothing done relay replaced??? wtf nothing wrong there??

    i pick it up get it home, NOTHING.... the fuel pump was shat, like i told them.... so i call piaggio, i get them to arrange the repair.... take it back next day and fixed in 2 days all under warranty...

    you need to lean on Yamaha much harder, this is not acceptable, your bike is your only form of transport, are they going to reimburse you for taxiis and public transport costs? no... well fix it now ;)

    this usually works for me
  9. Yamaha Melbourne City.

    My experiences with these guys have been mixed. The sales team (apart from 1 person in particular) I found have been incredibly rude and unhelpful ...

    The service centre though, were quite friendly and for my issue (admittedly just a routine service) went to plan with no issues.

    Early days yet, but seems to be a mixed bag of tricks - I guess it depends on who you speak to and when.
  10. I'm so glad I buy my parts and accessories from ebay or overseas retailers, and do most of my own work.
  11. Amen to that mr messy
  12. Got a quote from Yamaha City to service my bike a while back. Minor service, nothing special. $380, paid $240 at e2w for the same job and got excellent service. Even bled the breaks for free.
  13. I have to say, the sales staff have always been excellent at Yamaha City. Especially the Manager there. Brilliant communication and service.

    I will buy from them but will not service from them. Have made up my mind to go to e2w next :). Thank you very much for the feedback everyone.
  14. Just felt obliged to note, I've never had a really positive experience from City Yamaha (the workshop that is). They appear to be competent in the work they do, but customer service wise... I mean, there is none. It's really terrible.
  15. What is it with Yamaha dealers?

    I ordered some mirrors from the dealer in Hoppers Crossing in January 2008. Paid $50 deposit for $100 mirrors. Was told they will call and it will take about 3 weeks (I was surprised how long).

    After 4 -5 weeks I went to the counter and asked if they expected them soon. I was given some attitude about waiting for the shop to call me when they get in.

    Well, it's now 2011 and I haven't heard back yet.

    At the end of 2008 I was looking for a new bike. Went to the same store and spoke with the sales guy. He steered me towards the XT660 which was just what I was after at the time. I asked about a test ride and was offered to rent one for about $250 instead! The wife and I have had a good laugh about that.

    I've never been back. I figure the $50 I gave them was well spent because it has saved me a potential fortune in future dealings with them.

    In meantime I have purchased new bikes from other Triumph, Suzuki, Ducati and Honda dealers. None of which have had any issues offering me test rides or ordering parts for me. I've also ordered thousands of dollars worth of parts online and from other local stores but will never spend another dollar at that dealer.
  16. I'd laugh if you got a call next week to say your mirrors are in! (three years later ...)

  17. That'd be pretty funny :)