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Yamaha 2015 R1

Discussion in 'SuperSports' started by Strat, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Hi all... Just wondering if anyone owns this years R1 ? Pros and Cons? The dash looks like a spaceship control board!

  2. No idea but probably a bit of a weapon to say the least, looks like they have revised a lot on it & offer two different versions.
  3. Hey Coljon, yep it sure looks like a weapon with all the toots and whistles..retail is 23k.
  4. Are you going to use for racing or as a road chisel?
  5. I stumbled accross an r1 dash simulator thing online the other day. Pretty crazy
  6. My next door mate has a silver/black R1M. Spaceship indeed, so many settings and such a clear readout! Also, that polished metal tank looks pretty crazy, amongst a host of other things.
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  7. I've had mine for around 3 months now and still love it, so much fun to ride and I even use it as a commuter. Their are some downsides most notably comfort, Fuel economy, engine heat in traffic, and first gear is stupidly long (can hit 155-160 at redline).

    If you what to know anything else just ask :]

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  8. Thanks for comments guys! @ V8 I went to shop today sat on a couple of them... The black one looks amazing!
  9. Sounds very tempting, there is nothing quiet like a new missile to make one feel contented.
  10. it is very tempting, mind you nothing wrong with my CBR1000rr Fireblade but a new bike with all the extras on the R1....I am tempted to Change my brand of bike!
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  11. The guy at the shop today started one up for me to have a listen it had a slip on akropvic pipe which sounded terrible so the standard pipe would probably sound even worse, that was the only downside for me... i will test ride it in two weeks. My fireblade heats up in traffic too , thats the norm for sports bikes. 155km in 1st gear? Wow!
  12. I've owned Honda, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Yamaha (in that order)

    Out of Honda and Kawasaki I'd buy Honda again.
    I'd buy Aprilia again - even with the minor issues I was starting to have.

    As a new Yamaha owner I can only say - wow.
    As a package, this thing is ridiculously good.
    it has sum pluses and some minuses - but the bones are good. And the Donk is incredible.

    MT-09 FWIW.
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  13. Hey Hornet
    thanks for posting this article on the R1, very interesting i learnt more from this article than i did from the guy in the bike shop today! Cheers it!
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  14. Hey star, so do you own a 2015 R1?
  15. No.

    I plan to get a ride on one soon though
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  16. The muffler on the bike is in with the cat and just doing the slip on does nothing to change the sound or volume, the stock muffler sounds the same. In order to improve the sound a cat delete in needed

    One up side with the long gearing is that in traffic I can get from home to the city without changing gears at 60 kph your only pulling around 4400 rpm still have 10,000 to go

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  17. One other thing Most bikes I have purchased, about one to two months later I normally get used to the power but with this 3 months on it still scares the crap out of me.:chicken:

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