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Yamaha Bolt

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  2. Love the black mate, very nice
  3. Love the black mate, very nice
  4. Nice one. Picked up my new Bolt last week. Got the fender eliminator kit laid out ready to have a crack so I can put saddle bags on. Got the foot pegs and sissybar for the back to add too.
    Like the bag you have on the front is that custom or a yamaha thing?
  5. very nice the matte black is great
  6. how do u guys rate this vs the Harley Iron? i took the iron for a test ride and quite liked it but it lacks a few things lol
  7. I didn't like the "feel" of the 883, actually considered a 1200 sportster & the 72 over it but with swapping the tank out on the 72 for the larger one on the 883, but the Bolt won out, plus came with a 5 year warranty.

    Guy I know has the rpsec same as me, his wife already had an iron, he thinks the Bolt is far superior for handling and power. There are some videos comparing the 2 and the Bolt wins out
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  9. Well done! I mean really, well done !! I am excited about getting a Bolt R type and putting my touch on it. (will be test riding one asap)
    Curios to know, what would change to the bike and why?
  10. Well so far I've only done cosmetic changes really.

    First of all I'm trying to make it as black as it can be - painting the exhaust heat shields and bolt heads, gonna put on black neoprene fork boots (don't like the look of traditional fork gaiters), get rid of the chrome surrounds on the headlight and speedo etc.

    Then it's practical stuff, back rest (OEM) for the missus, luggage rack (EOM), after market hard panniers.

    Then it's pretties. Spiky hand grips. Fender eliminator (oem). Removed the stock brake light altogether and replaced with combined plate/brake light on the plate mount. Replaced those horrible giant indicator with mini halogens. Decals - pirate flags on the sides of the tank, 3D metal skull on top of tank, Jolly roger on the back of the sissy bar. Personalised number plate (in black of course) with black skull mounting bolts. Grenade shaped tyre valve caps. The pointy mirrors are on their way too. Also contemplating adjustable shorty levers

    Actually just received a package from ebay today! This weekend will be spent installing the tinted visor, skull shaped horn cover and toe cutter pegs.

    Down the track (once I get the budget from the missus) there's the more pricey items: extra wide touring seats, upgrade to fully adjustable rear shocks and possibly lift kit, and the inevitable air filter/ECU/pipes combo.

    Why? Because I can. That's the whole point of a cruiser isn't it? You don't buy it for the performance or the handling. You buy it to cruise, and to look and feel good doing it.

    Good luck with your test ride of the R-Spec. If I can give you a bit of advice, I ridden both the R-Spec and the standard (own a standard), and apart from aesthetics (paint and saddle finish) the only difference is the rear shocks. From my experience, the fancy shocks on the R didn't really add any performance. So don't discount the standard when you're looking to purchase. The extra $$$ for the R-Spec is really only buying looks, not performance.

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