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Yamaha 650, what model?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mauser, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. I saw a silver Yamaha 650 in a dealership yesterday. He said it was made in the 1970's (maybe 76, can't remember tho) and was the last model that featured kick-start only. It's a time capsule bike as it has never been ridden ever. He said he might sell it, and after I left I got a bit interested. I can't remember what model it was, would anyone have any idea?

  2. Mate if it was in the 70's, it was either a 1978 XS650 Special or a 1970

    Overall lengthwidthheight: 2,175mm905mm1,115mm Weight: 185kg
    Engine type: Air-cooled 4-stroke OHC 2-cylinder 653cc
    Maximum power output: 53ps/7,000rpm Maximum torque: 5.5kg-m/6,000rpm

    XS650 Special
    Overall lengthwidthheight: 2,130mm930mm1,255mm Weight: 205kg
    Engine type: Air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC 2-cylinder 653cc
    Maximum power output: 51ps/7,500rpm Maximum torque: 5.4kg-m/5,500rpm

    Hope that helps
  3. Thanks Gozbil. I think he said 70's, not 80's. He did say it was the last kickstart only model.

  4. There is also the TX650 and the TX650A from the early 70's (and the XS2-650 after the XS1-650).

  5. does it look like any of those bikes in the pics?
  6. where they not 750's ?
  7. geez, I can't take a trick

    In the spirit of Al's thread on the RE-5 I was just about to start a thread on the XS-650, one of the sweetest bikes I ever owned.

    So here's a picture of the '78 D model

    .. and MY D model


    ... and ALL you needed to know about this iconic Japanese vertical twin, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamaha_XS_650

    Kick-start only stopped in 1972
  8. Just had a google search and the fuel tank looked a bit like an XJ650. I'll go there on Monday and ask him. It hasn't even done a single km.

    Thanks for the replies Guys.
  9. Not 70's. Not kickstart only.
  10. PAUL! An Audi AND a Pugeot?!?!? No wonder you are such a tolerant and patient man these days.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. err, the Audi belonged to my brother-in-law :oops: :LOL:.
  12. the fashion back then was fantastic :shock:
  13. I'll ask him on Monday what model it is. It was only after I left the shop that I really thought about it and by that time I freakin forgot all of what he said :oops: :roll: .

    While I'm on the topic, are "time Capsule" bikes (an old model never ridden) worth getting, or is it better getting brand new?

  14. you should have seen my casual wear :rofl:.

    mate, it's only old geezers like me who buy those old bikes (which I certainly would) but it's got nothing to do with their qualities. A well-ridden Hyosung would thrash my old 650 any day of the week. I had my bike very well-sorted, and it would run forever, a great tourer, etc, but if I rode it now I'd probably say, "What a bucket of bolts".

    Buy a modern bike....
  15. +1 to Hornet (even though he can speak for himself re. old geezers, I'd give it a once-over twice - and by the way, nice pins mate ;) ). Even though I ride and enjoy older bikes, get new/er unless you really feel you need to experience all that older bikes are and have to offer. Having said that, spares etc aren't that hard or expensive to obtain.

    Put it another way: you'd get it to be different and for different reasons to owning something more modern.
  16. Yeah, I guess that's what I meant, EZ. I mean thinking about it, there's not one thing my old XS could do half as well as my (now) ten-year old 600 Hornet can do, and the current bike probably has twice the power, at least, handling the old XS could only dream about, and it doesn't vibrate the stitches out of my underpants like the XS used to do :LOL:.
  17. Sure it wasn't one of these?
    The last (?) kick start only yammy.



    1986 kick start only single cylinder "back to basics man bike"
  18. As far as I know, kickstart only makes it an XS-1 or XS-1B (1970 and 1971) but neither of those was supplied in silver. The XS was green with silver tank stripes, and the B was orange with silver stripes.

    Both had drum brakes and flexi-frame handling. Significant bikes, as the were the first Yam four-strokes but best left on display. Maybe treat yourself to something that goes, stops and steers better.
  19. Mate, it looks a lot like that. Geez, maybe he said 1986 not 1976.

    Thanks for the replies guys. Appreciate it.