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Yamaha australia vmax 1700 rip off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vmaxer, May 20, 2011.

  1. I sent this letter to Yamaha @ http://www.yamaha-motor.com.au/contact-us/general-enquiries :

    ""I have ridden the new Vmax 1700 and love it, but at 32,000$ or more on the road ?? Give us a break, the same machine costs less than 20 grand to buy in both the USA and Canada. Yamaha Australia just who are you kidding ? The cost of motorcycles in Australia is complete bullshit, if I could import a new Vmax from the USA and have it certified here then that's exactly what any sane person would do. But you are the only ones able to certify this bike and will I buy one at 32,000 ? No way !
    Bert would fix me up with a good deal in the USA



    Vmax fan from way back.""

    I spoke to many riders recently, the push for lower pricing in Australia is gaining ground.
  2. Forward it to all the tyre companies, we're paying about double there as well.

  3. AUD has gone thru the roof and looks like it'll be staying there for a while yet. Local bike shops are closing one at a time yet motorcycle and related items prices are still not going down. If local shops begin lowering prices they will attract business like they once used to and people will stop buying gear online.

    I'm sure if people could import bikes as easily as they could import cars a lot of people would do just that as some of the prices being asked here as in the case of this bike are far fetched from reality.
  4. Retailers and wholesalers are profiteering since the dollar has skyrocketed, there is no excuse.
  5. When I worked for a W.A bike Importer prices were locked into an exchange rate roughly 12 months ahead.
  6. Its not the bike shops who need to drop there prices its the importers. Bike shops already cut the prices as much as possible. Why do you think theres so many going broke at the moment.
  7. Then why has riders edge just gone broke?
  8. its how its always been.

    edit E2W has got it in one. its the importers that are taking the cash. there is stuff all money in bikes, really.
  9. Don't know who rider's edge is
    Never heard of them so in a way could that be one reason?
  10. Riders Edge were on Bell Street next door to Staffords. Good shop, great poeple, lots of stock, open weekends, all the ingredients for a successful shop. Just gone belly up. Why?
  11. Correct, it is the importers that are the issue.

    There is lots of industries in Australia that rely on the importers who all have the same issue. Vehicles have at least some protection for the retailers given the taxes etc to import.

    Consider parts of the electronics industry (audio being a primary one) where people simply go and import from overseas. That kills the retailers even more.

    This is part of the reason why certain retailers decide to make next to nothing on bikes, and try and make their profits through financing, insurance and accessories.

    Also blame the vehicle taxes.

    You could also ask why our petrol is so high with the current exchange rate...
  12. Lack of advertising?
    Lack of word of mouth?

    2 of the most important components of a successful business.
    btw google reveals they are still up and running. Their website is active.
  13. That's what I meant.
    Was there last week on the "closing down sale" but prices still seemed on the high side. They said they'll be gone within the next 7 days. This weekend prices should be more cheaper if they want to clear things out.
  14. The dollar hasn't been at these heights for such a long time in the scheme of things. You could quite reasonably assume that whatever stock is being sold at present was purchased some time ago, when there was a less favourable exchange rate.

    Having said that, I don't expect to see a reduction in retail prices in line with the increase in the value of the dollar.
  15. BMW just knocked 20% off all their spare parts this morning. I think the strong AUD is the main reason.

  16. What taxes - there's no import duty on motorcycles - just the GST which adds about 15% in total.
  17. I thought there was? I remember someone mentioning that the price of importing one was quite significant. Although that could well have been around compliance and getting it registered.
  18. You think that's bad? Go price up an M3 over there and then do the same here. Its about 3x+ as much.
  19. Yeah, it may well be. And good on them.
  20. There's a good discussion on duties here: