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Yamaha and Panniers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Rusti_GotRage, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Oh.... This is going to be a bit of a rant-fest. But I am honestly after opinions and suggestions as well.

    Situation: Back on the 14th of December I ordered my Yamaha XVS650A Custom from Yamaha. At the time of the order, I ordered the bike to come with a set of panniers for the back, so I could carry stuff on the bike whilst riding without needing to wear a backpack. Especially as the only backpack I have is an old Farscape one... Nuff said...

    When the time the bike came in, I was told the panniers were delayed. Apparently there had been some kind of screw-up at the dealership and they weren't ordered, and so they had to re-order them. Fine - stuff happens.

    I chose to have the bike delivered without them rather than wait for them to arrive. This was done on the 23rd of December. As fate would have it, it was 5 weeks before I could actually RIDE the bike due to a broken arm, so I wasn't too fussed about the missing panniers at the time.

    After 5 weeks, I was on the bike and loving it! However, when I paid a visit to the dealership to ask about the panniers [29th Jan], I was told they're STILL about 3-4 weeks away. I was a bit pissed at this point, but figure getting upset about it wouldn't solve anything, so I nodded my head and said "OK, let me know when they arrive..."

    On the 17th of Jan, the bike went in for it's belated 1000Km service and I was told they were STILL on their way. I was still inside the last 3-4 week period, so again, I was gracious about it and let it slide.

    I sent an e-mail through last Friday and have just today received a reply. I've been given NO definite delivery date. They are "...a while away...".

    We're now at 11 weeks since the original order was placed and the best they can give me is "...a while away..." ????

    Are they raising the cow they plan to use for the leather from an invitro specimen to adulthood before killing it themselves, curing the leather by hand and then getting it blessed and stitched up by blind Tibetan monks on the slopes of Everest, before finally getting their sherpas to carry it to the store personally for delivery?

    As you might be able to tell, I'm starting to go from annoyed, through frustrated, to extremely pissed...

    I'm contemplating e-mailing Yamaha's head office and asking them WTF is going on...but I'm not sure if I want to alienate the dealership by doing so...

    I'm open to suggestions of what to do at this point.
  2. i had the same type thing when i bought my shadow from honda... i wanted K&N filter rejetting kit and pipes... i picked the bike up had the pipes on it and all was sweet... i did some ks and thought i would do the service myself... i pulled the air cleaner cover off and found it was the OE filter not the K&N that i paid for aswell as getting it rejetted... so i took it back to them demanding to pay for the service and everything seeing i bought the bike with extras that never came with... they did the service for free awesome... but had to wait 6 weeks for the k&N filter to rock up .... its now been 18months and they now have no record of it.. ARHHHHHH.. hope u can sort yours out mate... i know the feeling.
  3. Rusti, email the dealership a link to this thread and let them know that the Australian motorcycling community is watching them closely on this issue. Maybe that will help things along :)

  4. Speak to the owner or head manager of the dealership, politely explain the situation, calmly explain to him/her that you are extremely dissatisfied, and try to ascertain exactly what the hold up is. More than likely, he/she will claim that Yamaha Australia have not delivered. Say if this is the case, then you won't mind if you make a complaint directly to Yamaha Australia about the hold up and lack of communication. You will be able to gauge from the owner/manager's response whether this actually is the case, or whether he/she is just covering the spare parts and accessories department's stuff up/s.

    Don't worry about "alienating the dealership", they've already alienated you, and as they say in business, when a customer is happy, they tell a friend, when a customer is unhappy, they tell ten friends (or in this case, an entire internet forum). If things turn sour, remind them of this.
  5. They called yesterday and we spoke. Apparently the ones they were looking at getting in were third party. They've offered me a set of genuine Yamaha panniers and today sent me an e-mail with a picture of the bags in question.


    I'm offered the ones on the left... An offer I shall be accepting...
  6. What, no tassles? :p
  7. your parents worked hard to save the money to buy you that Farscape backpack.
    just wear it FFS, at least just to please them
  8. Nice panniers, good outcome Rusti ... well done :)

  9. Monkeyman - Actually, the Farscape backpack was what my complete collectors edition DVD's came in when I ordered them from EzyDVD. Sadly, it's not meant for the sort of constant hard use it's been getting and it's now starting to come apart at the seams. :(

    Meanwhile, the new panniers will arrive and be fitted hopefully by the end of this week!!
  10. And no.... no tassels :p
  11. hmm you posted this on the 2nd and hoped that they'd be fitted by today...have they?
  12. Sadly no. I'll be e-mailing them again tonight for a reply on Monday.

    Having advised them which ones I wanted I was expecting them to tell me when to bring in the bike to get them fitted. This has yet to occur. The bugger about working nights this week is I didn't really have the time (or will) to follow it up with them when I was awake.

    I'm on arvo's this week, so I'm going to be up in the mornings and more than willing to chase this down and get a result out of them!

    Hopefully I'll call them on Monday morning and they'll be all "Oh they're here waiting for you, just come on down and we'll put 'em on for you now...."
  13. best of luck Rusti

    hope the bastards get it right
  14. Update on this - Yamaha rang me yesterday and advised me everything was there for me to bring the bike down. I've told them due to my off on the weekend, I'll try and get the bike down to them on Thursday once I've had a chance to rest up the knee... :\