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Yamaha 99 R1 gearbox rebuilt

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by imense, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. hi fellows,
    i am new to this forum,the reason i m here is that my 99 r1 needs a complete gearbox rebuilt do u guz know how much it would cost me like how much is the labour and how much for the parts .any good and reliable mechanic in melbourne?.
    is their an DIY website ?

  2. hahaha, too funny :LOL:

    The best mech should be the owner of the bike. Its the only way you know the work has actually been done.

    Its a bit of labour involved, but that is mostly getting the engine out of the frame and you dont need special skillz for that. So save money and do it yourself, then take the engine to someone to have the box rebuilt.

    Who that someone is.......NFI. I have had work done by little indapendent places years ago, that I was happy with, but I dont know if they are in the same location anymore. One place was called, Small Engo Reco. The bloke did a great job for me.
  3. what abt the parts ,how much they gonna cost me ,is their any website i can order parts online?.
  4. U can get OEM parts online from the states, but gears are heavy, so postage might be too$$. The online things here are a rip and not cheaper.

    All your bearings should be bought from your local bearing supplier, not a bike shop, cos they will charge you many, many times what a bearing shop will charge for the same bearing.

    Cogs (pulling this out of my behind, cos I cant remembe), but $100-200 each, but someone should be able to correct me.

    So actual parts are pretty cheap, labour is the killer.
  5. I'm guessing bearings, selector drum and fork and at least one gear set.

    As mentioned get the bearings in Aus.

    The other bits e.g.:

    shipping shouldn't be too much for those few bits.

    The r1 may have a cartridge type box(?), so it may not be that hard a job.

    To get it done by a mechanic I guess you are looking at a days labour ($5-600) for a cartridge style and almost 2 for traditional ($1000-1200). Plus parts (see websites).
  6. due to this gear problem i m having difficulty to get RWC,do u guyz know any testing centre who can give me RWC ignoring my gear problem?
  7. Every bike I have got a RWC for had not been ridden by the mech, so they have no way of knowing the condition of the g/box.
  8. but where i went to the mech rode it and refuse me to give RWC just due to gearbox problem and that is kawasaki centre in dandenong.
    can u recommend me any testing centre who dont ride the bike?
  9. Cnr of North Road and Tucker Road. Its a car workshop, who does bike RWCs.
  10. are u sure they not gonna ride the bike?
    i am now waiting for ur signal mate.
    btw the shop is in bentliegh right?
    thanx in advance
  11. I cant say 100%, as I am going from my experiances.

    The only way to tell is go down there, pay the dosh and see what happens.

    I guess you could call it Bentleigh, close enough. Its on the South West corner of the intersection over the road from a red r00ter.
  12. so whenevr u went for the rwc they didnt rode?
    whats the shops name.
    is it right u dont need appointment for registration purpose in vicroads shepperton, u just go straight away with the rwc and thats it.
  13. If you need a RWC without many questions asked, just go to a car mechanic as others have said. When I got my last one done, they just checked that the indicators and headlight worked, and that it turned on.
  14. Guys do you think the title of this topic should be

    Where in Melbourne do i get a dodgy Roady

    And i am sure that if you keep going on about where it is etc that this bloke will not be doing it for long :roll:

    How about some PM's Guys
  15. I am not talking about "special" RWC, I just mentioned that the place I have goine to did not test ride the bike.

    If you look at the requirements of a RWC, test ride or g/box operation is not on there. That is why you should get a mech to test the bike before you buy it.
  16. thanx guyz for ur help ,i just got the green slip from "Dandenong bike tune up" ,nice fellow qouted me 1300$ for the gearbox rebuilt which includes labour+2nd gear cog,bearings,shifter springs,shifter forks and gaskets(all genuine yamaha parts).
    so guyz what u think
  17. Bite off more than you can chew and give it a go yourself.

    Take the engine out, take as much shit off it as you can. Then off to the shop to get them to split the cases and do the work, then put the cases back together.

    Then you just put all the easy bits back on, stick the engine back in the frame, attach all the necessary parts and you are good to go again.

    Heaps cheaper and you get street cred!

    But if you want to be a sook, $1300 is not too bad.
  18. If you get a mechanic to do it, ask them to call you when the gearbox is apart and ask them which cogs need replacing, ie you might find that the dogs are worn on more than 1 gear. And it might be worth in replacing any gear that has worn dogs.. If the look square, they should be fine, if they are starting to look rounded on the edges then might as well replace what you can while the box is apart.. then once back together, it should be like a new gearbox.

    I am lucky, that if we need to do a gearbox, we have all the tools to take out motors, redo engines, gearbox's and my housemate is a bike mechanic by trade (although he no longer works in a bike shop as a mechanic anymore).

    Also $1300 seems reasonable, I have seen some shops charge upto 2k to replace 2nd and 5th gear (or 6th gear) on R1's
  19. do u guyz reckon i can rebuilt it my self :?: ? to tell u how technical im i onced removed turbo from my toyota prado and after having it fixed i installed it back.
  20. If you have the tools, I recommend in pulling out the motor and just taking that to the mechanic (also ask them if this will be cheaper, then bringing the whole bike?), then up to yourself on whether a few 100 might be worth them just doing the whole lot or not.

    if you do not have a service manual etc, then it is quite easy to stuff up reinstalling the gearbox parts etc.