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Yamaha Aerox 100cc question seriously....

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by ggeorge85, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hello what yours expresions opinions about this scooter live 20 000 km or more yamaha good quality it is true that after 5 years I will not able to ride about 90 km per hour please let me know

    Regards for all of us
  2. I've done almost 30 000k's on this machine for the last 4.5years. I get it serviced at the recommended time period. The only porblem I've had is the spark-plug cap keeps coming off at the moment but gaffer tape sorted it!

    The speedo has indicated to the 100km mark but I think it's optimistic!!!

    Last summer we tried it two-up (+140kg) and speedo saids 90k's but again optimistics!!!

  3. hello ohh man you are amazing hehe but realy you can do 30 000 km hmm but you know my machine is 3 years old :( but have done 3200km but 3 years old what do you think can I do at least 15 000 ?? maybe can you give me contact to you so I can asked more question about this machine
  4. I knew some one who had burned a hole in their piston after 25,000km on one of these... a quick rebuild and the machine was well again... last I heard the bloke was still using it as his only transport...
  5. so whay all of us thinking should I buy this machine definetly? because I can choce 2 option Honda lead 100cc for 3 000 new one year waranty or yamaha aerox 3 years old and done 3200km for 2500$ ready to ride what do you think? give me some advice please


    Ps. people in australia sometimes lie and change km ? as an example owner had done 10 000 but change for 3200 ??
  6. Both machines are quality products, the Yamaha with 3200km will be fine unless it was badly treated. It looks like just a personal choice for you, buy which ever one looks and handles better for you. Just remember a new scooter needs about 200-500 km running in - so it won't handle like a run-in machine yet.
  7. hello hmm ok so what do you suggested this person can lie me ? and this machine can be over 3200 km if has been keept 3 years ? I want to know just if machine was use and keeping properly so can be gig dammage for engine 3200 km for 3 years and this is expensieve 2500 $ ? or maybe so cheap ??

  8. There isnt going to be a definite way to tell how many km's the scooter has done, but a thorough mechanical inspection may reveal if it's in good condition or not. In the end, buy the one that you like the best!
  9. or go the new bee wee 100? aerox 100 engine in less sporty chassis, with dual purpose tyres and suspension for 3,000 ride-away... should do 90-95 kmph, another 10km with a $300 power pipe...