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News Yamaha announces contingency payments for R3 Cup riders

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Yamaha Australia has announced it will provide contingency payments for YZF-R3 Cup competitors, as well as providing cash incentives for other Yamaha riders.

    From the second round onwards, the third placed rider in the R3 cup will receive $100, second $250 and $500 will go to the winner, bringing the total prize pool to $42,000.

    In addition to this, a discretionary encouragement award of $75 will be announce by organisers for each race.

    General Manager of Yamaha Australia Stephen Cotterell said the contingency payments help offset the expensive costs of racing.

    “These payment also act as an incentive for riders to make the podium and as a reward for racing with Yamaha and supporting the brand.”

    Cotterell said the encouragement award “is aimed at entry level participants whose main aim may be to enjoy the experience rather than place in the top three.”

    “Our aim is to encourage riders in [sic] at the entry level with the R3 Cup and then offer them a platform to continue witin the R Family through the supersport and superbike classes.”

    The cash reward for Yamaha riders in other classes has been provided as an incentive for those wishing to step up through the racing categories.

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