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Yamaha 250cc V-star Reviews

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by markformo, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Hey guys & gals, Iv'e not long bought a Virago 250 (2nd hand) and agree with just about everyone it is a terrific little bike for newbie riders and commuters. Unfortunately, having recently sat on a v-star 250 I feel more comfy on it. When researching bikes I couldn't find anything on the v-star- only the virago. Even though I have an open licence I intend staying with a 250 for quite a while and so I ask - is the v-star worth the extra grand or two? Any feedback from those with experience appreciated[/b]

  2. If you want more comfort you might want to consider on of the 600's like the XVS650 v-star. Bigger usually means more comfortable seat and more leg room (unless your too short for it, which would then be uncomfortable).

    They are LAMs approved in NSW so not difficult for learners.
  3. Yes mate, if and when I decide to go bigger it will be a v-star 650 custom no doubt - but in the mean time the dimensions of the 250 and 650 v-stars are pretty close so my original question still stands. Any 250 v-star owners out there?
  4. The V-Star 250 is a bike I'm looking at getting within the next 6 months, and have had the same problem finding review information about them.

    I've just passed my L's, riding a 250 scooter at the moment, when the finances are a bit better I'll be looking at a 250 cruiser, and just from sitting on it (no test ride yet) it feels comfortable and as far as I'm concerned it looks good.

    Hopefully someone will be able to offer some thoughts on it.
  5. Do yourself a favour and definately try both the yamaha 250 cruisers - the virago & v-star. The virago should be about $1100 cheaper if in the same condition/year/mileage. The virago is excellent, solid bike - but the v-star is longer & lower but i have trouble seeing where the extra $1100 is.
  6. A year ago when I was looking at buying a brand new 250cc cruiser, it came down to 3 bikes, the Yamaha v star, the honda vt 250 and the Kawasaki vn 250 eliminator. The honda at the time could not be purchased new, I found one with a mear 200 km on it, at a dealer, however the price was almost 8 grand, at the time the salesman told me that the engine used on the v star is a fairly old one, design dates back over a decade, he was recomending the honda at that time. I wanted a water cooled engine, which is why I ended up going with the Kawasaki Eliminator, I baught the bike new for $8500 , and have not looked back. It has plenty of torque, and it is very comfortable to ride. The main problem with purchasing a honda vt 250 is the market is showered with grey imports, which adversly effect there resale price. I think having alloy wheels as opposed to spoke wheels is better too, not just in looks, but in strength also. My advice, is to have a look at a few different ones first.
  7. I definitely plan on looking around, the problem is trying to find any review or discussion about the V-Star 250.
  8. Hi, I am the proud owner of a V-Star 250, which I bought 17/12/05, the bike was built 9/04, had 1.2km on the clock and more or less sat in the showroom of Fraser Motorcycles, Newcastle. Having had the bike for nearly seven months, ridden EVERY DAY, and racked up 16,881km, the only thing i can say is I would like a bit more power. The bike has been ridden in all situations, rain, 40+ deg, dirt, pillion, flat out and just cruising, and i can assure you the star 250 is more than capable of this. When buying the bike I also bought a factory windscreen (life saver in winter, but generally like a boat anchor on a 250cc) factory black saddle bags and of course a factory sissy bar for the Mrs. I have had my Mrs on the back on day trips from Newcasle to Seal Rocks, about 120km each way, and apart from having to drop back to 4th at 95km/h to keep speed on a long or steep hill, I could not have asked for anything more from a quite heavy 250cc.

    I must admit, although I keep the bike well serviced and cosmetically fanatical..(i like black and shiny!!!)... I ride the bike like i stole it from someone who stole it from someone who didn't own it....

    enough babling, I'm not trying to sell you the bike but I also looked at the other bikes, kawasaki, hyosung, and honda (i also looked at road bikes but there was no comparison in STYLE....even if its a 250.....) the kawasaki does not offer the luggage space on the Eliminator even if it IS a nicer looking bike, and i personally did not like the others, though the hyosung has grown on me and is good value.

    anyways, I hope i have helped and you WILL love whatever you get any way, so just enjoy it


  9. Tim, very well done! Your's is the only review on the V-star 250 i have ever read - and i've been searching the web for months. It sounds as though you've really tested her out to. I also think the 'star is the best looking rig of all the 250's - that plus the longer "stretch" compered to my virago is why i want one.
  10. Just a response to Fuzz, yes the yamaha 250 engines have apparently remained the same for many years, but to me, and people i talked to, that meant" ïf it ai'nt broken-don't fix it". I like the spoked wheels. And when we're talking a dry weight of 137/147kg for the virago/v-star (a fair bit lighter than your eliminator i think) i'm not too worried abought the wheels collapsing. I believe (correct me if i'm wrong please) that the Yamies cheaper, lighter, more fuel efficient, & good resale.
  11. I am not quite sure how heavy the kawasaki is, you could be correct, the new price for the bikes at the time I was looking were very close, I think the Yammaha was 8 grand, and the kawasaki was $8500, what can I say, horses for courses.
  12. with the srceen on i get about 3.8L/100km, without the screen about 3.5. I do ride heavy on the throttle and mostly in traffic, but the consumption is no better, if not worse on the open road due to having to hold half throttle constanly depending on conditions to do 100-110km/h, and just so you know....the lil star, on flat road, max's out at about 125km/h, with a downhill or slipstream you can hit 130km/h and with !persistance! i have had my little star on about 146km/h even with the saddle bags and sissy bar adding some weight and drag!!! BUT at high speed(100kmh+) the bike can get a bit light and easily wind affected, but is controllable and keeps you on your toes but then again I think a lot of small capacity bikes probably have the same problem at high speed.


  13. Jesus Tim, compared to you i really mollycodle my little 250. I know they say those engines are bullet-proof but you sound like you really hammer your bike. It's good to know they can perform like that and still return terrific fuel economy.

    Thanks for your input.
  14. Jesus Tim, compared to you i really mollycodle my little 250. I know they say those engines are bullet-proof but you sound like you really hammer your bike. It's good to know they can perform like that and still return terrific fuel economy.

    Thanks for your input.
  15. Yamaha V-star 250 Review Found

    Finally found a professional review at Bikepoint done way back in 2001. Really done to intro the Suzuki Intruder 250 but compared side-by-side with the V-star. The Star faired more than favourably in all areas bar price. Determined still to have one.
  16. Google . {XVS250} and then {XVS250 review}

    You get 10 times more reviews with the model number not the name as in V STAR.
    You might of already done this .