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Yamaha Bolt Riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Randall, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Am asking for serious opinions from any Bolters out there that owns one. I am considering one for the suburbs and hill climbs. I have read a lot of reviews and they sound pretty good to me. The shape and Bobber styling appeals and with a 950cc donk and light weight, they should be pretty exciting. Only talked briefly with one owner and he says its the best kept secret :) He absolutely loves it.
    So Bolters, whats your slant on the bike?



  2. My partner has one (an R Spec), and she loves it. I've only ridden it once, but;

    It is VERY easy to ride.
    It is very good in traffic. Filtering is easy.
    There are more and more accessories for it. Customisation off the shelf!
    The tank could be bigger, I think. 12 litres only. It's a cruiser, you want a decent range.
    The riding position is pretty good, but my partner wants bars that come back a bit further, and she finds the seat gives her pain in the tail bone. The good news is that bars and seats are available for it, including at least one comfort seat.
    It is VERY easy to scrape the pegs. I christened it on my one ride. I wasn't trying. Just a little off camber corner and it touched down. This is about the most common complaint on the Yamaha Bolt forum. (Search and you shall find. Note that in America it is called the Start Bolt.) There are modes to raise it a bit to give more clearance, but the low seat height is one of the attractions, so I don't know if I would do this. Just scrape it down so it doesn't happen any more. That's what on did with the centre stand on my Ducati!

    It looks great. :D
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    Hi new member on this site so any help appreciated
    Purchased a Near new Yamaha Bolt 2 weeks ago
    and would like to know anything about the Bolt please.

    agree totally with the 12 litre tank
    I've only had my r spec Bolt for 3 weeks
    lots of tank top ups required
    found Main tank switches to reserve around
    165 K mark !!!! How is your partners in respect to fuel ?

    Also mine has Vance & Hines short shot Mufflers and V&H Air Filter

    Have today ordered from SS Customs (USA)
    4.5 inch forward controls relocation Kit $169.00 plus $50 for shipping
    US Dollar is killing us at this moment
    Converted its a wooping $315 9aud)
  4. Hopefully my math is right... but If the Bolt gets 21.7 km per litre (51 mpg), then a full tank to empty will get you around 260km. Seems a little early for the reserve to be kicking in at 165km.

    260km for a full tank seems reasonable to me, if that is actually the case.
  5. Don't spend a lot of time on this forum these days so just noticed this thread.

    I got my Bolt September 2013, it's a 2014 rspec. As far as consumption and low fuel light, mine is pretty much as it came with just mods such as rox risers. windscreen, luggage rack, nothing to air filter or exhaust. I get 250 to 280 to a tank. The first 1,000 kms wasn't that good but it's been pretty steady since then. Other than that first 1,000 I've never had the low fuel light come on under 200kms. I do cruise, it's not a sport bike after all, but do know others who are more aggressive and have done mods to air filter and exhaust and still get at least 250 per tank range.

    Certainly has more than enough power and quick enough response for hills, or overtaking etc. should you feel the need to really push it. I sometimes do quick traffic light take offs on some roads around here just for the smirk it puts on my face.:p It really can leave plenty well back in my mirrors.
  7. I got my new 2013 bolt r spec on November 2014, I love the bike but I noticed a shudder in the front forks but just thought it was the type of road I was travelling, as I needed a new set of tyres I had them fitted at young motorcycles, one day I lightened my grip on the bars and let the bike slow down, then a violent occilation occurred in the front wheel, back to wilders at young they replaced the front tyre, no difference ,still bad, another change of tyres still not fixed, a damper was fixed , still a violent occilation. Yamaha wont help and say have to live with it. I would like to hear from other riders if they have the same problem
    thank you
  8. Have you had the forks apart to check? Could be low on oil, bad oil or even a broken spring. I assume you had the steering headbearings checked out?
  9. my bolt is under warranty until 2019 most things you say have been done except the oil in the forks. will attend to that
  10. So they've confirmed you haven't got a broken fork spring or a cactus steering head bearing.
  11. steering head bearings have been adjusted, as far as I can tell the forks have not been touched, i will find out when I go back to the bike shop
    I have a feeling this problem came with the brand new bike and Yamaha are covering it up,
    I can ride the bike all day no problems , then as soon as I lighten my grip and slow down it starts to occilate and if I let it continue it would throw me off
    thank you
    Geoff grattan
    Grenfell nsw
  12. nothing has been said about the fork springs I will check
  13. What about wheel bearings? Stuck brake caliper piston? Warped disc rotor?
  15. This is what I was replying to Alois not the original OPs question which was from 2014