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Yamaha 660 tenere

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RRdevil, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Test riding a Yamaha 660 tenere on Monday. Anyone ridden one before. Should be cheap insurance as it's lams approved. And apparently from looking on euro websites they will do single track pretty well. And the suspension is pretty easy to upgrade. I'm not expecting a powerful machine. I know it will be sluggish and lazy, but I know the mission I'm on.

  2. Mate purchased a 2 year old for 10k, still has some warranty, looks good in black. Farkling is a $ killer.
  3. Yeah I read that about the farkling. Doesn't matter. Should be good. I've been encouraged to take it on some single tracks I live near to test it out properly. I heard if it seems a little soft you can replace the forks and triple with that from an WR
  4. I owned the old one, i really liked it. I tested the new one but it wasnt twice as good as a dr650 so i bought that.

    Its a bit heavy but better built than the dr

  5. If you're gunna start down that track, buy KTM 690 Enduro and just ride it. Maybe add a big tank if required. Or the new Husky 650? Terra. If they're still making them due to the KTM takeover. Or as suggested a DR650 and invest a bit in suspension. I'm a bit of a Yamaha fan, but would steer clear of the Ten as it carries its weight too high and has average suspension. The 660R would be a better bet.
    Bear in mind I've never ridden one, just sat on it. Only my opinion.
  6. Well I'm going for a tester anyway. It's on my list. The 660r is good and is same engine, which I've read is bullet proof. I've also read the new tenere has half decent suspension. I mean most bikes can use a good setup