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Yamaha 04 R1 turning issues, also weird rattling noise

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    bought a 04 r1 a while ago. Having some issues that are worrying me and was wondering if anyone can shed some light.

    When i wheel the bike around in my garage, full lock to the left is fine, it locks when it nearly gets to the end. When i full lock it to the right, the clutch lever hits my front screen, what the? It doesnt stop and keeps going and like i said, hits the screen. Obviously this isnt right.

    Also when i test rode the bike, i went slow, all seemed good. When i hit the freeway and gave it a bit of throttle it makes a rattling noise everytime i rev. Slow or light revs dont make the rattle, only when i full throttle it hard. Its a prettty loud rattling noise and makes me wanna back off. Other then that the powers there and everything seems fine.

    Hope someone has some input for me, just to ease my mind. I'll try to get the issues fixed one by one

    Cheers. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. The clutch may be an aftermarket item or simply be incorrectly placed on the handlbars. If your handlebars hit the tank then you have issues. Check your steering head for the condition of the steering lock blocks. It'll most likely be obvious if they are misshapen or deformed.

    On the rattling, where is it coming from? If it is from the engine then, from what you have described, it is most likely pinging. This is usually caused by using fuel with an octane rating that is too low, and is actually the premature detonation of the fuel within the combustion chamber. What octane rating are you using?

    Cheers - boingk
  3. I would think anything over 95 unleaded is fine isnt it? Its not a pinging sound, its more like a knocking sound.

    As for the steering i'll check it when i get home. I just noticed when the handlebars are straight, the damper thing or whatever, im not sure what it is, but you can see it when you sit on the bike and look down between the forks, that thing isnt straight, its offsetted to one side, is that right?
  4. I'm not quite sure as to what you mean about the damper. If it looks remotely like this:


    then yes, its normal for them to be slightly offset. It depends on its placement though, and I'm not familiar enough with your model of bike to be of any more help without pictures.

    On the fuelling, I'd only be running 98 in a modern sportsbike. Their compression ratios really are quite high and they do generally need it. If you aren't running on 98 now then try it and see if the problem goes away. I wouldn't harp on about it, but you gave a textbook description of preignition in your original post. Oh, and it is also described as knocking ;)

    Cheers - boingk
  6. It's a Yamaha.
  7. I guess the steering damper is ok. I did a pre purchase check and its never been written off or repaired to that extent. It all seems pretty straight and ok i guess.

    The lever seems fine and aligned maybe it is just the aftermarket lever but if anything its smaller than the standard factory one.

    I'll top up 98 on the next tank and see what happens, as i dont ride much.

    Also yer, first yamaha i purchased so far. Always lover hondas, best bikes. Once i got the yamaha, it wasnt as exciting as i thought, probably go back to the hondas really soon i reckon.