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Yamaha 2003 XJ900S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Le Squid, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. #1 Le Squid, Jan 13, 2016
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    Evening All,
    While working at a retired customers house today and after some talking about riding bikes he told me he was thinking of selling his bike due to the weight and not having the strength to pull it on the centre stand to service it anymore.

    The bike is in immaculate condition with 63K Klm's on thee clock, he said he would sell it for $4,000 with a RWC.

    After some research I know the bike is not high performance but something I can justify spending the coin on to ride occasionally without feeling guilty about the $$$ of a new bike sitting in the shed unused.

    About Me: 42 years old with mostly dirt (Enduro) background with road bikes thrown in the mix over the years. I have smashed off my heel previously and recently had both hands operated on for Carpal Tunnel and am really missing riding but dirt is no longer an option unfortunately (personal decision). Mrs Squid happily supports me (ok told me) I should start riding again and is keen to come along.

    Can anyone offer some feedback on this bike as a Sunday cruiser to get out on and feel the bugs between my teeth again.

    Thanks for any help, it is appreciated!!!
  2. I had the previous version i.e. xj900f

    A very easy bike to live with, no false neutrals, top gear pulls strongly from about 3000 rpm. Will get to 190 very easily; a bit of a struggle after that but will definitely go past 200 if that's important...

    Get it serviced once a year.

    Not high performance as you said but it is a bullet proof, all round appliance bike - does everything more than adequately well but nothing really, really great.

    I commuted on it, rode long distance fully laden on highways, back roads, unsealed roads, goat tracks...never missed a beat.

    I was very sorry to lose the bike - the frame rusted through after 23 yrs/180000km.

    Gotcha's for the old model are corrosion in the tank and the frame near the centrestand/sidestand. Maybe these were addressed in the Diversion?

    By all accounts the XJ900 Diversion is the new and improved version, an all round better all rounder.
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  3. The XJ series in general has a very good reputation for reliability and as said above, doing everything
    pretty well, albeit not brilliantly.

    I still have a 31 year old XJ900F as one of my bikes, and the only issues over the 31 years have been
    igniter boxes. Right now it is out of action after a colony of ants moved into it. Awaiting a replacement.

    Should be a great bike if it has been loved and looked after.

    ps. My 85 model has 130k km on it and other than igniters, still runs very well, albeit with a bit of
    timing chain noise now.
  4. XJ's everywhere at the moment!! I've just put my '83 on ebay..............

    Good luck if you go for it. I'd hope the newer aren't such lumps as the older ones.
  5. Very reliable solid bike. Will do most things. Top speed of a genuine 200km/h. 400km range. Very comfy bike.

    I have a '98 for sale in Mildura. Will re-register if your interested. In excellent condition. 28 thou kays Similar price.
    A few extras lambswool seat cover and high touring screens. Please PM for my details if interested.
    I'm 66 and looking for a lighter bike.
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  6. $4k seems a lot. Too much.

    You can get better (more modern) bikes for that money
  7. Fair enough, any suggestions?
  8. Hmmm food for thought, thanks!
  9. Hi le squid. Did you end up purchasing a xj900?